Wayward Sparkles – aka Infidels ‘R Us

I will continue to blog. Hopefully. But if all of a sudden I just seem to have fallen off of the radar, so to speak, it may be that I’m taking an unexpected vacation in Guantanamo − courtesy of our federal government.

Lost story

Research suggests that memory gives precedence to backburnered items over other to do items. In other words, you’re brain is going to nag you.

Color My World

Yesterday at Sam’s, I finally decided that − hey, it’s Christmastime, so what the hell and why not? If I want a coloring book that I don’t have time to color, by damned, I’ll get myself one. I’m so glad I did.

Fodder for Writing: Jeers, Tears and Cheers

A woman asked me this past week what God wants me to do with my life. I didn’t hesitate with my answer, “To entertain, of course. If He didn’t, He wouldn’t keep providing me with so much fodder to write about!”