Blind as a Bat but without Radar: An Update

I hope y’all can read this and that it makes sense because I can’t tell what I’m writing. Not even a little bit by squinting like I could two weeks ago  — difficult as that was.

There have been so many shenanigans going on that I’ve been itching to tell y’all about and there’s so much I wish I could know about how y’all are doing. I thought going through financial hardship was bad, but losing my ability to read or see anything has been isolating. I miss y’all!

Finally, fingers crossed, and please pray and think good thoughts and send good vibes my way because I need y’all, but if everything goes the way it should (and we’re not there yet!), I should have my first cataract surgery on March 20 and the second on April 10. I’m so hoping everything goes well so I can function again. I can’t even walk around the block by myself. Too dangerous because I can’t see what’s in front of me.

Anyway, I don’t know who will read this or whether everyone has just moved on (and I don’t blame you if you did) because my blog’s been cold and has cobwebs at this point. But as soon as humanly possible, I’ll be back up and running. I can’t wait to catch up with your blogs as well!

I hope 2023 is treating you well, so far, and that it’s a banner year for everyone!

See y’all when I can actually see again!



PS  Thanks, David, for helping me with this pist! Also, thanks, Lauren and Ryan for all y’all do! I love y’all so much!


35 thoughts on “Blind as a Bat but without Radar: An Update”

  1. Congratulations on getting set up for your cataract surgery! Fingers crossed everything goes well. Maybe someone will read this to you and let you know that of course, you still have readers (and I don’t mean glasses). Looking forward to getting you back to your version of normal!

    • Barbara,
      David’s helping me with this. Thanks for your sweet thoughts and support! Can’t wait to see again! Big hugs to you, Mona

  2. Well I hope David is there to read you my love letter. So nice to hear you are (otherwise) okay. I, too, am having cataract surgery, March 8 for me, this is my second, the first was a cinch and successful as I am sure yours will be, too.
    Love, Sherry your friend

    • Sherry,
      I’m so glad you’re getting your cataract surgery soon, too! (David read your and Barbara’s comments to me!) I miss you bunches! Glad to hear the first went well and I’m sure the second will be just as easy. I wish someone had told me to get my first eye done when it first went wonky. It didn’t occur to me that I’d run into as much difficulty as I’ve had after the second went. Now both eyes are really bad! Just can’t wait until things are back to some sense of normalcy–whatever that means! XOXO, Mona

  3. Hey Mona! Glad to get an update from you (or should I say about you?!). Best of luck on your surgeries. I can’t imagine how frustrating this has been for you. Look forward to seeing more posts from you when you’re all healed up 🙂

    • Rhonda, Hey Woman, How are you doing in the frigid North?!!! I can’t imagine how cold it is up there. Brr. I hope you continue to write and blog and your new home is keeping y’all cozy. We have so much to catch up on! If I could just see out of one eye, that would be awesome. So, as soon as my right eye is healed up enough to where I can see and read again, you can expect to hear from me, my friend. Then I think it will be David’s turn to deal with cataracts. His are starting to sneak up on him. However, he’s being amazing and helping me here! Stay warm and write, write, write! Big hugs, Mona

    • Gigi,
      I’m so glad to hear from you! I need a good dose of your sense of humor and so I can’t wait to catch up on your posts. I’m only what? Six months behind? I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I was thinking that you lived in South Carolina. If I’m wrong, I apologize, but that seems right for some reason, in which case, I don’t need to apologize. I only say this because South Carolina’s certainly been in the news lately. Also, a good friend of my daughter has recently moved there! Anyway, thanks for sending me good vibes, my friend! Bunches of hugs, Mona

      • You’re close Mona; I live in North Carolina. SC has been in the news? I have limited how much news I take in these days to keep my head from exploding.

