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From Tom on GP 1.3.04 # [Pending]

Ah yes - GeneratePress is a theme, so it must be installed through the "Themes" area of your Dashboard. Our …

From Kolani on GP 1.3.04 # [Pending]

Je me suis rendu compte que genetatepress est plutôt un thème. Et donc je voudrais savoir où le placer dans …

From Kolani on GP 1.3.04 # [Pending]

Bonjour, Je suis enseignant au Lycée Technique d'Attiégou à Lomé au Togo. Je suis entrain de concevoir un site internet avec …

From Tom on GP Released # [Pending]

Hi there, You can do this with a function: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/edit-footer-11 Or you can use our Copyright add-on: http://www.generatepress.com/downloads/generate-copyright/ Let me know if you …

From cho hyunchul on GP Released # [Pending]

hello!! i don't konw how to chage footer... i want change -> Copyright © 2015 · GeneratePress · WordPress help!

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