(Okay, my husband says that I can’t start my bio/about page  with “shit.” But … I just did … so there!) I suppose I’m starting this way because I hate trying to explain who I am or what my blog’s supposed to be about or whatever. It’s not just writing this sort of thing, though. It’s always awkward whenever I find myself in a class or group of some sort and I’m supposed to tell something about myself. Or I have to write my own obituary. Thanks, Death & Dying class for making me do that! Because writing my obit wasn’t morbid or disconcerting at all! By the way, how can someone get less than an “A” for writing their own obituary?!!! Still, so annoyed about that.

Sometimes I try and explain who I am in relation to other people, so:
Married? Check. His name is David.
Kids? Check. Their names are Lauren and Ry. Both are adults.
Stepkids? Check. We’ll let them keep their privacy for now.
Stepgrandkids? Check. Ditto about the privacy.
Daughter, wife, mother, stepmother, stepgrandmother, sister, granddaughter, niece, aunt, cousin, etc. All checks.
Texan? Check.

Maybe the easiest thing I could do is give you my elevator speech: “Hello, it’s nice to meet you, (fill in your name here.) My name is Mona and I’m an emerging writer and humorist who enjoys writing short stories about the absurdity that is my life.”

    “Who, Moi?”

I’m just an ordinary woman dealing with Life’s absurdities. This is my humorous and sometimes ironic take!

So how does any of this this relate to you? Great question!

I love writing stories because one of my stories will often remind others of one of their stories! And then the story fest is  … ON! And for me, that is the best part. I love hearing and reading other people’s stories as much as I enjoy telling one of mine. And really, isn’t that what life is about? Relating our lives with other peoples’ lives?!!! Isn’t that one of the ultimate truths? We are alone, but wait … maybe, just maybe, we’re not so alone after all?

So, I hope you visit often and write me about your adventures! I’d love to hear from each of you!

Oh, just one last thing:

 I do swear. There are even times when I’ll use the entire, glorious spectrum of curse words strung together as one long swear. Because, as Atticus Finch’s brother, Jack, once explained to Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird — and I paraphrase — such language should only ever be uttered when sorely provocated — and dear God, sometimes I’m sorely provocated! (God bless you, Harper Lee!) Also, I sometimes (read–ALWAYS) have a warped and/or dark sense of humor; so if you are easily offended, consider this fair warning!

So Welcome to my blog!


P.S. Full disclosure: I go by a pen name: M.L. James. I use this to protect the innocent and not so innocent.

P.P.S.  This morning I got this interesting request from someone asking to quote some of my blog on their site. That was so nice of them to ask! Just so you know, my work is copyrighted and if you want to reprint any of it, just give me a holler and … we’ll see. I’m usually pretty nice about this stuff.


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