Happy Thanksgiving, 2019 aka Wow, That’s Fantastic!

So this morning, I was excited about writing my Thanksgiving post for this week and before I could get around to it…stuff happened. Is happening as I am literally writing this.

At this moment, David and Ryan just got home from running errands and Ry is having a major meltdown and David just opened up a mystery bill and is asking me if I know anything about it. It says we owe money from last August. It’s not much, but that’s not the point. It’s asking for money that we don’t believe has anything to do with us. So now David’s trying to get to the bottom of this. He doesn’t look pleased.

The worst thing today, though, is that when I went on my blog, I found out that all of the great comments from my last post, “What Kind of Day are You Celebrating?” vanished, which is cruel irony at its best. Because none of you really want to know my answer to that question right now.

I learned about this devastating surprising turn of events when I read my friend Sarah’s kind comment she left there today. I noticed that my post had one measly comment. ONE COMMENT? Yes, just one. Sarah’s.

Now Sarah always leaves awesome comments, and if that’s the only comment I ever receive, I’m still winning. However, I know that several of you commented last week, and I don’t want you to think that I think Sarah’s comments trump any of your comments because I absolutely live for your comments and I so appreciate your generosity and kindness, and so I feel ultra blessed to have you visit and leave comments. It is killing me that your words are not where I left them. It pains me in ways that you can’t even imagine. So if you left a comment and it’s now gone, I am so sorry and embarrassed as hell!

Twenty-ish beloved comments were resting peacefully where they were supposed to be the last time I looked, which was yesterday. Anyway, I’ve looked high and low for them in the comments section on my dashboard. I’ve looked in spam. I’ve looked in trash. I’ve looked in revisions of this post. The lost comments are nowhere to be found. It’s as though they never were. I have no idea where else to look or what to do. So Wayward Friends, while Sarah’s blog is called Fresh Hell and it’s an amazing blog that everyone should check out if you haven’t already, this is the fresh hell I’m dealing with today. It isn’t the end of the world. Still…

I want to cry.

Even if nothing else is going right in my life; this, my blog, was supposed to be the one place where things would go at least a little right. Where I had a little control. But one shit thing keeps happening after another. I wish I knew how to fix this, undo whatever I’ve done. I wish I knew what I did wrong or whether I even did it — yet, who else? My blog’s not sentient. It can’t just do stuff without my input. So, apparently, somehow I screwed the pooch, once again.

Buddy just gave me a horrified look like — what are you saying? No, Bud, that’s just a saying. I didn’t literally…okay, go back to chewing your toy, will ya? Good boy. Geez.

So let me just pause, catch my breath and scream at the top of my lungs for just a moment —


So, yeah, that’s the current state of mind I’m in.

But hey, I trained to be a therapist. I know shit. I know how to turn my frown upside down. Authentically. I know that this isn’t about what’s going on outside of my life, most of which I have no control of; it’s how I respond. I know all of this. I believe all of this. So it’s time to shrink myself.




Okay, I won’t go into boring details (give away trade secrets); but let’s just say that I feel much better now.

Well, I will give away one trade secret. You can put it somewhere safe and pull it out when absolutely nothing else is working. Okay?

Let me explain —

Over the last couple of weeks, David’s diligently watched the House Hearings on Impeachment or whatever it’s called. As y’all know, I stay out of politics, but I did get wind of something intriguing that I knew I had check out for myself. But then I got busy and forgot about it.

Then one day late last week Ryan had another major meltdown and things were rapidly escalating and starting to get really ugly and I knew that even Monk wasn’t going to be able to help.

Image result for monk

So, I turned to something I hoped would be a better distraction, even if I hadn’t sussed it out ahead of time. I remembered that I hadn’t checked into the intriguing development I’d heard about. No time like the present. Fingers crossed.

It was a risk, but it paid off. Big time!

