Big Girl Panties

Sorry this is late.

Allergies have arrived so, it must be fall, and well, at least I’m up today. Yesterday, I barely made it out of bed. I’d get up for a little while and go, “Nope. I just can’t right now,” and end up back in bed. Couldn’t really sleep, but couldn’t really do anything productive either because … exhaustion. Thank God for Ancient Aliens on Mondays! Not that I actually watched it. I more or less listened to it. Also, the weather guy promises we’re going to get much needed rain — we’re desperate, y’all. That’s supposed to arrive sometime on Wednesday, so, I think I’m feeling the pressure change from that today. All I know is that even on Claritin, I’m having to breathe out of my nose, my eyes are puffy and raw, my left ear has liquid in it and everything hurts. Good times.

But at least I’m up and at my computer.

Remember when I said I might have to re-think about a hundred pages of my story, but hopefully, I could fix it?

Well, the deal is my conscience is bothering me because I’ve focused on some things — okay, some people —  as I sometimes do and what I’ve written isn’t very kind. So, I’ve been trying to make it less, “Oh, my God! I can’t believe you wrote that about this person,” to more, “Yeah, that’s nothing. You should see what goes on in my family.” So, I’m trying to make it more resonate, maybe?

My daughter told me to put on my big girl panties, write what I must, write with my head held high and stop whining.

That reminds me, I need to do laundry.

Also, Lauren doesn’t know this, but I’m glad she brought it up because I need to cut a lot of whining out of the book as well.

I’ve tried to lighten some of it up, but there are some things that just won’t be lightened no matter how many wayward sparkles I sprinkle on top. So, now, I’m going to cut a ton out, which is going to be fine, I think, since at last count, the book is at 104,577 words.

I’m living, breathing and sleeping this book right now. The house has gone to hell, my family is barely getting fed, everyone in the house seems to be on edge at the moment, and I haven’t actually left this house since last Friday and that was only because I had to get my Xolair shots and — this damned book better be worth it in the end!

Eventually, I’ll come up for air

— probably when intense thunderstorms roll through our area tomorrow and I have no choice but to turn the computer off for a while. Oh, also, a friend and I are meeting this week. So, I’m looking forward to that! See, I do have a life. If y’all have any great topics for me to talk with her about — I don’t want to bore her with book, book, and more book. Right? But I haven’t a clue what’s going on in the world at the moment.

Is Ukraine and Russia still at war? Anything new from the James Webb telescope? I briefly heard that Dianne Feinstein died (RIP.) Does anyone have any details on that or anything else?

That’s what’s happening in my world. Hope everyone’s healthy, happy and doing well. So, what’s happening in your world? Please, let me know so I can live vicariously through you at the moment!

Until then, back to writing.

And music —



Sparkle Y’all!



4 thoughts on “Big Girl Panties”

  1. Your daughter gives excellent writing advice. Sometimes you’ve just gotta say what you’ve gotta say and if people don’t like it they can write their own book. I say that as if it’s easy but of course it’s not. Let them find that out for themselves, though.
    The biggest excitement I’ve had in my life is that a couple of Saturdays ago I got rear-ended. And I was in a car crash! It’s been fun to tell people that but not so much fun dealing with insurance companies. And that’s not really something you and your friend can talk about so here’s a thought: the Humboldt squid has a reputation for viciously attacking people but divers have found them shy and even gentle in open water. They only get dangerous when they’re driven into feeding frenzies by fishermen throwing chum into the water. It seems like there’s a lesson in that.

    • Christopher,
      Oh my gosh! A car wreck! I’m going to assume the rear-ending and the car wreck were one in the same? Glad to hear you’re okay and that you’re now having to deal with the nightmare of insurance. It’s a necessary evil, but I’m sure you’re up to the task. My friend and I had a nice visit. I just let her talk. It seems like she needed to. Though a Humboldt squid thrown in might have been extra fun. I mean, talking about one, not actually throwing a squid into our get-together no matter how shy and gentle it was. Well, that would be cool to visit with an actual squid, too, as long as it didn’t die. We weren’t near sea, salt water or an aquarium, though. Okay, now I need to go visit sea creatures, even if they’re in an aquarium just because they are awesome and beautiful. And yes, my daughter is a wise one. I’ll let her know you said so. I’ll tell her Chris said and he knows because he’s wise, too! Have a great weekend, my friend! Mona

  2. Mona, I had no idea you were writing a book! That takes serious commitment and drive, and it sounds like you’ve got what it takes to get it done. Good for you! I like to stay on top of the news, so all I will say is that everything is pretty much terrible. Don’t bother checking! Have a wonderful visit with your friend and enjoy the rain when it arrives!

    • TANYA!!!!!
      How the hell are you? Thanks so much for the encouragement. And while I am committed my drive seems to be going about 5 mph. Also, I think the phrasing would be better that “I should be committed … ‘Where life is beautiful all the time, and I´ll be happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats…'” The two hours my friend and I met were lovely. The rain was nice and today, it is cool outdoors! Gorgeous weather. The only thing is I woke up this morning to hear that Israel is under attack and at war. Wow! You’re right about the news. Hope all is well with you. Are you back to blogging? Hugs, Mona


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