To Post or Not to Post

My latest post was going to be about a controversial subject.

However, after running it by my daughter, she positively, 100 percent told me I should NOT under any circumstances publish it. Apparently, fire and brimstone would rain down on me, my name would be mud, others might (well, she said ‘would’) take what I said out of context or the wrong way, etc., ad nauseum. She’s wise and I listen to her on these matters. She hasn’t steered me wrong, yet.

The nixed post in question was something I was developing after reading another blogger’s post who shall remain nameless and genderless. That blogger brought up G-O-D in their post. That brought up a question in my own mind about how and why people either experience or not experience God. I’m curious like that. Anyway, I got the lecture from my daughter that I should know better than to stir up a hornet’s nest. You know, because you never bring up controversial subjects like money, sex, politics, religion, and in some cases, sports, especially in polite society.

Yes, you are thought of as polite society, my Wayward Friends!

Otherwise, the “all hell breaks loose” thing tends to occur — even online — which I witnessed in the comment section of the nameless blog post I read.

Also, I’ve personally witnessed this happen between two alpha males at a writer’s group I attended a couple of years ago. The three of us didn’t know each other, but our philosophical conversation started out civilly enough. I don’t remember why, but at some point I mentioned that I watch Ancient Aliens. Boy did I get grief from both of these guys about that! “Oh, you’re one of those people,” one of them said. They both rolled their eyes and looked annoyed. Some people are so…free with their condescension.

Wow. That wasn’t the reaction I anticipated by these allegedly highly-educated and well-mannered writers. I thought they’d be more open-minded or at least…kind.

I explained that whether I believed in extraterrestrial life or not wasn’t as important as how Ancient Aliens opened up my mind to the possibility of things that some easily dismiss because they can’t be scientifically proven or disproved. As writers, I thought they could understand the worth of that. I guessed wrong, apparently.

From there, it was a speedy but natural progression to the subject of GOD.

I just want to go on record, I wasn’t the one who brought God into this conversation. One guy Believed and the other did not. It would have been fine if the conversation had stopped there. It didn’t, though. One thought the other was ridiculous and full of you-know-what. Ouch. Things got very personal and heated and ugly. Bad words and accusations flew. Hands clenched. Fists raised. It happened very quickly.

No one actually threw a punch, but I’m pretty sure that’s only because management stepped in before that happened with, “I’m sorry, but your conversation is starting to disturb our other guests. Is everything okay?” Both guys backed down. Neither said the “S” word, though. Egos, huh? By this time, other writer group members intervened as well. I apologized for the noise. It was time for me to go after that.

The following week, I decided I’d not go back to that writers group — just for a while. And now?  I couldn’t go back even if I wanted. I’m staying at home until we get control over coronavirus. So here we are.

The writer’s group incident was such an eye-opening and “Whoa!” moment for me. I saw for myself how human nature unintentionally plays out in unpredictable and volatile ways. One minute things were okay, the next minute it was chaos. So I’m not going to instigate any of that on my blog because my daughter thinks it could quickly come down to that sort of thing. I am not an intentional rabble-rouser, y’all; which means, while I’m tempted to ask questions and have a polite conversation, it’s not going to happen because sometimes the best of us get triggered and things go downhill fairly rapidly. I adore all of you too much for that to happen.


Face it, I’ve already written too many things that freak many of y’all out. Generally speaking, the majority of my readership isn’t interested in my feeble attempts at poetry or stream-of-consciousness writing, aren’t interested in my angry rants, and I know more than a few of you wish that some of my imagery weren’t so graphic. I’ve listened to what you’ve said, and I’ve taken it to heart. Mostly. However, until today, I’ve never censored an entire post I’ve written.

You’re welcome. I think.

My question to you is multifold —

Have you ever written something and then second guessed yourself and decided not to post it? If so, why? Are there any subjects that you absolutely won’t write about or read? Do you have any regrets over anything you’ve written in the past that have come back to bite you in the butt? Without going into too much detail, I’d love to hear the gist of your thoughts. Also, finally, this post is Lauren approved! 🙂

Okay, your turn.



44 thoughts on “To Post or Not to Post”

  1. Well….no. I wade into the swamp and I swim. I’ve written about politics, sexual assault, religion, grief, mental illness, and I make fun of myself a lot. I criticize myself constantly. Sometimes, I work things out in my head by writing, and that’s a really crucial part of my journey. I can’t censor myself. That isn’t who I am, and if I did? Those who read my stuff would want to know how an impostor hacked my blog.

