Just Call Me Ms. Magoo

Hey Y’all,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted and I’m taking a chance as I write this because I can’t really see what I’m writing. As some of you know, 2022 has been all about health issues for me and they continue. At the moment, I can’t see worth a damn. Seriously. Cataracts or some such silliness. You’d laugh if you were to see me try and function in any capacity. And I’m only 57. Go figure.

Other stuff’s been going on, too, but it’s hard to read or write when you can’t see words, so now you know why I haven’t been doing either. I’ve attempted to read a couple of blogs and other things, but I’m so nearsighted at this point and it hurts to try and figure out what the blurry mess I’m looking at actually says. Sigh. I’m so ready for this year to be over. Eye surgery awaits me sometime in early 2023. Fingers crossed. The sooner, the better. Anyway, that’s what’s going on if you’ve been wondering why I’m not voraciously scarfing down your blog posts. Trust me, I’m starving for them! I will look (see what I did there) forward to catching up with everyone once I can see again.

Until then, everyone stay healthy and happy and may peace, happiness and success follow you into 2023!


Mona aka Ms. Magoo

9 thoughts on “Just Call Me Ms. Magoo”

  1. Mona, welcome back (even if only briefly)! I pretty much had just started to follow your site when you took a break, but I am so looking forward to your return after the cataract issues get resolved. I had one removed a few years ago, so I get it. All the very best to you and yours. Take care, TTFN, Bruce

  2. I had no idea and wondered where you wandered off too. I know you’ll be relieved when this is all behind you and you can see. Have a nice Thanksgiving!

  3. Same, Mona, same. I gotta say tho I look better in the mirror without all those details. Take care. It’ll be over before you know it (the year and the surgery!)

  4. Wishing you happy holidays and successful eye surgery in the new year! So sorry you’re dealing with eyesight issues on top of everything else, Mona. Glad to see your sense of humor is intact.

    I “see” why you chose Ms Magoo as a moniker! I’d forgotten about Mr. Magoo, though now I remember his adventures in constant rotation during my Saturday morning TV cartoon fests as a child.

  5. Mona! I’d been wondering where you went. Glad to know you’re still around! I’ve been doing less blogging stuff for a while now due to life circumstances and I missed seeing your posts. Here’s to better eyesight for you in 2023. Hang in there and Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Here’s hoping things get better for you soon. I feel slightly guilty leaving a comment that you may not be able to read, but also optimistic that you will be able to read it soon. My father is about to have cataract surgery and the doctor made sure to tell him it’s the most common surgery in the US, and one of the most successful.
    And I look forward to reading you again.


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