Where Lands are Green and Skies are Blue

It can take you to the past and it can take you to the future. Idk about you but sometimes music makes me imagine things that haven't happened yet, but what I really want to happen. :)


I’ve often said that I can live without a TV but not without music. Matter of fact, I recently started re-implementing something I’ve gotten away from — burning favorite songs onto CD’s — because my car still has a CD player instead of whatever the newer vehicles are using these days.

It’s been several years since I’ve done this, and the old CD’s my family and I used to listen to died a long time ago. However, now we’re back to listening to music specifically picked out for long drives, to sing along with, etc. My family was soooo excited to get reaquainted with this new/old music — it took us back to the nostalgia of “Remember when…”

Ryan asked, “Remember when we went to Austin?”

I said to David, “Remember the ‘big picture?'”

These songs trigger distinct memories in our lives.


With my family taken care of — today I got around to burning a Feel Good CD just for me, which I’m listening to as I type this post. It wasn’t easy picking just the right combination of songs that would fit onto one CD. The easiest part was to begin with the Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun and to end with Oasis’ Champagne Supernova. I was going to end with Let It Be but there just wasn’t enough room. Unfortunately, Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Tesla and a few others didn’t make the cut, so I think I’m going to have to burn a second CD!

The idea, of course, is that no matter how stressed I get, I can play these songs and they will automatically put me in a more positive frame of mind. Add in a soothing bath and this is my idea of bliss! Fingers crossed, but I think I found the right mix of music, even though not every song is technically a positive/feel good song. As long as it works for me, though, that’s all that matters. Anyway, here’s my current playlist with links:

Here Comes the Sun   — The Beatles

Wonder — Natalie Merchant

Beautiful — Carole King

Fight the Good Fight — Triumph

Magic Power — Triumph

Hope You’re Feeling Better — Santana

Fly Away — Lenny Kravitz

In the Meantime — Spacehog

Bright Lights — Matchbox Twenty

Life is a Highway — Tom Cochrane

Feelin’ Satisfied — Boston

What Is And What Should Never Be — Led Zeppelin

Ramble On — Led Zeppelin

Drift & Die — Puddle Of Mudd

Baker Street — Gerry Rafferty

Champagne Supernova — Oasis

BTW, the title to this post stems from lyrics from In the Meantime by Spacehog. Love this song. It makes me feel expansive in the best possible way! Also, the phrase seemed appropriate on this last day of March 2018, which is what I’m encountering on this early spring day in Texas — blue skies and lands of green. If you’re stuck in not great weather or you’re experiencing something else that’s ruining your day, might I suggest listening to this song or creating your own Feel Good playlist!

Your turn to share songs that have significance in your life that you’d include in your own playlist! I’m hoping to discover some new favs that y’all have recommended!

Happy Easter, everyone!

4 thoughts on “Where Lands are Green and Skies are Blue”

  1. Enjoyed listening to these, and the Led Zep songs. I was born in late sixties so brought up listening to the beatles. I like your choices. I do listen to Classical music in my car, makes me feel great 😊

    • Pip,
      Awesome — Classic Rock to Classical! I confess, I don’t know a whole lot of classical, but I do enjoy Chopin!


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