Music has been a part of my life since before I can remember. The Blues. Soul. Gospel. Rock and Roll. Country. Folk. Classical. Bluegrass. Pop. You name it. I love it. The irony is that I can’t sing and I can’t play any instruments. But make no mistake, music is in my soul. And before I knew Janis, before I knew Led Zeppelin, before I knew so many who are a part of my daily existence, there were the Beatles and then there was —

Aretha Franklin!

Call her the Queen of Soul. Call her a Diva. Or call her the One and Only! The angels are rejoicing in heaven right now. Down here, we’ve been expecting this sad news and I just now got the word that Aretha Franklin has passed. I’ve stopped what I was doing to write this post. Work will wait for a moment.

For any woman out there who is going through self-esteem issues, for anyone out there who needs to work on getting a little more attitude, a little more sass to meet whatever b.s. that comes to them this day and the next and the next (for my friends who Believe — and I am one — God first! Yes!) But then put on one of God’s most gifted and talented singers and get yourself a little


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I am so jealous right now. I know my mom is first in line to greet Aretha as she is heralded through the Pearly Gates! Well, maybe God and Jesus are first in line. But then Mom! And you know the line up there is long as all are waiting for their chance to greet Aretha.

You know there’s going to be an amazing concert tonight — BB King is going to be there, Muddy Waters, Otis Redding, Janis Joplin, Bobby Blue Bland, Etta James, Wilson Pickett, Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thornton, Sam Cooke, James Brown, Stevie Ray Vaughan and too many others to count are going to be at the hottest ticket in heaven!  Don’t you know that the Queen of Soul is going to give the most amazing performance!

May peace and joy and all God’s blessings continue to be yours, Aretha! We celebrate your life and your gift!

Thank you!







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    • And “Think” and her version of “Natural Woman.” But when I think of Aretha, I immediately think of “Respect.”

  1. Respect will always be one of my theme songs. Being raised by a feminist, I couldn’t help but gravitate to that song from a young age!


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