        • Gigi, Oops! Sorry about getting that wrong. Yes, over the last several months, I’ve heard about a train derailment, A Chinese spy balloon shot down off the coast and something else. Huh, can’t think of what at the moment. Oh, I know, the Murdaugh murder trial. So, yep, that seems like a lot to me. Conversely, I haven’t heard nearly as much (if any) about shenanigans going on in NC. Also, my daughter’s friend just moved to SC too! 🙂

    • Noel,
      Thanks for your well wishes! I don’t know if you have a drink now and then, but I’ll drink to what you wrote! Hope 2023 is treating you well, my friend! Hugs, Mona

    • Roger,
      As soon as I can see, you can just refer to me as Speedy! Thanks for your good thoughts, my friend! Hope all is well in your world! Don’t you have a grandchild now? Can’t wait to hear all about it! Hugs, Mona

        • Roger, I love the name Anderson! Wow, already two months old? I bet you are a proud — well, what is he going to refer to you as? Grandpa? Gramps? Old fart? (Just kidding about the last name!) Can’t wait to hear more about him.

          • Still trying to figure out what he’ll call me – was hoping for something he would call me, but I’m happy with anything – even Pappy…LOL (I thought I already replied to this.)

  4. Mona, I hope it goes well and I look forward to seeing more from you afterwards. I’m sorry it’s been isolating and also an additional thanks to David for being so helpful. Y’all rock!

    • Christopher,
      I can’t even imagine how far behind I am on reading your posts, my friend! Fifty, a hundred by now? Either way, I look forward to some interesting reading whenever I can see again! I may have to reserve an entire weekend just for catching up with your writings! I can’t wait! Thanks for thinking of David, too! I would be utterly lost without him in more ways than anyone could possibly know! And you rock, too, Chris! A great big hug to you, Mona

  5. Hang in there, Mona! Cataract surgery should return you to the world–and to us!

    Best wishes for two perfect surgeries and speedy, complete recoveries–though one of my friends noted after her cataract surgery that she was appalled by all her wrinkles when she looked in the mirror. So there’s that…


    • Oh my gosh, Annie!
      It’s so good to hear from you! Thanks so much for your well wishes, my friend! Now you have me worried about what I’m going to find in the mirror when I can see again! Yikes! I haven’t been able to see my face in months now! That may be a future blog post! A huge hug to you, Mona

  6. Hi Mona! I’m so sorry you are struggling with your eyeballs. Apparently, I’m developing cataracts already, but I’ve got a long way to go until they are problematic…I think. Thank god for technology and that thing they do to remove them. I’m happy that you are already booked in for surgery and will have your sight restored shortly! I hope the surgeries go well and you are entertaining us with your stories again soon. Take care, my friend. Sending lots of love and hugs. xo

    • Tanya,
      My friend Donna has set something up for me so I can talk and it writes. So I’m experimenting with you 1st what did I do did I do something wrong OK.
      Nice though

      (Donna is taking over now because Mona can’t see to see if the spoken word is coming out correctly.)
      Thanks for all your good thoughts and it’s great to hear from you. . Just saying from experience, don’t wait too long to get your cataracts taken care of period. Hope to read your blog soon.
      Hugs from Mona

    • LA,
      You are someone else who I will have to reserve 2 or 3 days to catch up with your blog. Thanks so much for your well wishes it’s so good to hear from you.
      XOXO, Mona

  7. Oh my goodness. I can’t imagine that feeling of not seeing. Bless your heart!
    Praying all goes well and you will be back to your old self soon. Keep us updated when you can.

    • Suze,
      I didn’t realize how bad it wasn’t till you blessed my heart.
      Seriously it’s great to hear from you and I hope the next time you hear from me I will have at least one I done.
      Big hugs,

  8. Oh, my. Apparently my blog also has cobwebs and I am so behind on reading the blogs I follow. Good luck on your cataract surgery. My eyes are getting bad so I can understand how you must feel. Eventually, I’ll be blind as a bat, too. :/

  9. Mona, there you are! So happy to see a post from you this morning. I am also happy to hear the schedule is in place for getting that eyesight of yours back. I had cataract surgery on one eye several years ago. While I was considered young for it at that time, the cataract decided to settle dead center on my eye so out it had to come. It went perfectly, and I was amazed as to how much difference it made. I hope your 2023 has gone well in spite of the vision issues. Nice to hear from you, and the best of luck as surgery #1 approaches!