    That being said, there are subjects I won’t write to about: events or stories that aren’t mine to tell. If it involves my children, I will only write in the vaguest of details – or not at all. They champion my writing and encourage it, but they also have the expectation (as they should) that I won’t embarass them or reveal more about them than they are comfortable with.

    You have to do what feels right to you. Sometimes, that may just involve making people a little uncomfortable. Maybe they’ll think, too.

    • Lori,
      You tackle some of the more difficult things to write about and you do it well. That’s one reason I love your writing. You always make me think. When I read some of your more creative, imaginative posts, my head just explodes. Wow. Thanks for your input! Mona

  2. I don’t write a blog but e-mailing is my middle name (well, no it isn’t but you get my point). I’ve once or twice written something to a relative that I wish I hadn’t. It wasn’t until hindsight kicked in that I thought, “oh no, he’s going to take that the wrong way”! Or was it what I really meant but didn’t intend to share? And yes it has come back to bite me.

    I will admit that I’ve written entire LONG e-mails that after re-reading, I’ve completely deleted, but that’s kind of dangerous as I might have accidentally hit send instead of delete. I don’t have anybody close enough to give me advice, as they might be the ones I was planning to write to, so hardly impartial.

    • Barbara,
      I used to carry my journal around with me and I’d write everything I thought and felt about the people and things I experienced. I was incredibly honest and not all of my thoughts were kind. One day my journal went missing. I still don’t know what happened to it. It occurred to me that if it fell into the wrong hands, though…shudder! I can only imagine the fall out that might have. Hopefully, that little spiral of mine has ended up in a landfill somewhere, and rain has washed away the ink and thoughts on those pages. Since then, I’ve upped my discretion. I think you are wise to read, re-read and do a little self-editing when you have to. Thank goodness for the delete button. I think both my husband and daughter are terrified that our family and friends are going to shun us because of something I write. Hey, they give me gray hair, why not return the favor? Ha! 😉

      • When I have to contact my landlord (the a-hole) I usually call a friend of mine to listen to the e-mail before I send it to make sure I’m not being too bitchy. Sometimes she’ll offer a constructive criticism, but mostly she tells me that it’s well written which is a relief, because by the time I’ve called her, I’ve re-written it about 4 times! So, I do have a sounding board in reserve to check my judgement. I just have to remember to USE IT!

        • A sounding board or extra pair of eyes is always a blessing. Who knows how much trouble I’ve stayed out of because David or Lauren pulled me up short here and there? Glad you have someone! ~ M

  3. I’ll jump in!

    Yes, I’ve written long blog posts I’ve never published because (a) I questioned whether anyone would care to read it and/or (b) I worried I would regret it later. Such posts are usually rants, written in the heat of an annoyance.

    Sometimes just letting a piece sit for a few days, or even weeks, I have a clearer sense of whether to publish or not. Or maybe I edit it significantly before publishing, removing the rantiness and retaining the calm heart of the issue.

    I’ve noticed, however, that pieces I would consider rant-ish get more readers. Not sure I like what that says about us.

    I’ve unfollowed a few bloggers whose posts were endless rants, complaints and whines about life. I get it, life is challenging, and our impulse as writers is to write about that, but I have enough misery without adding wallowing in that of others. If there’s an uplifting message or useful advice at the end of the whining, then great. If the writer is simply unburdening, no thanks.

    With my own posts, I try to follow my gut, as you apparently did by having your daughter review your post and offer her advice. If I’m hesitating to publish, I figure there’s a good reason, even if it may not be obvious to me in the moment.

    As for blog posts I won’t read? Those with a heavy dose of religion or references to a person’s god. I don’t believe, so I find that annoying and distracting. I prefer to follow bloggers who don’t assume every reader adopts, wants or needs their religion, or better yet, never bring it into their writing to begin with.

