New Discovery: Misheard Lyrics!

Okay, y’all! I was blogsurfing — that’s a thing, right? — and I came upon Freethinkers Anonymous (I know I’ve been on this blog before) and Christopher Waldrop had this discovery on one of his posts! So go check him out when you get a chance. But in the meantime —

Back in the day (the 1960’s), the song, “Louie, Louie” by The Kingsmen, was one of those songs that was so hard to understand that it was sometimes banned on the radio because, obviously, whatever the lyrics were had to be obscene/subversive. I mean, how could they not have been? According to legend and Wikipedia, the FBI led an investigation to find out whether this song was, indeed, obscene because — what else could the FBI possibly have to do during the fast-changing culture of American society other than to investigate musicians and their songs?

I must have been in tenth grade (fast forward to the early 1980’s) when somewhere, somehow I got a copy of the lyrics, which from my viewpoint, was like hoarding a rare treasure that unraveled a mystery to which few others were privy. Yea, I was weird like that then. I’m not weird like that anymore *me crossing my fingers behind my back and nodding “yes, yes I am.”*  Anyway, as if any of my stoner friends at the time really cared what the words to “Louie, Louie” were! WELL, I CARED, THAT’S WHO CARED! AND THAT’S WHY I’M NOT FRIENDS WITH MOST OF THESE PEOPLE TODAY! Their loss.

Of course, today we have the internet and so trivia and going nuts trying to remember something has lost its charm and has been replaced with a mere few keystrokes to find out — well, practically anything you want to know except maybe the formula for Dr. Pepper. And you know that some disgruntled employee is going to spill that secret all over the internet one of these days!

So today, my Wayward Friends, I give you one of the funniest things I’ve seen on YouTube lately (at least since yesterday) —

The Illustrated and Misheard Lyrics of “Louie, Louie.”



And these are the real lyrics, according to A-Z Lyrics:

“Louie Louie”
(originally by Richard Berry)

Louie, Louie, oh no, I said we gotta go
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I said
Louie, Louie, oh baby, I said we gotta goA fine little girl, she waits for me
Me catch a ship across the sea
Me sail that ship all alone
Me never think how I’ll make it homeLouie, Louie, no, no, no, no, no, I said we gotta go
Oh no, I said
Louie, Louie, oh baby, I said we gotta goThree nights and days I sail the sea
I think of girl constantly
On that ship, I dream she there
I smell the rose in her hairLouie, Louie, oh no, I said we gotta go
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I said
Louie, Louie, oh baby, I said we gotta goOkay, let’s give it to ’em, right now!Me see
Me see Jamaican moon above
It won’t be long me see me love
Me take her in my arms and then
I tell her I’ll never leave againLouie, Louie, oh no, I said we gotta go
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah I said
Louie, Louie, oh baby, I said we gotta goI said we gotta go nowLet’s get on outta here
Let’s go!

Because I know that my Wayward Friends care about these things! Apparently, and I don’t know this to be 100 percent true, but at 0:54 seconds-ish into the song, the drummer might have yelled “Fuck” in the background. I dunno. You be the judge. However, technically speaking — even if he did, this would still not be considered part of the lyrics. At least that’s my argument.

All I know is that you can’t have a drunken orgy or party (for those of us who do not like to undress around our friends) unless this song is blaring and everyone is singing it at the top of their lungs (at least the Louie, Louie part!) And what could be a more perfect way to end September and start Rocktober? So party all month long, my friends, but be safe and come up for air every so often.

Sing with me people!


Louie, Louie, Oh No, We gotta go now!


For my opera fans, Sarah from Fresh Hell shared another hysterical Misheard Lyrics and now I feel compelled to share it with y’all as well! Thanks, Sarah!

17 thoughts on “New Discovery: Misheard Lyrics!”

  1. Allen,
    Heeheehee! Not our fault that E.J. can’t sing without mumbling and stretching his words into misunderstood syllables! As to Stevie, under the right influence, she sounds like one of the female chipmunks! Or is that just me that hears that? Love them both, though! Mona

    • She sounds more like a goat to me…but “female chipmunk” is fair, I suppose. LOL Making fun of her hurts my heart, though, since I love Fleetwood Mac and her solo work. I’ve only gotten to see her live once–but it was amazeballs! I highly recommend everyone seeing her perform “Beauty and the Beast” live at least once!

  2. I’m a HUGE Stevie Nick’s fan and Fleetwood Mac fan! I guess I gave the wrong impression. I do apologize! Love Elton John, too! Never got to see FM or EJ perform live, but I’ve seen Stevie a couple of times back in the day! And you’re right, she’s amazing! BTW, I was in an altered state when I “heard” the trembling, chipmunk voice. So there’s that. Still love her and her music!

    • Ivor,
      Welcome to Wayward Sparkles! I’m so I’m glad you were amused and I hope you get to visit often. I know I truly enjoyed my visit to your site yesterday! For my Wayward Friends, Ivor is an amazing poet. I discovered his site yesterday and was rewarded by the the beautiful tribute he wrote about his father that was inspired by a painting. Please stop by and say hello at You’ll be glad you did!

  3. Bahaha, that’s the stupidest thing that we investigated Louie Louie. What dumb shit the FBI focuses on sometimes… especially during the 60’s. I wonder what dumb shit it’s focusing on now…? Probably cat memes.
    I love Those Were the Days! I mangled the hell out of it trying to sing it in public once. Heh.
    The misheard lyrics were great. Here’s another good one:

    • Oh my God, Sarah! That is funnier than Louie, Louie! Thanks for sharing. I immediately added it to my post above, courtesy of you! I think everyone is going to get a major kick out of it! Happy Rocktober or Blogtober to you! BTW, I wouldn’t be surprised about a cat meme investigation. You know cats — quite subversive — especially the quiet ones!

    • River,
      Anytime, my friend. Personally, my favorite part is the solo. That cracks me up every time! And “green chalk tastes like hippies” on “O Fortuna!” Heeeheeehee! Just passing on the love!

  4. I will never forget overhearing a small child sing “Blue” by Eiffel 65.

    The true lyrics go “I’m blue da ba dee da ba daa.”

    He sang, “I’m blue, if I was green I would die…”

    • Robbie,
      Yes! Excellent. I hear it — if I was green I would die! That sounds exactly like what he is saying! Thanks for this. I love it and catchy song!

  5. Two things: I have ALWAYS wanted to know the real words to Louie Louie but never thought to look them up. I remember the D.J. on the oldies station my car radio was stuck on when I was a teenager saying that no one knew what became of them and no one really would ever know the lyrics. He didn’t have an Internet back then, of course. Second thing: I love the misheard O Fortuna lyrics because what you posted up there went viral online about a week before I performed in Carmina Burana with our symphony five years ago, and it made it really damned difficult to sing the Germanic Latin instead of the words from the cartoon! Really. Hard.

  6. Lille,
    I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to try and sing those lyrics…of course, I don’t sing at all…so there’s that! Still…I can imagine. Also, glad I was able to provide trivial information that you always wanted…another check off the list. My work here is done for now. It’s always great hearing from you, my friend!


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