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This is my 100th post! I didn’t think I’d get around to writing this post for at least a few more weeks. Who knew?! To celebrate, I’m passing around slices of virtual cake to all my friends! The great news is that I’ll cut you a slice of whatever is your favorite! So if you like devil’s food, this slice is for you. If you like strawberry shortcake – got you covered too. Whatever you want, here, take a slice. What’s great is that it has zero calories and it tastes exactly how you imagined. Oh, yeah, that’s because you are imagining! (I wonder if this is how Marie Antoinette got into trouble?) Heeeheeehee! Enjoy!Image result for different slices of cake pic

The good news is that I’m up and about today, unlike yesterday. That may account for my extra glee (sorry if I’m a bit annoying.) I’m writing a post about these past couple/few days, so check back later in the week for that post. Also, I haven’t forgotten about the post that y’all’ve been voting on. As of this point, it is tied. Two members from the writer’s group I’m in (a shout out to the Panera Writer’s Group aka The Inklings on Park) have voted during our meeting for me to write about the house versus Allen at The Midnight Goose and Kat at Angel Who Swears who have both voted for the ex-husband on my site. Any tie-breakers out there who would like to vote, please do so in the comment section below. There is still time, but not much.

Today, though, at least on this post, we are celebrating! Also, today is my brother’s 49th birthday so — Happy Birthday, Chris! Have a slice of cake — wait — here’s a whole German Chocolate cake just for you!

Image result for german chocolate cake pics


As I said yesterday, I’ve been reading others’ posts and I came across Michael at Afterwards, who enjoys writing poetry, including but not limited to limericks. I’m so delighted!

As I was reading the comment section after one of his limericks/posts, one commentator said they were sorry to encourage Michael to keep writing his limericks, but no, they really weren’t sorry. They suggested that Michael should just “carry on.”  And I thought — how very English — and all of a sudden, I was inspired and soooo, this was my response to Michael —

Ooh, can you do “Carry on, keep calm” limericks?

Carry on and keep calm is so British
Great for an Anglophile fetish
I don’t know how they’d go,
But you’ve a dirty, old soul
So I’m sure you’d create quite a finish!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself! How fun! I love your limericks!

Anyway, I don’t know if Carry on and Keep Calm limericks are a “thing” but I think they should be. I hope Michael at least explores the idea! But that doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t give it a go, too, if they are so inclined. If you do, please share! Also, do limericks always have to be naughty? I mean, it just may be in the nature of limericks to be risque and if so, then so be it. Either way, though, if you’re looking for something new to read and put a smile on your face (probably not for my more easily offended friends, sorry), especially if you’re looking to get out of a rut (writing or otherwise), might I suggest a naughty limerick from Michael! Sometimes that’s all we need to get the…ahem…juices — creative juices, y’all — flowing again.

Lastly, I’m leaving you with just one more silly poem (if you’ll bear with me just one more time.) It came to me in my car on Friday morning when I was rushing off to work. Or was that Thursday morning? Maybe it was Thursday. Anyway, my cat Birdie, (okay, technically, she’s Lauren’s cat) was being her cute self and I gave her a quick scratch behind the ears right before I took off. It was only a short drive to where I was going, but by the time I got to the office, the poem had pretty much written itself. So I scrawled it down as quickly as I could and, well, here it is. Hope you enjoy and then after this, I’ll leave the silly poems to Robbie Yates!

The Spot

There’s a spot in my yard

That is really quite large

The grass there won’t gather

Even the weeds seem to scatter

I looked at that spot and asked,

“What is the matter?”


I stood with a frown

When I heard a sweet sound

“Meow!” said cat Birdie

looking at me from the ground

Then she plopped in that spot

and wriggled around a whole lot


And that’s when I knew

And my smile grew and grew

“No wonder!” I cried

“Dirt baths,” I sighed

The mystery was solved

Of why that spot’s bald!


I sat next to Birdie

Who was now happily dirty

I asked, “Did you do this?”

“Did you make this big mess?”

And much to my surprise

Birdie said,


(I bet you thought she’d say yes)


Then Birdie jumped up, flicked her tail

and ran

I hope you have a great start to this week, my Wayward Friends!

(And all of a sudden Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas is stuck in my head!) Y’all, this happens to me all of the time. Does anyone know if there’s a name for this condition? It’s not necessarily a bad thing to have unless you have the song that never ends stuck in your head — but we will not be going there! Oh, no we won’t! It’s just that so many things trigger songs to pop into my mind. That’s okay. This gives me the opportunity to try out the instructions Allen gave me about putting a video on my blog instead of just the link. Fingers crossed that I can do this. Maybe, there’ll be peace when I am done. HA!

Okay, here’s what Allen from The Midnight Goose wrote for me to do,

“To answer your question, when you go to YouTube, click the “share” icon with the arrow under the video, choose “embed”, then just copy and paste the HTML it gives you into your post. Easy peasy!”



