Out of the Turkey Coma and Down the Rabbit Hole

Is everyone doing well and coming out of your turkey comas? Yes? Great! Just think, we’ve made it through Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and now it’s Cyber Monday. Whew, I’m exhausted and broke, but this is no time to dilly dally. Apparently, we have fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year…which means…we are well into the yuletide season! Yes, we can decorate our little hearts out for Christmas and listen to Christmas songs and sing Christmas carols and do other Christmasy things with impunity because ’tis the season.

Or not if you’re not a Christmasy kind of person.

To quote the great Isley Brothers, “It’s your thing, do whatcha wanna do.”

Ho-leey. Mother.

Okay, just to be clear — this is not, I repeat NOT an invitation to a sausage party. OH MY GOD! I was listening to the Isley Brothers’ song on You Tube as I was writing this post and, apparently, “It’s Your Thing” plays during a particular scene of Sausage Party, the movie. At least that’s what commenters for this song were writing. Since I didn’t even know this 2016 movie existed until just now, of course I looked into what they were talking about.


The movie trailer was horrifying enough, but the song wasn’t a part of that.

Also, the trailer isn’t nearly as bad as the orgy scene. Yep, you read that right. ORGY. Can something be both highly disturbing and hysterically funny at the same time? If so, this is it. However, if you value your eyesight, your ability to hear what is decent and good and pure in this world and/or you value the song “It’s Your Thing,” DON’T. JUST DON’T. Nothing will ever be the same again if you do. You are warned. (Evil Squirrel, if you’re reading this, clearly this warning doesn’t apply to you and you can find that scene here if you’re so inclined to watch this. You’re welcome. I think. However, why do I suspect you’ve probably already seen this movie, my friend?! 😜)


Food porn.


That’s not what I was expecting to write about today.


Okay, so what was I going to write?

I know…I was going to…ask your advice. That’s it. I was going to ask your advice several posts back, actually. But other things came up and so now, I’m going to ask your advice. If I can think straight after what I just saw.


Since most of you are bloggers, maybe something similar has happened to you and if it has, maybe you can give me some idea of how to handle this.

As a blogger and reader of blogs, I periodically search out and read unfamiliar sites. I usually do this during the middle of the night when I can’t sleep and there’s nothing of any particular interest on Coast to Coast AM. Because I’m in bed, I’ll use my phone.

So I’ll start on a blog I’m familiar with and I’ll read the comments on one of their posts and then click on the name of someone whose comment seems interesting; and from there, I’ll read what that commenter’s blog’s about and maybe even read one or two of their posts. Maybe I’ll even leave a comment. Then I’ll read comments from that blog post and find a new site from someone off of that blog who’s unfamiliar but who’s left an intriguing comment and I’ll repeat the whole process. Several times over. Basically, this is six degrees of separation on steroids in the blogosphere.

I can hopscotch through several blogs this way and before long, I have no idea where I am after zipping through six or so blog sites I’ve never been on before. It’s like hopping down bunny trails or going down rabbit holes which lead to other rabbit holes or bunny trails. If you see what I mean. In the end, when I’m ready to go to sleep, I just close out of everything on my phone with one push of a button.

If I’m lucky, I’ll remember where I’ve been the next morning and I’ll bookmark those sites on my PC. That is, unless I’m busy the next day and forget.

I think that’s what happened.

I think I was hopscotching one night (is there a better term for this?) and, apparently, I read someone’s blog and left a comment on their post and then got busy the next day and totally forgot about the night before.

Anyway, someone whose blog I commented on was kind enough to check out my blog and leave nice remarks. She even mentioned that I’d left nice remarks on one of her posts. So that was very cool!

Are you with me so far?

So I promptly clicked on her name at the top of the nice comment she left on my post so it would take me back to her blog. For whatever reason, though, it didn’t link back to her blog. Anyway, she didn’t leave any way for me to get back in touch with her blog because, apparently, why would she need to when I was on it before?

So now I’m highly embarrassed. She probably thinks I’m a blogger who doesn’t reciprocate and that I’m just damned rude. But honest to God, I’ve been searching for her blog for several weeks now and I can’t find it. Also, I replied to her comment on that one post that if she would leave me an address, then I could get back to her blog and that would be great. Only, I don’t think she’s been back to read that post again. Double damn. I’m not even sure if she’s coming back to my blog and reading this.

I’d post her Gravatar pic with the hope that one of you might recognize it and give me the heads up on where to find her blog, but I don’t want to embarrass her or myself any further. Even so, as I check out all of your posts, I’ve been looking for her Gravatar, hoping that she shared a link or posted a comment with one of y’all. Well, hell, I must have gone down a deep rabbit hole because I’m not finding her anywhere. So far.

Has anything like this happened to you? If so, were you able to re-connect to the lost blog site/blogger or did you just have to let it go. Any ideas of what else I can do?

