GDPR aka Gosh Darn Picnic Rumor … or Something Like That!


Okay. As I was struggling to understand the ins and outs of Google Calendar last week, this GDPR thing snuck right up on me and hit me squarely between the eyes. Don’t ask me what exactly it is or what it means or what I’m supposed to do about it or with it. I’ve gotten some messages that suggest I should do something to make sure I’m in compliance. Then I got a message from my Slimstat plugin or app or whatever the hell Slimstat is that said — in essence — that unlike some of the other apps or plugin services that do essentially the same thing as Slimstat but aren’t Slimstat— with regards to GDPR, I’m/we’re good! I’ll leave that to your interpretation, but that works for me! And thanks Slimstat for making my life that much easier and doing whatever it is that you do.

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I know that GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and it’s meant to protect you, the consumer. At least I think that’s what it means. Protection is a good thing. I’m all about protection. Stay protected, my friends! However, I think that maybe GDPR applies more to sites that actually sell stuff or have advertisers or work with clandestine governments — I don’t know — just guessing here; but as of this moment, I don’t do any of that. Maybe I never will. Or maybe one day I’ll figure out that I should make money with my site and figure out how to do this in an ethical and legal manner. But that is not today. Today, I have nothing to sell.

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Also, no one’s approached me and said, “Hey, you don’t mind if we use information from your site so we can, I dunno, use psychological ploys to control your readers without their knowing about it, do you?” Because if they did, I’d tell them in no-uncertain-terms just exactly what I think — that they’re nothing but slimy, low-life motherfuckers and don’t ever contact me again because I will have nothing to do with sonsofbitches like they are! And that would just be my “nice” way of saying “I don’t think so!”

As it is, I don’t even know what I’m looking at half of the time whenever any kind of data comes up on my dashboard. I certainly have no interest in sharing it. I do like looking up the little flags that pop up on my dashboard. That’s fun and educational! However, I’m not looking to make money from advertisers. It’s just me and sometimes my go-to guy, Tony, who works on websites for a living and helps me keep this site up and running because y’all know how not-tech oriented I am. So you knew that there had to be Tony or someone like a Tony helping me, right? And Tony is all right in my book! This is his livelihood and he has an ethical reputation to maintain.

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I look at this stuff and my eyes glaze over.


I know, I’m a lousy businesswoman for not utilizing my site to sell, sell, sell! Also, I’m certainly not using my site to try and trick or scam anyone and a pox upon those unscrupulous beings who do that kind of thing on other sites! I hate when stuff like that happens to me, so I sure as hell wouldn’t do that to anyone else! Also, if I have any kind of cookies —and I don’t believe I do — I probably only have the kind that I enjoy eating with a cold glass of milk. (Note to self: add cookies to my grocery list today!) Also, I spent money a few months back to make sure my site was “secure” because I didn’t want my readers to feel “insecure” when they stopped by on my site for a visit. So I hope that was money well spent and all my readers now feel secure if they hadn’t before.

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The “s” stands for secure.

All I want is to write, share my writings with those of like mind, and have y’all share back with me. Is that too much to ask?

Still, I’m going to give Tony a call this week. As I said above, he is my blog site guru who handles site issues that I haven’t a foggiest about. He makes sure I’m in compliance and up-to-date and that my site actually runs, etc. Because I so don’t want to have the European Union fine me or ban my site across the ocean or do something else that might make my life more difficult than it already is just because I didn’t follow up on this stuff. I’ll update y’all when I hear back from Tony.


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In the meantime, I thought I’d bring this up so you know that I’m not compromising your safety or your data or privacy or trying to go rogue or do anything illegal. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun. I’m all about wanting to have fun! Especially since it is essentially summer now and June is going full blast! It’s time for picnics, barbecues, swimming, travel, vacations and weddings and all sorts of other good stuff — at least that’s the rumor. It is not the time, it’s never the time, to mess people around.

So, Wayward Friends, keep safe and have lots of fun this summer and please feel free to share with me all of the fun, crazy or amazing shenanigans you’re up to! I promise I won’t do whatever GDPR says I’m not supposed to do.

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And if you do get into trouble this summer, make sure that whatever you get yourself into is well worth it!



6 thoughts on “GDPR aka Gosh Darn Picnic Rumor … or Something Like That!”

  1. Right? And I just noticed that Akismet has its own GDPR explanation — so, since I use Akismet (I just realized), it may have made a liar out of me! Not sure about anything anymore!

  2. I’ve seen the notice on other blogs, and if they ask me to check stuff off, I do. I have no idea what it is, don’t much care, and have no way of knowing if the Blog Police are watching or not. If they want me, I’m right there, pleading stupidity and smiling beguilingly.

  3. Judy,

    If they come after me, can I hire you to represent my standing on this matter? I think you’ve got a great strategy in place! 😉


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