David’s Face: Late Summer 2019 Edition

*graphic photo of a stitched up nose to follow*

As if he couldn’t get any BAMF-ier than he already is, my beloved husband just can’t seem to stay off my blog. Here he is with his late summer 2019 look.

Yep, David had another basal cell carcinoma removed about a week ago. The stitches came out today and other than the fact that one side of his nose is drooping a bit lower than the other side — well hell, “asymmetrical” is quite fashionable this late summer, is it not?

Basal cell carcinoma on nose and precancerous area on cheek.

The cancer appeared on his nose this time and, again, the plastic surgeon had to step in to sew things up once the cancer was excised by the first surgeon. The first surgeon only had to go back and cut twice instead of having to excise five times, which was necessary two years ago, before all edges around the area were declared “clear.” So, yay, for that! Alas, the red spot on his cheek is pre-cancerous. In late August, we have to go back to the dermatologist so they can freeze this area so, hopefully, it won’t become a full-blown cancer.

After excision of basal cell carcinoma by first surgeon.

By the way, David greeted me in the recovery room after the plastic surgery by telling me that the surgeon had to use skin from his ass cheek to repair his nose! I said, “Well, I bet that just chaps your ass, doesn’t it!” But then it turned out that he was just kidding. He’s a riot, that one! So I guess his surgery went well and it was literally “no skin off his ass, even if it was skin off his nose!” HA HA HA!

In the recovery room after plastic surgeon stitched up the side of his nose.

Anyway, with this surgery, we were prepared for what was in store for him this time around. We coordinated with the different doctors and everything! Is it sad or what that we’ve become so accustomed to David having to get his face cut up and sewn back together that we now know what to do and how to handle it like pros? There are some things you just never want to get good at and yet — here we are!

The better news is that this carcinoma is gone and David’s recovering nicely! He even got the green light from the plastic surgeon to go out and play golf if he wants…in 100 degree heat.

David, my Love, has getting your face cut up and sewn back together again (several times now) not taught you anything about staying out of the stupid Texas sun, especially in August, for Chrissakes?!!!!

No. The answer is no, David. I don’t care what the doctor told you. Not in 95 degree heat either. Not even with sunblock. And a wide-brimmed hat. Not even with Gatorade in hand and a bunch of minions holding umbrellas all around you. Just NO. This is chillax indoors weather until further notice!

Thank God we have more episodes of Downton Abbey to watch. Hopefully, by the time we’re done with those, the new season of Jack Ryan will air.


Just a reminder to everyoneplease don’t skimp on the sunblock — or better yet — consider staying out of the sun altogether — because skin cancer caused by sun damage that happened years or even several decades earlier (as my husband’s discovered) is no fun and no joke. Unfortunately, we suspect that he’s in for more of these “cut out and sew up” sessions as time passes. We are thankful, however, that he hasn’t had to deal with melanoma. (Knock on wood!)

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough frozen margaritas; but I hope y’all continue to have hot fun in the summertime, anyway!




16 thoughts on “David’s Face: Late Summer 2019 Edition”

  1. I haven’t thought of Sly and the Family Stone in years, so thank you. I recently found your blog so I don’t know the backstory of David’s doctor visits, but I’m a sunblock junkie and take your advice to heart every day. Glad your husband is all good now, but… ick.

    • Hey Ally,
      Welcome to Wayward Sparkles! Thanks for your kind words…they are so much more than just an “I believe you,” so I feel special. LOL. As you can probably tell, I’ve been enjoying your blog for a little while! Also, as far as PSA’s go, I don’t think it was too icky. Sorry if you thought so. Mona

  2. I fear this is lurking in my future as I’ve always been a suntan junkie. I do use high SPF sunblock and limit my hours, but vanity and the fact that I look like a dying ghost without a tan keep me going back. Glad your husband sailed through his procedure. But ugh, Texas August heat? Even I wouldn’t go out in that!