Ryan walked away cackling with laughter and in the very best of moods after we watched the following —

(trade secret)

So out of everything to be thankful for this year, and there are plenty of things: my family, my IRL friends, all of the kind visitors to Wayward Sparkles and my loyal Wayward Friends — this week, besides people, food, a roof over our heads, opportunities that have come our way, etc. — I am also thankful for the above. Yes, I’m thankful for Fartgate 2019 as reported by Trevor Noah. This should provide enough mileage to get my family through the rest of the year.

Also, what the heck. I don’t know if all of y’all are Alice’s Restaurant aficionados or whether any of you have even heard of Arlo Guthrie’s song; but it is tradition in our household, since I’ve had my own household, to listen to this on Thanksgiving.

Could it be construed as offensive to some? Yes, if that’s the way you wanna take it. If you’re that sensitive, though, or think you might be, don’t listen. Also, it’s a little more than 18 minutes long. So, if you’re going to listen to it, give yourself the time and attention to really take it all in.

Of course, we’ve heard it so many times, we usually listen to it in the kitchen just as we are at the end of whipping the potatoes and are in the frenzy of making sure everything’s in place to eat! Over the years, we’ve learned most of the lines and, of course, we have the chorus memorized. So there’s a lot of singing and silliness as we go about the business of feeding all who gather at our table. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

What surprising thing are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I hope you get everything you want this Thanksgiving, my Wayward Friends! I also hope you have a meal that can’t be beat, find a good place to put all your garbage and stay out of trouble. Peace and laughter! See you next week!


26 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, 2019 aka Wow, That’s Fantastic!”

  1. I’m sorry about everything that’s happening right now, and I’m sure those comments are floating around cyberspace somewhere. But I’m never able to comment on your posts…..🤨. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Mona!

    • Huntress,
      Nothing quite like floating comments out in the ether. I wonder why you’re usually not able to comment? I thought I got that resolved months ago. Well, I’m glad you are now! Happy Thanksgiving to you too, my friend! So do you have any specific traditions or food that makes it “Thanksgiving” for you? ~ M

  2. Mona! I guess you are a bit miffed! Too much ridiculousness to ever make sense of! Sending you vibes for peace and clarity… may they arrive soon. Just started in again. Will head to you’re other post and take it from there. Good to be back! Your son will bounce back. It’s just a weird time… like a glitch. Happy Thanksgiving! 😊💜

    • Kim,
      Yay! You’re back! I hope you had a nice hiatus and things are going well for you! I like the word glitch. A weird time, indeed, though I’m feeling peace and clarity coming through! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! 🙂 Mona

  3. No worries. Maybe the blogosphere was extra hungry that day. Chin up, there will always be more comments. But Alices Restaurant every Thanksgiving? Now that’s a fantastic idea!!!
    Gobble Gobble.

    • Hey River,
      I’ve had a bunch of crazy stuff happen on my blog, but I’ve never had comments just go missing. You may be right about the blogosphere. Have an awesome Thanksgiving, my friend! Mona

  4. My friend, I’m thankful for you and all my other blogging friends! I’m glad you’ve got some “trade secrets” to help you cope with life’s hurdles. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  5. Your comments obviously were kidnapped by the black market of the blogosphere and are being sold off for top dollar to foreign spam blogs who desperately want to look like they have a readership. Only one man can infiltrate the dark web to battle the forces of evil and bring these comments back home where they belong…. but Chuck Norris is getting too old that sh*t.

    • ES,
      I like your explanation best. Damn that Chuck Norris for getting too old; now I’ll never get my lost comments back. Where’s Jack Ryan when I need him? I hope you don’t have to work on Thanksgiving and you have an awesome day of rest and peace, my friend! ~ M

  6. Oh, my blog is totally sentient and a bad boy! He is continually making my life hell with his shenanigans that I have to spend hours to correct. This is one case where procrastination worked out for me because I got my comment in after the great scourge.