If you wouldn’t mind and just because you might just be the individual in question, would all of you mind leaving your http address if you respond to this post just so anyone who is interested in checking out your blog won’t have any difficulty in finding you; and in case, you’re her? Besides, I love it when people discover each other.

Lastly, I wanted to give a special shout out to my very dear friend, Kim, at I Tripped Over a Stone who’s been on hiatus. Yay, I’m so glad you’re back, Kim! If you haven’t checked out Kim’s site yet, please do because you don’t know what you’re missing! She’s amazing!

Anyway, that’s what I wanted to write today. I hope everyone stays warm and safe and is full of holiday cheer!







28 thoughts on “Out of the Turkey Coma and Down the Rabbit Hole”

  1. The Cheech and Chong Santa Story is hilarious! The hubby and I will listen to this every Christmas Eve from now on. No more Scrooge nonsense, old codger. I guess you went down the rabbit hole… into the basement… followed a tunnel… ended up in a bomb shelter! I honestly have never scene a name, Gravatar, that didn’t have a site attached! S’up??? No idea what to do about that. Bummer! I so hope you find this gal… I like the way you search for new blogs, brilliant! Mona, thanks so much for the shout out! (So very kind!) People can come and check out WAY- Sunday Quick Questions and play! I do love reading everyone’s answers! As YOU well know! Fun post. Sausages, orgies, and Isley Brothers! oh my! ~xxKim

    • Hey Kim,
      I hope pe0ple do check out your WAY-Sunday Quick Questions. You always have really interesting questions that I have to ponder before I can answer and I like that! As to the Isley Brothers, you know how it is with me, a song pops into my mind and then all sorts of things go sideways and down rabbit holes. I hope the woman in question recognizes herself and let’s me know how to get back on her blog, too! Later, gator! Mona

  2. Oh Mona, you always manage to bring a smile to my face and a loud snort at work! lol
    Yes that film was horrible, although my boys (because their boys) thought it was hilarious. Me, not so much, hello? But then again my boys are full grown men who still laugh at fart noises, but hey that’s who they are. I love that Cheech and Chong Santa story, I grew up listening to it, it always fascinated me that they knew Santa was from the projects, lol.

    • Huntress,
      I’m so glad this made you…snort! Ha! However, I’m a little worried. I must have a bit of a boy in me because I still giggle over fart noises, too! Fartgate 2019 still makes me laugh out loud! If that had happened to me, I would have turned bright red and went up in flames on live TV. Ahem…I’ll try to maintain a sense of decorum as I finish this reply. I, too, grew up with Cheech and Chong’s Santa story! It’s a classic. I’m so grateful that You Tube makes everything available these days! Mona

  3. I hopscotch like that as well. Friends of friends etc…
    Thankfully, I usually know if I want to follow a blogger right away after reading a few of their posts.
    I guess I don’t have any helpful advice, but I’d post her gravatar pic if you’re really serious. One of us might know her and how could someone be embarrassed by that kind of devotion?
    You’re going the extra mile girl.

    • I agree with Rivergirl — what an extra mile you are going! I am unskilled at bouncing around site to site so can’t help much either. Mine is more of a land-where-you-land approach and stay or leave depending on time and what grabs me at that moment. Not much time lately for anything — oh yeah, and thanks a bunch for the reminder that I have even less time than usual to get boxes packed up with Christmas presents yet-unmade to send to faraway family members. Oh dear!

      • Patricia,
        Clearly I’m not skilled either. Bouncing around sounds about right! As to Christmas? I have faith in you! You’ve got this, Woman! Just make sure you take time to enjoy the season as you go about summoning your inner Christmas elf! Mona

          • You remembered!!!!!!! Thanks so much. As a matter of fact, I’ve put it in the pile to wrap. Guess what David’s getting for Christmas? Heheehee! ~ M

    • River,
      I’m tempted to do just that. Matter of fact, when I originally wrote this post a couple of weeks ago, I’d posted her gravatar but then I decided to wait and then I scrapped that entire post and started over! So there ya go! Who knows, if I don’t get a response from her this week, maybe I’ll do that in a future post! Thanks for your advice! Mona

  4. Argh, this happen to me way too often. So now I’m subscribed to a bunch of sites because I commented one thing one time. But you can’t do that on some blogs and it drives me batty!!

    • Hey Paulette,
      You describe that sensation perfectly! I feel downright batty! How’s the new crib? I saw pics on FB and it looked awesome! Also, thank God you don’t have to live under ogre stomps anymore! Mona

  5. I’ve often done the exact thing you have. Getting way down the rabbit hole and then leaving a comment on a blog. Several days latter I ask myself, “Didn’t you leave a comment on a blog? You should go back and see if they replied.” Then I can’t find it. On some occasions when that happens I get a visit from them on my blog but they always have a site attached to their Gravatar pic. So the point of this comment is that I can’t help you. Sorry.

    I will comment on Sausage Party though. I actually went to the theater to see that movie. My wife hated it. I knew I was supposed to hate it as well but I couldn’t help but laugh. Of course most people know of my infantile sense of humor by now. I did the same thing for the movie Team America.

