Evil Eye

I spy

Your evil eye

Twisted perspective

Uncertain gaze

I spy

With my little eye

the wrath that reflects

Back in the haze

Searching for its evil twin

Its constant search

Out in the air

it stops and stares

And constantly dares

Oh look,

I think its search has



It’s found its twin

Looking at me

Looking within


12 thoughts on “Evil Eye”

  1. Very impressive, Mona. I don’t recall you doing poetry in the past. You’ve been holding back from the memoir group I think. You remind us that there is good and evil in everyone. It would be best if I would look in the mirror more deeply, and often, to question if — I could be kinder, more empathetic and understanding of my friends and family.
    Nice piece, Mona.

    • Thanks bunches, Sheila. Yep, every once in awhile, a poem tumbles out of me. This one came out very suddenly and unexpectedly. And it actually has a story and inspiration behind it, which is probably why it was easy to write. But hey, if it spoke to you in the way that it did, that is high praise indeed! Mona

  2. Super. Isn’t it true that the best place to look for what we need to fix is in the mirror? There’s so much we can’t change, but so much we can. Keep going with this kind of stuff, Mona. Well done.

    • Patricia,
      What would I do without you? You always make me smile! Thank you for your kind words, my friend! Mona

    • Kim, It makes me wonder who you spy as well! LOL. Whomever you’re spying on, I hope to read about it on your blog! Thanks, my friend! Mona

  3. I’m not into poetry. I haven’t said that out loud or even written that ever before. So anyway, despite that, I think this was cool. Unexpected, but cool nonetheless.

  4. A little pressure since you expected me to be able to get this in the spirit in which it was written.
    To me it sounds like you’ve found another evil friend, and we recognize the evil in one another (oops did I just identify as the evil friend?)… And it’s wonderful. And I bet both of those evil eyes are growing evil cysts. And that’s less wonderful for the eyes, but for the cysts, it’s evil love at first sight!
    Whatever you intended to write, I love my interpretation of it and am deeply moved! Heehee. It is a really cool poem though. I’m very happy about it. What else can you do???

    • Sarah,
      Nailed it! How’s your eye, btw? Better, I hope! What do you mean what else can I do? Poetry-wise? Most people don’t like my poetry much. I do have a few pieces out there on this blog. Cog is one –serious. Buddy’s Farts is another–not so serious. There’s one about our cat Birdie, too. Forget what that’s called. I love your poetry and stories. That last untitled story you wrote will stay with me. If I won the lottery, I’d want to find both the mother and son…oh, wait…they’re fictional, I guess. Mona

      • I really enjoy your poetry! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your poetry, I think you’ve just built a different audience more oriented towards humor and blog-style writing, so they go walleyed when a poem happens to them.
        I just meant, you’ve got lots of talents! It’s so fun to see the things you come up with. Pretty sure you’re good at everything. A more fun question is, what are you bad at?

        • Sarah,
          Oh, you make me giggle! Let me get you in touch with my family and they can give you the low down. But thank you for the kind thought and I’m so glad you like my poem! Also, since you’re one of the masters of writing (don’t pretend any differently, no one will believe you), I feel very honored! 🙂 Mona


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