    I enjoyed your post, and your description of the writing group incident. Yikes. I agree that avoiding rabble-rousing and triggers is admirable, but there are also times when the need to write one’s truth overrides the fear that someone will take offense. You’re lucky to have Lauren be your first reader 🙂

    • Rebecca,
      I really enjoyed your thoughts on this topic. I agree that time does have a way of helping us determine what to do with our writing. There should be a name for people who enjoy reading the worst. When we slow down and look at the horrible traffic accident on the road, we’re called rubberneckers. When we read the worst online? I dunno. What you wrote reminds me of a blogger I used to read when I first started blogging. This person wrote about how awful her life was and how depressed she was on every single post. I stuck with her for a while, but then I stopped. Life’s too short and her list of complaints was droning and endless. I haven’t figured out if she’s addicted to her own suffering or if it’s just a schtick, but I checked on her not too long ago (years later) and she was still writing the same. Interesting. More interesting is that some of the people who followed her then, continue to do so. Again, addiction? I dunno. Perhaps it’s just stubborn loyalty. Everyone has a preference, though. You have a lot of wisdom in your response and in your posts. I enjoy your blog! How was it we met again? Was it through Arionis? I’m just glad I found you because what you write definitely enhances my life. 🙂 Mona

  4. I constantly remove old posts on both my blogs and social media. Not necessarily because they’re controversial or stirred things up, but usually because I feel like I share too much of myself. On social media I like things to look tidy and I’ll delete posts I think are out of date.

    I’ve had posts that I decided not to post, but again not because I was worried about it being controversial. Usually, I just read over it and think it’s not that interesting or that I wasn’t able to properly express what I wanted to say.

    • Adie,
      I have such a hard time doing what you do editing out old posts. However, I always enjoy reading what you put out. At present, I enjoy reading about your goals and what you’re doing to reach them. I’m with you that in life, we always want to find the right words; and yet, sometimes, there are none that adequately express our thoughts and feelings. Thanks for your thoughts here, my friend! Mona

      • I have OCD when it comes to my online life. I don’t like hanging onto things that are out of date. My opinion on a movie that came out six years ago is no longer relevant, so I don’t see the point in keeping a post like that up.

        It’s a pity I can’t do the same with things in my real life. Pup and I went to look for something in my and mom’s storage unit yesterday. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did find: an empty box for a computer I no longer have, a box of 12 plastic piping bags (for cake decorating–I have literally hundreds in my kitchen), an unopened package of dollar-store ice cube trays, various loose papers with old notes, and multiple boxes that contained…other…freaking…boxes.

        Cleaning out that dump (at least, cleaning *my* things out of that dump–I’ll let mom handle her own business) is next on my to-do list after I get my bedroom sorted out.

        • Adie,
          I wish I had your ability to let go of stuff. I mean, I can…sorta. When I have to…or when it’s been broken beyond repair…*sigh* M

  5. I do a lot of what Aidan does, going back and removing anything that shows a facet of myself that I later decide I don’t want to show to others. Once I deleted three whole weeks of posts. I doubt anyone noticed! But yeah, there was “that one post” two summers ago where I complained about a co-worker using the ‘n’-word in a conversation with me, and told the story of how I shut her down, my feelings about the word, its use in my family when I was a kid, my co-worker’s general outlook, etc. No names were given, but someone saw it and things blew up. I didn’t “do anything wrong” but I sure did have the stirring spoon that day, and the blog had to go dark for a bit. HR got involved. I’ve felt a tiny big gagged ever since — I hate that there may be anything taboo to write about, ever, ever — but it’s easier to keep the peace sometimes. I hear you, girl.

    • Lille,
      I remember your discussing that incident before. What a nightmare! I guess I’m lucky that so many of the people in my real life don’t read my blog, or if they do, they don’t comment. Anyway, I guess that keeps things easier. Thanks for your input! And you know that I love your writing. You definitely always give me something to consider! Hugs, Mona

  6. It’s a sad statement on our society that we can’t have a civil conversation anymore. I agree to disagree with a lot of my friends on a lot of different topics and can respect their views even though they’re not mine. I do tend to avoid religion and politics simply because they raise the room temperature. As for regretting posts, I used to blog about very personal things and included family members by name. That bit me in the ass when I was too open and honest and one of the family found my blog. It’s been 10 years and we still haven’t spoken. Now I post about rocks and woodchucks. Much safer that way.

