Mountain Cedar, My Old Foe!


Mountain cedar pollen is back. If you’re as allergic as I am, you’ll understand why my entire body and head feels like it’s going to explode due to  the sinus pressure/pain. Also, fog has settled into the crevices of my brain.

That may explain why I’ve written some weird things this past week. I’m mis-writing left and write. I mean right. See what I mean. It’s a little scary to re-read a comment and realize the horrendous errors after the fact. For instance, on one person’s blog, I wrote the word “plow” when I clearly meant “ply.” But ya know, I feel kind of plowed under,  so maybe I didn’t mis-write.


Also, I heard from a blogger who let me know that she can’t comment on any of my posts. Apparently, there’s no comment button that comes up on her end. I wonder how many others can’t comment? If that’s happening to you, I want you to know that it’s a glitch and I haven’t blocked you or put you in the spam corner. Whether I can get that fixed or not anytime soon, remains to be seen; but I wanted to address the issue.


This has just been one more crazy week out of so many crazy weeks, right? The Capitol Debacle on Wednesday, huh? *shaking my head* That’s as close as I’m going to get to any political commentary, here. There’s a bunch of others who have and will continue to write about that with much more aplomb than I. Also, reading, watching and listening about that right now, as important as it is, is doing nothing to alleviate the sinus pressure/pain that is coursing through my body and head. I can only handle so much at any given time.


I’m a little better today; though, I gotta say, it scared me yesterday when I took to bed in the afternoon. My head was pounding, even after Advil; and I had to cover my eyes because the light coming through our windows on a cloudy afternoon was so intense that I couldn’t stand it. I literally pulled blankets over my head so it would be dark.

Given the circumstances, how could I not think — Is this it? Did I contract Covid when I bought groceries and presents right before Christmas and now the incubation period is over and I’ve got it? Is this how it’s going to start for me?

Hopefully, that’s just my ridiculous neuroticism trying to scare the bejeezus out of me. Besides, I’ve done the sinus infection thing every year for decades. There’s no reason to think that just because I’m isolating (mostly), I’m not vulnerable to allergies and sinus infections; especially when our house is as drafty as it is.

Listen, I know I’m whining, but sometimes we’ve got to do that to get it out of systems, right? Even so, I’m grateful, as well.


Right now —

  • I’m grateful Christmas is put away.
  • Episodes of Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Table are out and I’m watching several over the weekend.
  • I’m super glad I don’t have hives, which used to accompany the mountain cedar.
  • Also, here’s hoping the weather forecasters have it right and it snows and accumulates on the grass this coming Sunday. We rarely get snow where I live in Texas.
  • I also continue to be grateful for family and friends!

Are you doing anything fun or something you’re looking forward to this weekend? I’d love to hear about it!

To end on a high note, I’ll leave this for you! Have a great weekend and stay safe, everyone. I have high hopes, I’ll see you back on Monday!



5 thoughts on “Mountain Cedar, My Old Foe!”

  1. There has been one blog where I haven’t been able to comment in AGES. Finally, a light bulb went off – I tried a different browser and was met with success. Maybe suggest that? I have a reader who was having the same issue with my blog – I suggested that but haven’t posted anything new – so no idea if it will work for her. It’s so frustrating.

    • Gigi,
      That’s an excellent idea! Thanks, I’ll pass that on! And you’re right, it’s very frustrating! Mona

  2. It’s cold here and all our allergy-makers take the winter off. Thank goodness. I heard from The Blogess that you might have snow???
    Also, I like the snot gif.

    • Sherry,
      I’m writing about snow in my next post. I’m glad you don’t have to deal with allergens in the winter. They’re no fun! Mona


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