    • Hey River,
      I’m so glad to hear you’re using a high SPF sunblock. Also, David is very fair-skinned with blue-eyes and blonde hair aka burns easily, so maybe you won’t have the same problems he’s encountered. Do you remember the Bain De Soleil commercials? God, I always wanted one of those tans when I was young! Anyway, I just got finished looking at a commercial from 1983, and they had tanning lotions with SPF as high as 15. Can you imagine?

      Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I was showing off your garden to friends of mine over the weekend since I have none (a garden, that is!) My friend just bought a house with 2 acres and she loves to garden. Anyway, she loved the pics of your flowers and all the animals. Then she said something like, “Maine? Well of course you have a lovely garden in Maine because it doesn’t get hot up there like it gets down here.” And I said, “Yeah, but I understand it gets pretty cold in the winters! So there’s that!” And she didn’t have a comeback to that…sooo…we changed the subject and the point is…when someone brings up gardening, I immediately think of you and yours! You do have a lovely garden and I know I appreciate it! Mona

  3. Glad David’s surgery went well. Having also gone under the knife this year I understand the anxiety. Mine was a melanoma. You’re always a little scared that the skin cancer will morph into something worse — even though they tell you there’s not much chance of it happening. I hate putting on screen, but I’m doing it. Hopefully David and I can stay away from the surgeons going forward.

  4. Welcome home, Sheila! I remember when you had surgery and I’m glad you and David came through your respective ordeals with flying colors! Both of you are fair-complected and so you’re more susceptible to the sun’s damaging rays, I suppose! Anyway, I hope you had a blast overseas and I’m glad you’re home! I’ve missed you! We need to catch up soon! 😎

    • Sarah,
      If you’re seeing his face starting to disappear, that’s only because he is part Cheshire Cat — but only a few will ever notice this because you have to be quite magical in order to tell. Congratulations! Mona

  5. My mom had melanoma on her leg many years ago and has had a grafted crater on top of her thigh that’s about 7″ across ever since. Not the end of the world because they did get it all, but skin cancer is no joke. Thanks for the reminder. All the best to you both! I am hopeful that my package arrived in time to give you both a bit of something fun as throughout that process. Smiles, hope and hugs, Patricia

    • I’m so glad they were able to catch it in time, Patricia! If you read the earlier comments, my friend Sheila also encountered the dreaded M. I always love your input and you always put a smile on my face. Hugs back to you, my friend! ~ Mona

  6. What a handsome guy… and damn funny! You two are a riot! Well, at least you two got this shit down. Bummer it has to be how to get cut up and recover… but hey! To each their own! I’m with you, Mona. “No, David.”😊💫

    • He’s itching to get back out there and has a touch of cabin fever, but he’ll be just fine until the weather cools down about ten degrees. Then he can play all he wants as long as he has a bunch of sunblock and a hat!

  7. Okay, so call me a weirdo, but I’m starting my commentary before I read the entire post. First off-glad you are back! I had this image in my head of you being absent from my personal blogosphere for weeks after the last post. Whew! Second off-what the hell is the acronym BAMF? I surely ought to know this, but honestly I have no clue. Thirdly, I appreciate the commentary about “assymetrical” but I seriously could never pull off an “assymetrical” hairdo, but some people can. And I give them kudos. Fourthly, kudos to your husband for allowing you to post his face on your blog. Way to be supportive, dude! And of course I pray that this whole skin cancer thing gets nipped in the bud right quick for him. Cancer sucks!! It’s affected my loved ones too and we need to put our money (not just thoughts and prayers) toward curing this shit once and for all, right?! Fifthly, golfing in 100 degree heat?! Listen to your wife, David! God, Mona, I love your placement of songs with your blog posts. Perfection! Please do yourself a favor and check out Sly and the Family Stone’s rendition of “Que Sera Sera”. It knocks my socks off whenever I hear it!

