Brrr…Please Make My Teeth Stop Chattering!

Friday • It snowed yesterday. I know it’s pretty and everything, but, you know, if I was meant to live in freakin’ cold weather and enjoy pretty winter scenery, I would have been born north of the D/FW area.

Just Call Me Gypsy Rose

Kim and I were drinking chilled white wine at the time and we set up the blog site while we were a wee bit tipsy. In hindsight, this was probably not the best idea.

My Mother’s Daughter

Thursday • If you were to ask my mother, she’d tell you that if you mess with one of her family, bad things will befall you. She knows with every ounce in her being that the Lord will make things seven times worse for you than whatever it was that you did to one of us.

September 11, 2001 Rememberance

If you were alive and aware on this day in 2001, you know exactly what you were doing − that’s how our minds work. We remember where we were − our space in time in a larger space in time − whenever we live through life-altering events.