Yay! It worked! Thanks, Allen! Methinks you’ve created a monster! (And see, y’all, don’t listen to the rumors — I can follow directions!)



PS — Oh, damn —I almost forgot! We’ve decided to keep Buddy. No wonder I feel so happy!


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  1. Yay! So glad you’re giving Buddy a home! I know he’ll be well taken care of! Also, congratulations on your 100th post! 🙂 I love your poems. I quit trying poetry after a creative writing class in college left a bad taste in my mouth. A bunch of pretentious twenty-year-olds love nothing more than killing creative dreams. I’ve only dabbled in what I call “remakes” which are just silly rewrites of well known songs and poems that I’ve done to amuse my coworkers with subject matter pertaining to our jobs. Maybe someday I’ll try my hand at it again! Funny thing about “carry on my wayward son”…I had a friend/coworker who would say that to anyone she was trying to “dismiss” so she could get back to work. She always cracked me up when she did that! 🙂

    • Thanks, bunches, Kat! I love your rewrites of songs! Hehehe. Still thinking about the last one you shared! Hysterectomy, hehehe! I know what you mean about assholes killing one’s creativity, though! I had someone rake me over the coals in a writer’s group once when I was in my 30’s. I was just starting to write at that point. I didn’t write again for over ten years! I simply couldn’t. But look how irrepressible I am now! I bet you have awesome, untapped poems locked inside! Perhaps there’s a ditty about pretentious 20-year-olds just itchin’ to be written, per chance? Perhaps even done as a remake to Led Zeppelin’s “Your Time is Gonna Come!?” Or maybe something more serious? All I know is that you are a helluva writer and humorist–vastly better (in my opinion) than certain people who will go unnamed but who are well-known and have a gazillion followers ergo the following they need to get published successfully. And that’s not to say they don’t deserve to be published or that they aren’t talented, because they are. All I’m saying is that your talent is at least at that same best-selling book caliber! And if that gets me a signed, first edition book from you, well alrighty, then! Also, just saying, where would Weird Al Yankovic be today without his genius at humorous remakes? Which is why I’m scratching my head wondering when your book is going to come out?! There’s this little thing called marketing, and I think that gets in the way of so many excellent writers! I’m wondering if you fall into this category? Sorry, I don’t mean to pry, just disregard all of this if I’m out of bounds–but, honestly, I look forward to every Tuesday and Friday and my life is so much better with your contributions to it! I can only dream when I get to place one or more of your books next to my Sedaris and Lawson books and say with pride, this is my friend Kat’s newest best seller! SHE IS FUCKING AMAZING! Love you, Kat!

      • Well…oh my God. Thank you so much for your VERY KIND words! I don’t even know what to say…and that’s saying a lot, considering my parents called me “Motor Mouth” when I was little! LOL. Not only will you get a signed, first edition copy of my book, I’ll come to your house and read it to you! LOL. As for writing the book…I have many ideas, with the biggest one being work-themed, but I have to actually NOT be relying on my current employer for employment before I can be brave enough to write and publish that, since the majority of the material will be based on that hell hole. That will happen sooner rather than later. In the meantime, I’m really just trying to get a following so that if and when the book comes out, there’s an actual audience for it. Yes, marketing is probably going to be a big obstacle for me. I feel like I’m late to the game and have no idea how to proceed, really. But I’m going to figure it out because this writing thing has always been my dream and I’m not going to push it aside anymore! Love you lots, Mona! Thank you so much!

  2. Congrats on your 100th! I hope you still feel like posting when you’re at 1,000! And oh. my. gravy. I want that German Chocolate cake. Also–Buddy has the perfect home!

    *pretending I’m a rock star, singing loudly (off-key) and head-banging in the living room as I listen to your song choice*

    I’m so glad the instructions worked for you! And I’m so thrilled that you chose “Carry On My Wayward Son” as the first video to embed! I mention it in a post I have scheduled for 8/9/18 about telemarketers and car rides titled “Just Trying To Listen To My Song, Tom!” LOL

    • Thanks, Allen! Here, let me get you a double slice! A little vanilla ice cream with that? Excellent! Thanks for being there for me and making that so easy! Glad you approve of the song choice, too! Also, thanks for the visual of you singing just now. Can I be back up air guitar player in your band? BTW, you’ve already got posts ready that far in advance? Hell’s bells, man! I have ideas (like for this week), but WOW! I mean you write what–4 to 5 posts a week? That’s freaking amazing all on it’s own–but into the following week as well?! *head exploding* Can’t wait to read what you have coming up this week!

      • Fun fact: this is my third time trying to reply to this, but it keeps not posting. So, if you find a bunch of my nonsense in your spam folder, that’s why. LOL

        I know, I know. My posting schedule is a little crazy. There’s just been a lot of nonsense lately, which has been a blessing since it’s good fodder, so I’m scheduled out kinda far.