    The Fartgate was hilarious! That’s the kind of politics I can get on board with. Now if we could just replace politicians with screaming goats we would, well, be in the same situation, but it would be funnier.

    • Lee,
      So your blog is sentient and a hellraiser? I wonder if your blog has been talking to my blog? Shenanigans, indeed! Thank you, btw, for getting in your comment after the great, mysterious vanishing.
      I vote for screaming goats! Very entertaining! Plus, they’ll eat anything! But the smell…oosh! Mona

  7. What the heck is going on with comments anyway? You’ve left what I’m sure are hundreds, if not thousands of hilarious, amazing comments on my blog and they’ve all been blocked by a malignant comment gremlin that, so far, I’ve been unable to find, let alone destroy.
    At least we can laugh about Fartgate which I heard about this morning on my way into work, and the mug excuse, although, as Peter Sagal of “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” said, the only way a mug could make that noise is if it chugged chili first, although I love Trevor Noah’s take on the news too. And I wish I could share Roseanne Roseannadanna’s story of her job interview with Walter Cronkite, but, alas, it appears to not be online.
    Whatever else happens, though, I hope you, David, and Ryan have a happy Thanksgiving, and that Buddy gets a bite or two, and if you’ll excuse me I’ve still got work to do but I’m gonna let Arlo help me through it for at least eighteen minutes.

    • Christopher,
      I’m not giving up on leaving comments on your blog yet. Prepare to be commented on, my friend. Fartgate 2019 was AMAZING! I loved Roseanne Roseannadanna! I so miss her and Gilda. Thank you for your kind blessings. Trust me, Buddy is looking forward to Thanksgiving! The cats, as well! Many blessings your way as well. I hope you have a WARM AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Mona

  8. Thanks for the morning laugh! I am super bummed though that Fartgate can’t be viewed in Canada. I hope they know that we fart in Canada too….. I love reading all the comments so I sure hope you find them in the outerworld sooner rather than later! As an American living in Canada, November Thanksgiving still makes more sense than an October one, but I am thankful for all of my blessings everyday and will gladly eat pecan and pumpkin pie twice in a month!

    • Hey Raegan,
      Fartgate can’t be viewed in Canada? Why not? I didn’t expect that! I think it’s very cool that you get to celebrate Thanksgiving times two, though. So jealous! Have a great second Thanksgiving, my friend! I bet you have some amazing recipes to share! Mona

  9. First of all, wow that sucks about your missing comments! But it might not be your fault. Technology is finicky, so it might have something to do with some code someone on the server side of your blog mucked up. I suggest reaching out to your blog host to ask about it.

    Second, and completely unrelated to the actual words in your post, that image at the beginning reminded me of years and years and years (and years and years…) ago when my mother first started really using the internet for casual correspondence and such, instead of just work email. She and her sweet lady friends used the term “LOL” as an acronym for “lots of love” and she hadn’t yet learned that it already had a meaning–“laugh(ing) out loud.” She eventually figured it out, because she was talking to this guy and he frequently used lol in conversation, and my mother was confused of why he would randomly say “lots of love” in his messages.

    She is much more internet savvy, although I’m pretty sure she still doesn’t 100% understand hashtags, no matter how many times I explain them.

    • Rhonda,
      My pleasure! May you have an awesome Thanksgiving, too! Also, I was watching the Evening News yesterday and they said that there was a ton of road closures and accidents out in Colorado! I immediately thought about you. I know you will stay safe without my saying anything, but know I’m thinking about you! 🙂 Mona

  10. Wow, I got so many accolades for being a Sarah-come-lately. Thank you for the shout out <3
    I'll try harder! Maybe next time, MY COMMENT ALONE WILL BE ENOUGH. This is the only way I can make it better for you. Either that… or I can let one rip.
    Speaking of rip: RIP, Mona's readers' comments. You were on this site too short a time. May you mysteriously reappear.