    • Lee,
      OMG. Team America. I’d forgotten all about that movie. I don’t remember anything about it other than David and I loved it! Wow, I don’t even remember when that came out! Listen, I think it is clear to everyone that my sense of humor is warped, twisted and, yea, I can live with infantile. In this crazy world, ya gotta go with whatever works. I guess that means we are laughing on the same team! Mona

    • Hey Rhonda,
      I like to think of it as more of a mystery to be solved and once my brain wraps itself around something that needs to be solved, that usually spells trouble. Unless I solve it. So, you’re probably right! Aw, thanks, for the praise, my friend! I try. I don’t always get things right, but I try. Mona

  6. Mona – you absolutely crack me up!!! I had seen a G-rated version of this Sausage Party movie but was shocked, shocked I say to see the videos linked in your blog (shocked that I laughed so hard that I had snot running down my face…). Yes, I am a truly demented person!

    Also, thanks for the video and music. I always love it when you link to a relevant song. Makes you stand out from the cyber-crowd and I really enjoy it!


    • Riddle me this, Katherine: how in the world did they make a G-rated movie out of Sausage Party?!!!! I mean, from what little I saw, this is no Veggie Tales! 😮 Why do I believe that can only lead to bad things, mistakes in which film is which and, ultimately, scarring for life for some poor child out there who ends up watching the R-rated version? Trust me on this. I still have a few scars from my youth after seeing things I wasn’t supposed to. Oh my! Anyway, demented souls always have a way of finding each other. Heeheehee! I’m so glad we’re friends! Also, thanks bunches for the nice compliment; I’m glad you like the media! Mona

  7. LMAO The first time I saw Sausage Party I watched it on Netflix with my mom. We were both sufficiently horrified and screaming laughing before the opening song finished. Sausage Party is that movie that I hate that I love and I’m ashamed to admit to other people I enjoyed even on the most basic level.

    • Adie,
      You watched this with your mom? I don’t know if I could have done that with my mom…or my daughter! My daughter becomes disturbed when I make jokes about spotted dick on my blog. I can see you now with head bowed in shame with two thumbs up, which makes it the best recommendation to watch a movie EVER! Netflix you say? I have Netflix. Okay, now I have to watch it. Mona

  8. Wow!

    I am clearly not doing Shelf Critter Theatre right if such a thing as that orgy clip can exist….

    This is what happens when people use food as makeshift sex toys. It gives the food perverted thoughts….

  9. What I’ve done is much worse than going to someone’s site, leaving a comment, and then find myself unable to get back to their blog. No, I’ve somehow managed to prevent at least two–and who knows how many others–wonderful, intelligent, funny people from leaving comments on my blog. This was not intentional, and, not being particularly code-savvy, I can’t figure out how to fix it, but I still feel really bad about it.
    Anyway I remember seeing a poster for Sausage Party back in 2016 when I went to the theatre to see a movie, and I thought, “That can’t be real.” Then I looked at the cast list and realized that not only was it real but that everybody even tangentially connected to that film had been high during the entire production.
    Same for Cheech & Chong. Funny how things are connected.

    • Oh hey Christopher,
      Yep. Yep. Yep. IKR? I feel you, but is anything really real? And maybe that’s our problem. We’re trying to function on this plane of existence without being high. Or maybe the fact that I’m finally getting around to watching Breaking Bad is starting to influence me. You can learn stuff from that show. I don’t remember what right now. I think I may have to watch the whole thing again, just one more time, for what I learned to truly take. Chemistry and other science-related facts were involved. Hopefully. I think. On the flipside, Vikings just started up again yesterday. YES! Oh, and if you’re going to do drugs, don’t do meth. Not even the pure, blue-shard kind. That shit will kill you or the other people doing meth will kill you! Allegedly. And if you get into trouble with the law, you’d better call Saul. Also, if you’re around an exploding turtle and you survive that, your life will probably never be the same again. (I knew I learned something! Ha.) It was good to hear from you, Christopher. I’ll try and leave more comments on your blog, but I’m not promising anything at this point. There’s only so much rejection I can handle. I still love what you write, though, my friend! 🙂 Mona

      • I’ll stay away from the drugs, and I think I’d better stay away from Saul, and guys in wheelchairs with bells. In fact I think the closest I’ll get to Walt’s kind of chemistry is mixing Mentos and Coke while listening to Badfinger’s “Baby Blue”.

        • So we’re still in the first part of Season 2, but Mentos and Coke? I’ll have to try that! Of course, I love Badfinger’s “Baby Blue.” Great song!

    • Suzanne,
      Can the party truly start without the sausage? I’m still giggling about your suggesting that I was lost down a blog hole. It sounds so…Freudian. But even Freud will tell you that sometimes a sausage is just a sausage and a blog hole is just a blog hole. Probably not in this case… 🙂 Mona


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