    • Hey Rhonda,
      Thanks for welcoming me back to civilized society, you “weirdo,” you! You make me giggle! Every once in awhile I’ll get into a bizarre/sad frame of mind (no real rhyme or reason), but it is what it is. This one came from out of the blue, making me blue, and it really knocked me for a loop for a couple of weeks. Apparently, a lot of people I know were also experiencing this sense of not feeling right, too…soooo, who knows. Something in the air? I mean this happened right before the mass shootings, so maybe there was an evil ripple in the “Force” that many felt? I don’t know how these things work. That’s my guess, anyway. Anyway, once my mood “breaks,” I shake it off and keep moving forward. Of course, I never know how long that’s going to be. And since it just wasn’t going away after a day or two and it was impacting my sociability, I figured I’d give people the heads up. Weird thing about that was a few days later, I was flipping TV stations, because I was just damned restless, and I came upon American Masters (I never watch that, so why I checked it out is beyond me, but it was a documentary entitled “Janis Joplin: Little Girl Blue.” Before the end of the film, I had myself a good cry. I don’t even know how to describe these weird, little coincidences without sounding like a total nutcase. So if I’m a nutcase, then so be it. Not proud. Just perplexed and a little awestruck about these things in life. Okay, I’ll stop with that now. So you don’t know what a BAMF is, huh? Okay, since you asked, it stands for Bad Ass Mother Fucker. BAMF. Now you know. David has the scars to prove he is. Also, I think he secretly enjoys my referring to him as a BAMF. As to asymmetrical, the doctor suggested that his nose may tighten/pull up a little bit more over time so that it’s not quite so lopsided; but whatever happens is fine. I don’t care. I’ll take him however he comes! Also, David’s not completely averse to using what he’s going through as a way to get the word out about the effects of sun damage. I mean, since he’s already a walking PSA. Yea, the big “C” sucks the big one. I’m so sorry that cancer has impacted your loved ones, too. It seems that with all the advancements that are made, we are still dealing with just really scary shit, anyway! *sigh* Also, David will survive summer cabin fever. We only have about another week or two of the really hardcore 100 degree weather and then it will start cooling down considerably. There was once a time when he could go out and play 72 holes over two days in this kind of brutal heat…so yeah, there’s a reason why he’s dealing with what he’s dealing with now. Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying the music. When I write a blog, often I’ll notice a song in the back of my mind that will just show up and so I’ll end up humming it and the next thing you know…it’s on my blog. That’s how that works. Only once have I not put in music when it was insistent in my head. It was when I was writing Cystifus and the song, “These boots were made for walking” kept playing in my head, so annoying…only the words in my head kept coming out, “These zits were made for popping…” You can figure out how the rest of how that would go when substituting boots with zits and walking with popping. LOL. Anyway, I grossed so many people out with just the blog itself, I figured I’d better just skip the song. Because I practice restraint. Even without the music, and with the protest of so many about the content of Cystifus, it is still one of my top-ranking posts that people check out. Go figure. Anyway, I’m excited about listening to Sly&TFS’s rendition of “Que Sera Sera!” Thanks, Rhonda! Can’t wait to hear it! You’re the best! Mona

  8. BAMF! Love it. Also love “these boots (zits) are made for walking (popping)”! I get songs in my head too. Glad to know I’m not the only one! A recent one is when I find dog treats in my pockets…I find myself hearing “I got dog treats in my pocket, going jingle-linga-ling”, which I think was a Dwight Yoakum song about having change in his pocket?! Hope you enjoy “Que Sera Sera” as much as I do! I think it ought to be featured in a cool Netflix show, maybe “Russian Doll” if it comes back for another season. Cheers!

    • Rhonda,
      YESSS! I loved Sly &TFS’s version! Wow! And Georgia Satellites’ “Keep Your Hands to Yourself!” Excellent song for dog treats! Oooh, what is “Russian Doll” about? I’m not sure we have Netflix. David is in charge of what we watch. I know we use Amazon Prime. I’d like Netflix. But what I’d like and what we have isn’t always the same thing. Not that I’m complaining at all cuz I love Amazon Prime. So there you are. Also, I’m reading Amy Schumer’s book that you recommended right now and loving it! Thanks so much!


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