Sparkles Up the Asscrack

Hey everyone,

I just saw this commercial and thought — What a great way to get sparkles up your asscrack! Hopefully, they won’t itch, but you never know! Thank you Julia Roberts and Lancome. But, of course, this thought would have never come without Sarah!

And if ever there were wayward sparkles, y’all, then this is it.  I found this Glitter Butts article! Thank you Summer Arlexis!  Because OF COURSE there’s such a thing!

Butt Sparkle GIF - Butt Sparkle Glitter GIFs



Sparkle on, y’all!



8 thoughts on “Sparkles Up the Asscrack”

    • River,
      So glad I could be helpful. Just because that’s an area where the sun don’t shine, doesn’t mean it’s an area that can’t sparkle!

    • Suzanne,
      She does, doesn’t she? I love this time of year with all of the pretentious perfume/cologne commercials! Last year’s favorite, or was it the year before last year, was this commerical — because…”you are forever becoming who you are!” LMAO!!!!!!


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