#Instagram — #Insta-Stupid!

Lexi tried to teach me the basics of several different social media sites a couple of years ago, and I’m eternally grateful for her help. Since then, I’ve been learning the ropes of Twitter and how to blog. Now, I’m ready to focus my attention on — INSTAGRAM! Once I learn how to do this well-ish, I figure I can share pics from my Instagram account to Face Book and Twitter and perhaps even post directly to a blog post now and again.

So I downloaded the app for Instagram to my phone. Still not sure how I did that, but I must have hit the right buttons because the icon is now on my phone and it literally takes me to my account. So yay, I did that all by myself! Unfortunately, my phone also forced me to take my Tetris app off because it said I didn’t have enough storage space for both of these things. I can’t begin to tell you just how psychologically difficult it was for me to give up Tetris and I’m still going through withdrawal — even if it is probably for the best but I’m hardcore about learning, using and mastering Instagram. I’m willing to do what has to be done!

With the Instagram button now on my phone, I attempted to upload a picture of our cats.

Stupid Instagram.

After several attempts of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, I decided to wait until I saw Lauren so she could guide me with directions on how to post my picture of Growleth and Birdie.

My daughter is a patient person (as is Lexi) and she was more than willing to help me learn how to do this, but eventually Lauren grabbed my phone and physically took over because I kept fumbling and screwing up the directions she was giving me. At least she was able to post the picture. Not only that, but she also added some great hashtags, which I would never have thought to do. Yay!

So even though I still haven’t uploaded a picture, by watching her and paying attention, the next time I want to post on Instagram, it will be a piece of cake. After all, she showed me step-by-step how to do this and even gave me a template for how to word hashtags. After success with the picture, Lauren was even thoughtful and kind enough to try and help me connect Instagram with my other social media accounts.

Lauren:    Do you want to be able to connect Instagram with your other social media accounts?

Me:           Yes. That would be lovely. You can do that?

Lauren:    Of course. Okay, what’s your username for Face Book?

Me:           Silence.

Lauren:    How about for Twitter?

Me:           More silence.

Lauren:    I can’t help you if you won’t speak to me.

Me:          Uhm, hold on, I’m thinking. Okay, try this username and password. Use an uppercase letter at this point in the word and this number and this symbol.

Lauren:    Is this for Face Book?

Me:           Uhm, maybe. Not sure. Just try it.

Lauren:    Nope. That’s not it.

Me:           Are you sure you typed it in correctly?

Lauren:    I’ll re-type it to make sure. Nope. The screen says that either your username or password doesn’t match.

Me:           Well, which one do I have wrong?

Lauren:    It’s not saying.

Me:           Well, that’s not helpful. Okay. Try this username with this password.

Lauren:    Not it.

Me:           Okay. Try the same username with this other password.

Lauren:    Nope.

Me:           Okay. Try this different username with the first password I gave you.

Lauren:    Still not it. Don’t you have these written down somewhere?

Me:           Sort of.

Lauren:    Oh my god, Mom. Really?

Me:           I never knew it could become so complicated.

Lauren:    Well, you’re probably going to have to go in and redo all your usernames and passwords.

Me:           Please don’t make me do that. Surely, you can figure this out. You’re a millennial. I thought you were supposed to be good at this stuff.

Lauren:    I am good at this stuff — at least I used to be — but you’ve got your stuff all messed up. Besides, I rarely have time to do social media anymore. I don’t even remember the last time I posted on Instagram. I’m too busy working. When I get home, I have even more work.

Me:           So, what you’re telling me is that you’ve turned into an adult, adult?

Lauren:    Yeah, pretty much.

Me:           Dammit, Lauren. I thought I taught you better!


Anyway —

I figured that today, I would attempt to upload some of the cute pics I took yesterday onto my Instagram site. I also decided to take things one step at a time and — for now — just get the hang of uploading and posting pics. I’ll screw with linking Instagram to my other social media accounts — NOT NOW!


Thus far, I haven’t figured out how to upload any pics to Instagram from my PC.

I haven’t figured out how to do this from my phone either, even after Lauren showed me.

I don’t know who/what’s more stupid — Instagram or me at this point.

#Social Media Confusion.

#At least I’m consistent.

#Where’s Tetris when I need it!

#I miss you, Tetris!

 #This shouldn’t be so damned difficult!


#Hey, I think I have this hashtag thing down!

#Look, Everyone! I’m hashtagging!

#Somebody stop me!

#Baby Steps, y’all.

#I’m calling this a win for today.

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