    • River,
      I know, right? It’s enough to drive one to drink and hang out with the wildlife and rocks! I’m so glad you do, my friend! Thanks for your thoughts! 🙂 Mona

  7. I’ve never written a post and then scrapped it. I have thought long and hard about what message I’m trying to convey though, and I wrote some posts a few weeks ago that really pissed some people off. I still stand by those posts. I try to be thought provoking, and that is going to make enemies. I’m ok with that. But, I admit I’ve never written about religion per se….and I rarely write about politics. Yet…I still annoy people. Figure I’m doing something right

    • LA,
      I find your writing very thought provoking. It’s a shame that creates enemies sometimes, though. Like you, I also manage to annoy people — most of the time without even trying. Unlike you, I always think that somehow I’ve done something wrong. I’m still working on giving myself a break when it comes to that! So, I guess, cheers to being the grit that produces the pearl, my friend! Thanks for your thoughts. Mona

  8. I’ve never deleted an entire blog post but I have wondered, even very recently, if something I said was going too far, or if I was going to stir up trouble. It’s purely arbitrary and I doubt anyone notices but I do try to stick to a schedule, and I write some posts well in advance–sometimes months ahead–so that gives me time to consider. Sometimes too that arbitrary schedule means I feel I have to post something and and I’ll dive in and put up something I think might be controversial, but I’d rather take that chance than not post something.
    However I did recently consider telling a story that used an incredibly offensive and derogatory term for a group of people. I carefully thought about the context and also the fact that it was used by a member of that group; I’d technically just be quoting. In the end, though, I scrapped it. I’m a strong believer in the power of words, and I thought no matter how I contextualized it, no matter the reason, I might be encouraging someone to use it as a slur. Someone might see the word and ignore the context and think, “Well if he can use it I can too!”
    It wasn’t an easy decision, and I’m still questioning it, but I am certain that I never want to set a negative example, even unintentionally.

    • Chris,
      Everything you just wrote is fascinating to me. I had no idea that you wrote posts so far in advance. In these times, especially, I think we have to consider how what we write could be construed; so I think you are wise to reconsider even quoting a slur. There’s always that one person who will do something unexpected with something you wrote and then put the blame at your doorstep. That’s why I had to toss my entire post. Once my daughter started explaining what could happen, what probably would happen even though I would never want or intend that to happen, I agreed, it wasn’t worth the risk. I don’t consider myself naive, but yeah, maybe I’m a little too trusting sometimes. Still, I think it’s a shame. I thought it was a rather interesting post if considered under the parameters of which I wrote it. Oh well. Mona

  9. Hi, Mona—This is a thought-provoking question. I do write about stuff that ‘s outside my comfort zone if I feel passionately about it. But I started my blog specifically saying I was seeking common ground and wouldn’t write about the elephant in our national room. Then when babies were being put in cages, I became more overtly partisan. My wish is for greater national unity, but I’m an imperfect speaker for that goal at this time. I have written about my desire to overcome these imperfections.
    I do stress civility, however, and at one point a discussion of evolution devolved in a way that offended some people. I regretted that and vowed not to let that happen on my blog again.
    I agree that you must follow your instincts, but if you feel strongly about something, be brave and forthright—laying the groundwork by saying that you expect comments will reflect mutual respect for differing views.

    • Hey Annie,
      You are a well-written, well-researched, and passionate writer. I like that you stress unity and civility on your site, but, clearly, I realize we’ve both experienced incidences when things go sideways on our sites. My site is all about how things in life go in unexpected direction; so it’s not that I invite that to happen, I just know it does in my life and highly suspect it does in others’ lives, too. I think that it is there in that absurdity that we can often meet and scratch our collective heads and ask, “What the hell just happened?” I think that is 2020 thus far.

      I like the idea of setting ground rules for posts that might provoke controversial answers. However, I hope that part of my purpose in life is to entertain and make people think but try and do that in a non judgmental and compassionate way. It’s my own belief that everyone has a reason and can justify their position on just about anything, even if I or others don’t agree. For the most part, whatever someone’s belief is doesn’t bother me. Usually. They are on their own journey and trying to figure out things that make sense to them. Many of those belief systems or worldviews are skewed because of so many factors, many in which they have no control. So I can be objective about that and recognize it for what it is even if it is shocking or heinous or any number of other adjectives one can use to describe an action or belief that seems inhumane. When it gets personal, though, well, then my IQ starts failing me. I know my limitations.

      I fail at that quite often; but those moments when someone gets something I’ve written with layered context — ah, that is so wonderful! That to me is the big payoff. However, when that goes south, yikes!

      With a background in counseling, I find that guiding people in metacognition is about as far as I can or am willing to go. What people ultimately decide to think? I can’t nor try to control that. Besides, feelings that get too big in people who don’t have the capacity to control them? That is such a mess to clean up.

