Buddy’s Farts — (if only the last part were true)

There once was a dog

who farted so hard

It really startled him bad

He jumped in the air

Like a cat with a scare

And everyone thought he was mad


‘Til they smelled his aroma

Fell into a coma

Until the odor passed

They decided right then

That his farts were a sin

As they put on gas masks


Beans weren’t allowed

Especially in crowds

He was given chicken and rice

Vegetables and such

Had mixed results

Eating meat was like

Throwing the dice


Then one day he farted

And no one departed

And everyone sniffed the air

The scent was of flowers

Like scented rain showers

Buddy’s farts were pure and fair


So this silly, little ditty was inspired by Buddy, my dad’s dog, who we are currently taking care of — and I also seem to be channeling the mischievous spirit of the nine-year-old boy within my daughter. I hope you are amused. If not, look on the bright side, at least you don’t have to smell Buddy’s farts! 🙂



14 thoughts on “Buddy’s Farts — (if only the last part were true)”

  1. I’m in a coffee shop right at this moment laughing my head off! Dog fartes are truly vomit inducing. My labrador has a problem with this but the cats have got used to it, bless them. I haven’t though 😲

    • Pip,
      I’m so glad this gave you a chuckle today! I agree with you — dog farts are the worst! Still, Buddy’s unbridled love, enthusiasm and sweet disposition make putting up with his “silent but deadlies” bearable! Well, sort of.

    • Thanks, Sarah, I’m glad you enjoyed it — and welcome to my blog! I’m looking forward to reading more from yours today. To my Wayward Friends, Sarah has an amazing gift with words with a distinctive voice and writes an amazing story! Poetry! Drawings! Your life will be enhanced! Please check her out at Fresh Hell!

    • Jan,
      Dairy? Really?!!! That’s either a genius idea or a really bad and potentially stinky one! Let me work up the courage to give this a try! Any brand you recommend? Do they make lactose-free yogurt? This is just crazy enough that it might work!

    • Kat,
      I wholeheartedly agree with you! If there is someone out there in the world who can make all farts smell like flowers, you are destined for riches beyond measure and greatness as well! Because you truly would be making the world a better place! I would definitely pay real money for that!

  2. As long as you don’t blame your farts on the dog, it’s all good.
    My late uncle used to do that. He’d let one rip and then look down at (Spot, Rover, Duke) and tell his wife to stop feeding the dog beans.
    Every. Single. Time.


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