    • Sarah,
      You are hysterical! Of course your comment alone is enough and I’m glad yours is still there; but still…that’s not the point! Yes, please, whatever you’ve got building up inside, let it out…let it all out! Heeheehee! Yep, I think I heard that all the way from Missouri to Texas. Now you can enjoy an amazing Thanksgiving, my friend! ~ M

  11. Adie,
    Well, this is a little awkward…because my daughter LOL at me ATT because I don’t 100 percent understand hashtags either. Apparently. I thought I did and was writing about how stupid Instagram is because I don’t understand that and at the end I was using what I thought were hashtags at https://www.waywardsparkles.com/instagram-insta-stupid/
    but, apparently, Lauren said I don’t know how to use hashtags at all. Ah well! I’ve made it this far. LOL and SIL. Also, that reminds me that I came up my own three-letter acronym SIL (such is life) years ago. Probably others besides me did the same, but up until then, I’m the only one I knew who used it. Though if you look SIL up on the internet, it says something stupid like son-in-law or sister-in-law. Again, SIL.
    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Adie! Thank you for providing an alt explanation about what may have happened to those infernal missing comments as well! Please tell your mom I said hello and I’m with her, I like Lots of Love even better than Laugh Out Loud! LOL, Mona

    • Lol my mom literally didn’t understand how hashtags work. “So, are they links? Do the same hashtags that work on Twitter work on Facebook? If I Google a hashtag will all those posts show up?” Which isn’t a problem itself. I’m fine explaining those things if she needs me to. Just not half a dozen times. After the fifth time she asked me how hashtags work, I told her if she ever asked me again then I was going to basically run away and she’d never hear from me again. At that point, clearly I can’t explain it in a way she understands, so that’s what Google is for. I still don’t know if she ever figured them out. XD

  12. Don’t be fooled by their inert behavior, blogs DO have minds of their own! I wouldn’t be reposting the best of my old entries from the original, perished TBT if not for their wicked, rebellious ways. It’s not your fault!

    By the way, you can read those old entries getting new life at the link below. 😉


    And when it comes to disappearing comments, I’m the king! Earlier this year, for no reason, my comments started vanishing from other’s posts as I entered them. So frustrating! Sometimes I can be quite loquacious, so that’s a lot of vanished words! So, my advice to the blogosphere is whenever you see a “like” by “Tom Being Tom” check your spam box instantly. I almost always have something to say and it often ends up being blocked!

    More on that in the link below. 😁


    Finally, I hope you and the family had an amazing Thanksgiving! We had all the usual stuff (cheat day!) and even the pups got their share of turkey, stuffing, mashed taters, and muffins. The gravy was divine! I even had a slice of pie. Pumpkin, ‘natch.

    You can read more about my Thanksgiving below:


    Just kidding, I haven’t written that last one yet. 😎

    Have a wonderful Black Friday, Mona! Be kind to retailers!

  13. Tom,
    OMG! You too, with the vanishing comments on other people’s posts! Me, too! What is up with our blogs or computers or whatever?!!!!! I’m glad to hear you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    This year, we enjoyed Thanksgiving with family who we don’t usually see on Thanksgiving. I brought the rolls and the mac and cheese, just like our forefathers intended. Also because it isn’t Thanksgiving for Ry if Stouffer’s isn’t invited. It was a good meal. However, we were out in a rural area and the family that was hosting…well, let’s just say that this was a test for their septic system. An utter fail. Nothing quite like having a house full of people with no working facilities. We won’t even speak about the Cowboys. Moving on…
    Anyway, I’m on record and next year, I’m making Thanksgiving! I may still make Thanksgiving this year. My daughter wants sweet potato casserole with the marshmallows on top and they were missing. I wouldn’t mind having a green bean casserole, which was also MIA. Sooooo, there you have it! I am thankful for what we have and the people we get to share it with, though! I’m also grateful we don’t have a septic system at our house! Woo Hoo! See you on your blog! Mona


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