      Wow, look at what you wrote and how I was provoked to respond. Thanks so much for that! You have power in what you write, my friend! Mona

  10. Whether or not “THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE” seems beside the point if we stop seeking it in the belief that we’re already there, so why be open to considerations which don’t align with our ‘accepted certainty’? Closed minds make us prisoners of ideology or tribal thinking, whereas “The pursuit of truth shall set you free, even if you never catch up with it.” –Clarence Darrow

    • MM,
      Who said that we should stop seeking it? Certainly not me! It is my hope that you will never find me a prisoner of group think. I like where your thoughts are headed, though. Excellent points! Thanks so much for your input, my friend! Mona

  11. I question myself on EVERY single post I write. But that may just be my nature – in fact I currently have a very tame post that’s been sitting in drafts for weeks now. I NEVER broach the topics of politics or religion directly. These topics – especially these days – are hot buttons. And though my blog reach is pretty small, this is not a pot I want to stir.

    • Gigi,
      What a great reply: honest, conscientious and to the point. I don’t know if you’re interested in reaching more people or not, but I think your site and voice certainly deserves a larger audience! Thanks for your thoughts. BTW, does it seem to you that there are more and more things you have to consider/reconsider because certain topics have become even hotter than in the past? I know I do. Mona 🙂

  12. What will I not write about??? Hmmm… oh! Both of my sisters have forbid me to ever post about them, their families, and never post pictures either! They wiped out a lot of my material! I very rarely comment on politics… rarely because there is SOoooo much to research! I live by my 3 substantial resources before publishing! I’ve written about faith, God. I guess what surprises me is the inability for people to voice different opinions and their is NO tolerance anymore. Personally, I love to hear about people’s unique views! Puts a little spice in my life! It’s cool! People are nasty on social media. Very judge mental and no filter! It does get tiring warding off the potty mouths. 😆😆😆 what was your other question… I think I covered it all. Oh love that song, especially the music! Bluegrass? 💜

    • Kim,
      I decided I wouldn’t write about David’s side except in vague terms. My immediate family is fair game. Like you, I enjoy hearing about what other peoples’ takes on different topics are. I have a very warped sense of humor and a very well-developed potty mouth. Oh well, it helps me get through moments…like 2020. I’d classify “Old Enough” as bluegrass but when I looked it up, it was listed as Alternative/Indie. Go figure. Anyway, I can’t seem to get enough of this song. What do they call it? An earworm? Yep, stuck in my head, but I can think of much worse songs to get stuck in my head. It’s feeding my soul right now. Glad you liked it! BTW, I truly enjoyed your new post. Hugs to you always! Mona

      • Let me be clear… good old fashioned swear words with meaning are the bomb. I should’ve used a better descriptive word than “potty”! I get called a bigot, white Supremest, privileged, bitch, white honkey bitch, cracker, and the idiot list goes on… That gets old! You can lay any swear word on me, I’m ok with that! But don’t tell me what you’re gonna do to me if you ever see me in real life… Really? Threats, so now I’ll see your point of view??? They never have a point of view… 🙄 I’m glad you liked my post! Some do not. Many comments were so vile, I didn’t want anyone to have to look at such nonsense so those comments were removed… if they would have just made a point. You should see what people write in comments! (That post wasn’t even radical.) But, I’m not up for Ms. Congeniality! That ship sailed! 😆😆😆 Thanks for the comment. At least you had the guts to write something acknowledging you read the post. Much appreciated!💜

        • Kim,
          What you’re writing about is what I think my husband and daughter are so afraid of for me. I’m not sure why exactly. It’s not like I haven’t been called names, though I admit I’ve never been called a “white honky bitch.” If anyone did, I’d probably start laughing and tell them the 1970’s were calling and wanted their abusive throwback name returned. I’ve had to deal with more than my share of assholes and idiots, though. They don’t call me a warrior for no reason. Well, some people do…or did. I guess I’m an old warrior now with little taste for more battle. I’m trying to heal not re-open old wounds. Battles do take a lot out of you. Of course I liked your post. What’s not to like about it? You were/are eloquent with your message. It is a damned shame that some have to resort to abuse and threats. Ugh! I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure that. No one should have to go through that — and yet, I don’t know anyone who’s not been on the receiving end of stupid. I know you are a strong fighter and a warrior. And for that, you get a song from me, my friend. It has strengthened me through some of my lowest points. I hope it brings you whatever you need most ~ comfort, empowerment, encouragement, something else. Cheers to you, Kim!

          • Can you post a link to Kim’s blog page? With her permission, of course. I’d like to see if her post is another that I’d like to read.