    • Bruce,
      Yes, I’ve heard the same thing about how cataracts have hit me early. There is so much to write about and if something could go wrong, it has regarding trying to get surgery. Hey, though, I’d rather things go awry prior to getting surgery rather than during or after. So there’s that! Glad to hear your surgery went well and thanks for the well wishes, my friend! I’m counting the days down. It’s amazing how much I rely on my eyes and how much I’m having to rely on others now that my sight has been sorely compromised. Even now, my daughter Lauren is helping me reply to you! As well as my son, Ryan! (Don’t know what happened to Lauren. She was here a minute ago!) Ah well! This has become my life! Hugs, Mona

  10. Deb,
    Get your eyes taken care of ASAP. Consider me a PSA. So good to hear from you, can’t wait to read more of your Friday funnies.
    Hugs, Mona

    • Thanks, Anonymous, for your encouraging words! Today, we’re at risk for severe weather, so we’re hoping at my house just to get through to the flipside of that unscathed! I can’t wait to start blogging again in all of its various forms, too! Glad I have your support! Hugs, Mona

  11. Get well, lovely! I miss your humor. I’m very sorry you’ve gone sort of blind. On the plus side… hm… you can’t see your wrinkles? Haha.
    Great big hugs to you and your faulty eyeballs. Take full advantage of this to make everyone do shit for you. I hope the surgery goes (went?) flawlessly and you wake up NOT surrounded by pig people. (Twilight Zone reference… I thought you might get that one. If not. well, just imagine something great, you’re a writer.)
    Get well soon!!!! <3

    • SARAH!!!!!!!!

      Thanks for the encouragement, my friend. At present, I can see out of my right eye and it’s marvelous to be able to see again; though, I’m suffering from the effects of the anesthesia. I was promised a sense of feeling drunk. Puh-leeze! I didn’t get any of the feeling drunk, but tons of the hangover. Bad nausea yesterday; something more vile today. Also, my right eye is still dilated from yesterday. It’s kind of weird to see a small black hole in my left eye and a much bigger black hole in my right. Hell, it’s weird to be able to see my face again! Also, I’m not allowed to bend down and pick stuff up for an entire week! I never knew just how klutzy I was until now! Apparently, my purse is too heavy to carry either. *sigh*

      Today’s Ry’s birthday and, unfortunately, I’m stuck at home while he’s off at an event eating cupcakes. I want one sooooo badly, but I’m afraid of what it might do to me in my unstable condition. Even so, he’s disappointed I couldn’t be there and that I’ll miss going out to dinner with him. I will make it up to him, though, as soon as I’m able. I’m thinking of taking him to the fried pie place in Gainesville, Texas, which is a bit of a trek, but also an adventure and, hopefully, fingers crossed, still worth it. Nobody makes fried pies better imho and we haven’t been there since before the pandemic started. Ry told me that the place changed hands and it’s called something else now, but they still make the pies. So, we’ll see.

      Thankfully, I’m neither surrounded by piggy people nor have I turned into one myself, though, I’m a bit swollen on the right side of my face. AND AT THE MOMENT, I’M STARVING!!!!! So there’s that. Anyway, it was wonderful hearing from you. Sorry, I’m so late in getting back with you, but people in this house got busy and with my not being able to see and all…and, today, I finally got to read what you wrote. So, yay! Also, in a week, this house is getting cleaned from top to bottom! Because now I can see…and my house is completely unacceptable at present. OH MY GOD! IT’S BECOME A PIG STY! Maybe I am surrounded by pig people! Before then, hopefully, I’ll get a new post out. Haven’t a clue what to write about. I have too much to say and now that I can see again, I don’t know where to begin! Much love, Mona


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