        Side note: Last night, I ate cake and pizza rolls while watching Fifty Shades Freed (since it was the only one I hadn’t seen, obviously), and when it was over, I turned to my imaginary friend and said “What a piece of shit. Let’s watch it again.” Thought you’d enjoy knowing that. LOL

        • Okay, Allen, today is August 10, and I just found your three comments in my spam section and that is why I haven’t responded to you until now. Hopefully, I don’t have to respond more than once, but the Phantom Comment Snatcher seems to be active again, so…no guarantees! So glad you and your imaginary friend enjoyed your movie; however, I can’t really comment on that because I’ve never seen any of the Fifty Shades movies. I had started watching the first one on TV just to see what all the hype was about and it wasn’t even showing anything filthy at that moment and David sat down and said, “What is this shit? We’re not watching that!” Then he turned the TV station. I don’t remember to what — probably sports or political shit! So, yeah. Also I think that it’s funny that you wrote about Fifty Shades Freed and I just freed your comments from Spam, which isn’t as icky as it sounds. Or maybe it is, especially if you’d been eating Spam at the time. Ew. Nevermind. I didn’t just write that. I don’t know anything anymore. Also, maybe I should just stop now. Sorry.

  3. You’re always welcome in my band, Mona! I’m scheduled out through the 16th. A little crazy I know. LOL

    Side note: I just watched Fifty Shades Freed (’cause it was the only one I hadn’t seen yet, obviously) and ate Zebra Cakes. As soon as the movie was over I was like, “God. What. A. Piece. Of. Shit. Maybe I’ll watch it again.” Thought you’d enjoy reading about that. 😀

  4. You’re always welcome in my band, Mona! Like you’d have to ask! LOL

    I’m scheduled out through the 16th of next month. Crazy, I know…

    I just watched Fifty Shades Freed (’cause it’s the only one I hadn’t seen yet, obviously) and ate Zebra Cakes. After it was over, I was like, “God. What a piece of shit. Maybe I’ll watch it again.” Thought you’d enjoy hearing about that…

  5. Whoo! 100 posts! Congratulations! And yay for deciding to keep Buddy! I think that’s great, and maybe when he’s a little older and better behaved (not as into chasing cats so much) you can take him to visit your dad.

  6. Adie,
    You read my mind. Dad’s happy (sort of) that Buddy’s staying with us and not going to someone else or a shelter. He misses him, but we’ve already made plans for visits! Buddy’s been working hard on learning to focus and do what we need him to instead of just what he wants to do! IT’S SO HARD FOR HIM SOMETIMES! He’s such a good dog, though!

  7. Congratulations on your 100th post. Your limerick is seriously funny, you have a talent there. It has inspired me to write a limerick too, but I can be a bit naughty so I’ll try and be good x

    • Pip,
      I checked out your limerick and it’s delightful! Also, I want a hedgehog now! Only I don’t — cuz, you know — it would be either a very frightened hedgehog or a very dead hedgehog after our three cats and the dog had a go at it! So where/how did you pick up a hedgehog? We have squirrels, wild rabbits, raccoons and possums where I live — but no hedgehogs. Anyway, I loved your limerick and thanks for sharing!

      For everyone else that may be reading this, I hope you’re able to check out Pip’s Tips and read her limerick as well as check out her wonderful watercolors and her essays. She is one talented woman! (If you click on her name above in pink, it will take you to her site — info for my friends who might not already know this!)

      Also, I think we should do one of those things where everyone writes a limerick or poem — not for any other reason than just because. I know other writers and bloggers have their deals where they are prompted to write something by looking at a photograph, etc. and then they share with one another. I don’t really know how any of that works though! Also, I’ve never done one, even after reading about it on someone else’s site because I don’t want to just intrude and I haven’t exactly been invited. So, any thoughts, y’all?

  8. Again, congratulations on the 100th post!!
    I didn’t know limericks were risqué! Rather a sad thing to admit for someone who is supposedly Irish.
    I think the bald spot is hilarious. Having pets makes life interesting — if we could just read their minds. But maybe we don’t want to know what they think of us.

  9. Sheila,
    What are you talking about? My pets think I’m the greatest thing since…hell, I lost my train of thought. Okay, that moment’s gone. You’re right. I probably don’t want to know what they’re thinking of me. Actually, I usually have a pretty good idea because they can be both vocal and give me some pretty interesting looks and then there’s the body language. Yeah, I really don’t want to know what they think of me — my life’s complicated enough already.

    Also, I guess limericks don’t have to be risque. You know me, I probably think that only because of my upbringing. For instance, see Pip’s limerick above. And thank you, again, my friend, for joining my celebration of my 100th post! Can I get a WooHoo!


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