Hello, it’s nice to meet you, (please fill in your name here.) I’m Mona, an emerging writer who enjoys sharing stories about the absurdity in my life.

 “Who, moi? I’m just an ordinary woman dealing with life’s absurdities.”

One of the best things that tends to happen when I share one of my stories − it often reminds others of one of their stories! Then the storyfest is on. I love when that happens!

What I’ve found is that we’re all joined in the absurdity of life. You know what I mean − one minute everything is going well and then seemingly − out of the blue − life takes an unexpected and sometimes wicked turn. Suddenly, you find you’re on some weird trajectory.  Up is now down and down is left and right is diagonal and oh-so-wrong! In other words, your life has gone astray.

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself dealing with some of the most ridiculous or outlandish situations − just trying to get back on track again − even though “astray” has its strangely wondrous and uniquely insightful moments!

So whether you’re dealing with asinine people or technology that’s supposed to make life better or easier but, instead, leaves you going WTF!!!!! − or whether you sometimes feel like a freaking cartoon character with an eternal cloud following you around with a stupid punch line just waiting for you in the next frame of your cartoon existence − or whether you’re dealing with some other quandary and you aren’t quite sure what happened or how you got to where you are – I’m listening and − OMG, me too!

Even when that’s the case, though, I know that whenever I get to the other side of whatever “stressful moment” I’m going through − there’s eventually going to be a helluva story to tell − a wayward sparkle. That makes the experience much more bearable than just wallowing and whining. Though, I can whine and wallow with the best! As long as there’s wine with the whine! And cheesecake. Good music helps too! But then it becomes a party. Oh, well. If we have to party, we have to party.

So whatever your circumstance, I hope you visit often and we can share, support and encourage each other! And if it turns into a party, then party we shall!

With that said, there’s just one or two-ish more things you should know about me:

David is my husband. He’s loving and supportive. I tend to exasperate him. I, also, have two adult children, Ryan and Lauren, who are also loving, supportive and exasperated!

Speaking of exasperation, at times I use the entire, glorious spectrum of curse words. I even stream them all together as one long swear at times. Because, as Atticus Finch’s brother, Jack, once explained to Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird − and I paraphrase − such language should only be uttered when sorely provocated. Dear God, sometimes I’m sorely provocated! (God bless you, Harper Lee!)

Also, I have a warped sense of humor. If  you’re easily offended, consider this fair warning! But hey, this is how I cope with the dastardly pitfalls and challenges of life. I’ve never met one stressful situation when shouting at the top of my lungs − with feeling − SONOFAMOTHERFUCKINGBITCH − hasn’t helped!

And it just did.

So welcome to my blog, y’all!


P.S. I go by a pen name: M.L. James. I use this to protect − you know − loved ones.

P.P.S.  My work is copyrighted. If you want to reprint any of it, just let me know. I’m usually pretty nice about this stuff.