          • Fight the Good Fight! Yasssss… LoVE that song! Hey, my friend- I’m good😊. Seriously. I worked in corrections for almost 20 years. These ‘lil twerps got nothing on the population I worked with! You keep fast to your goal. Write to heal, that’s your touchstone. And it’s a good one. 💜

  13. Have you ever written something and then second guessed yourself and decided not to post it? Yes.

    If so, why? Too much personal info that needs not be shared in the blogosphere.

    Are there any subjects that you absolutely won’t write about or read? I won’t write about health issues in depth, finances, or my childhood in depth.

    Do you have any regrets over anything you’ve written in the past that have come back to bite you in the butt? Yes, yes, but no. I say that because I became a better writer because of the kerfuffle that resulted from what I said, so I learned to parse my words carefully.

    • Ally,
      The fact that you learned something after you got bit in the ass says a lot about your intelligence. For some of us, it takes several bites before we learn! Ha! Thanks for sharing, my friend! 🙂

      • Barbara,
        You should be able to click on the bright pink name beside those who want their blogs made available and it should take you to their blog. If you can’t click on it or it’s not bright pink, then they don’t want that information made available. Does this help? 🙂

  14. “Face it, I’ve already written too many things that freak many of y’all out. Generally speaking, the majority of my readership isn’t interested in my feeble attempts at poetry or stream-of-consciousness writing, aren’t interested in my angry rants, and I know more than a few of you wish that some of my imagery weren’t so graphic. I’ve listened to what you’ve said, and I’ve taken it to heart. Mostly. However, until today, I’ve never censored an entire post I’ve written.”
    So sad you censored yourself. Try not to worry about what other people think of you. They should be focusing on their own problems.

  15. Hey Cindy,

    Do you really think that it’s sad when you don’t even know what I wrote and nixed? I’m fascinated by your take on this. I recognize that I live among other people and they among me, and it’s always much nicer when we can get along-ish. I’m not really interested in antagonizing my readers if I can help it; so when my daughter pointed out how something I wrote could be so easily misinterpreted, I realized she was right. I’d much rather find something absurd (like the fact that one can be so easily misinterpreted) that we can mostly agree upon and laugh about or something we can even agree to disagree about.

    As a blogger reaching out to my audience, I try and take them into consideration. Also, I hope that if one of my readers’ lives is hitting a rough spot, he or she can read something I wrote that will help take their mind off their problems for a moment. That’s important to me. Otherwise, why else would I blog?

    I understand that different bloggers have different reasons for blogging and my reasons don’t have to be the same as others. I can set limitations and still be true to myself. What that means is that I may write things that others will never see because it’s ultimately not meant for public consumption; but I can also write things that are more tailored for my blog. There’s so many shades of gray to writing. In other words, FILTERS. I’m glad blogging isn’t a dichotomous realm.

    Thanks for your input and concern, though. I appreciate your stopping by and hope you do again soon. Your thoughts are important and gave me a way to clarify, if to no one else, at least to myself.

    BTW, does this mean that you’ve never edited or censored yourself in your writing? 🙂 Mona

  16. I try to stay away from politics, because it draws a nasty crowd of commenters. Also, it seems that every time I venture into having a political opinion, a few years later I come back to it and am startled by its ignorance.
    I try to stay away from anti-religious stuff and overtly sexual stuff, because I don’t want to upset my dad, who is a loyal reader, haha.
    I’ve found that if I find myself writing very passionately, RANTING, if you will, I usually won’t post that, because more likely than not, I’m in the wrong. I’m angry because the truth is touching the edge of my mind and making me defensive.
    Often I post in the form of poetry and fiction because it saves me from actually telling how I feel or think. I can put the really nasty or offensive stuff in a character’s mouth, and people can react to it how they like, and read into it how they like.
    So, I sort of censor everything I write by filtering it through fiction. But I also force myself to post things I don’t want to post all the time. It’s much, much easier to hide than to put any part of myself out there.

    • Sarah,
      You have mastered the art of sublimation, my friend. Freud would be very proud. Of course, I love your work! I try and stay away from politics, too. I do go on rants now and again. I probably shouldn’t. Usually when I do, they’re sort of tongue-in-cheek, although, I’m not sure everyone reads them that way. *sigh* Also, my Dad would be horrified at most of what I write. He doesn’t read my posts, though, unless there’s something extra special that I want him to see. M


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