Voila! It’s Magic

Hey all,

Just want you to know that I’m not doing so great at the moment, but I’ll be fine. More fodder in the making. Yep, the old foddermaker just keeps churning!

In the meantime, I know I haven’t responded to anyone on their posts in the past couple of days — though I’ve been reading them, sometimes multiple times. Sorry. Physical pain is involved and I’m doing good right now just to get this short post out!

While it’s still timely (fingers crossed) I wanted to dedicate a song to Adie. I read her latest post and this one-hit wonder from the 70’s popped into my head — and it won’t go away! Go figure. Anyway, I feel like I’m either supposed to dedicate this to her or it’s a weird message that she’s supposed to hear or maybe I’m just nuts or all of the above. (David just said that it’s because I’m just nuts — but I knew he would say that — so does that make me psychic as well?!) Either way, I really like this song and I hope you do too, Adie! If you don’t, I apologize in advance and you can blame it on my Muse or whatever. And please don’t shoot the messenger — me! Anyway, this one’s for you, Adie — It’s Magic! (Ooh, that was fun! I always wanted to be a DJ!)

BTW, I haven’t figured out how to get the actual song to play on my post, I just know how to provide the link (which is annoying and just screams how tech-limited I am!) If anyone can help me out (Allen, I know you’re able to put the music video itself on your posts, how do you do that? — I’m so jealous), that would be much appreciated. Anyway, I’m thinking about all of my Wayward Friends out there and sending each of you my love!

I promise I will be responding to your posts once again— and yes, they’ll be late responses — please just give me a little more time! All amazing posts as usual, by the way. Also, since I’m laid up for the time being, I’ve found a few new blogging gems out there on the www as well, which I’ll happily share with y’all in future posts! Happy writing and reading to one and all! I hope each of you creates peace and magic as you go about your day! Sparkle on in your very own wayward style!

Anyway, gotta run!


9 thoughts on “Voila! It’s Magic”

  1. I’m sorry you’re down, blog buddy! Hope you feel better real soon. And I’m currently bopping to your song dedication to our lovely blogger buddy Adie.

    To answer your question, when you go to YouTube, click the “share” icon with the arrow under the video, choose “embed”, then just copy and paste the HTML it gives you into your post. Easy peasy!

    Your blogosphere family is here if you need us, Mona. *hugs*

  2. Ah!!! You are so sweeeeeeet!!! <3 I am jamming right now! One of my favorites and I am totally about to get sucked into a classic rock spiral of related videos lol!

    I'm sorry you're not doing so great and REALLY sorry to hear physical pain is involved. I'm sending good, healing vibes your way. I hope the fodder machine slows down for you a little bit so you can catch up and take a breath!

  3. Sorry you’re feeling under the weather, yet your always there to give positive post comments. What an upbeat song!! Chin up!! x

    • Thanks, Pip! I’m feeling much better today! So glad you liked the song! I’ve re-discovered that it’s a good way to get my morning going!

  4. David likes to walk on the sharp edge I think!
    Bad days are hard to deal with. Take care of yourself. It’s my opinion you don’t take enough time to recoup from your many challenges. Yeah, I know, where’s the time?

  5. Sheila,
    David does, doesn’t he? Still he is what makes most of those bad days easier to deal with, so I’m keeping him around. Also, keeping him just cuz I loves him! (Sorry about the sap!) Also, taking enough time — HAHAHAHAHA! You are so funny!!!!! Thanks for the encouragement, though, my friend!


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