Will someone wake me when we get to spring 2020?

Will one of you happy, perky, excited-about-the-New-Year/New-Decade people out there please wake me up when spring gets here? I know about a few of you (because I’ve been catching up on blogs and if I haven’t gotten to you yet, I will by the end of this week, unless I start feeling really bad again, and then it might take a little bit longer but I will get to you, promise), but am I the only one out there who feels like I still have a hangover from Christmas? No, I didn’t say New Year’s Eve, I said Christmas; back when it was close to 80 degrees at our house on Christmas Day.

I wore shorts and a tank top on Christmas because it was hot as hell but I didn’t feel very Christmasy, so I also wore a Christmas jingle bell around my neck that screamed holiday spirit…and also so they could find me in case I wandered off. But then the glue that held the bell to the string melted in the heat or something and literally fell off while it was around my neck. So I lost my jingle. I should have used my other bell.

Image result for breaking bad ding ding gif

No, not that one!

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This one!

So it was hell’s bells to the bell-wearing plan; but even so, I refrained from saying “Bah, Humbug!” 

I suspect that the crazy weather of hot one day and freezing our asses off the next and then hot again the next, plus the anxiety-producing stresses before Christmas celebration, not to mention Christmas shopping in the days leading up to the big day and god-only-knows what germs I encountered out there in the madness of it all (it really wasn’t that crazy this year [yes it was]) and the extreme joys of the Christmas celebration, itself, because it really was a joyful one, is what landed me in a vat full of phlegmy sinus infection two days after Christmas.

(River, that’s Christmas overmorrow, isn’t it?)

I know it’s not the flu; otherwise my back would feel like it’s breaking. I’ve ruled out the common cold, too, because I’m not running a fever, which is good because, frankly, I’m too exhausted to be running anything. Also, I’ve got color to my…ahem, phlegm.

No, I didn’t go to the doctor. I’m still trying to pay off Christmas, okay? It’s a new year with a new deductible, which means, I have to pay full price at the doctor’s office to learn what I already know; I have a sinus infection. Also, I thought I’d be over this sonofabitch by now.

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In spite of the Advil alternating with Tylenol, the saline nose spray, the cough drops, the Mucinex and it seems like one or two other over-the-counter remedies along with drinking copious amounts of water — a week later, I was worse than ever. I have, however, finally delved into the deep recesses of my medicine cabinet and come up with older-ish antibiotics which seem to be helping. There are seven days’ worth spread between four different bottles and I aim to take every last one of them.

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The real problem is that I start feeling better one day and then I feel worse the day after. I’m probably trying to do too much on the days I feel better which is laying me out flat the following days. I can live with the phlegm, it’s the sheer exhaustion that’s got me down. Even so, a friend was kind enough to let me know that it’s almost been a month since I’d last put out a post.

Where has all the time gone?

I’ll tell you where. It’s gone by watching all five seasons of Breaking Bad, plus three seasons of Better Call Saul, plus El Camino — DAVID! That’s where the time’s gone!

My husband has a new addiction, y’all, and it’s not good — but that’s for another post!

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Anyway, I told my friend that I’d try and get a post out this week. Her words were, “Okay, you have to write something before Thursday, because if you don’t, that will make it a full month since your last post.” So today, I feel better-ish and I don’t think it’s even Thursday yet. Or maybe it is. I just don’t know anymore. Anyway…Woo Hoo! Post is out!

As usual, I’m running behind on everything! Some things just don’t seem to change from one year to the next. Now I’m going to crawl back in bed!

Anyway, that’s some of what I did over Christmas break and now I’ve written at least a 500-word essay to that effect.

HAPPY 2020, EVERYONE! AND STAY PHLEGM FREE! (That’s going to be my motto this year, I’ve decided!)




Why yes. How about something I put on the CD mix for the women I buy for at Christmas. I have to say that this year’s CD that Ryan and I put out was AWESOME! How about a little badass Sheryl Crow, y’all? Also, this is the epitome of  how I’m going to work the year 2020! Ya know, once I get over this sinus infection. In the spring, maybe?

Nighty, night!

28 thoughts on “Will someone wake me when we get to spring 2020?”

  1. I binged Breaking Bad in a couple of weeks and then binged it AGAIN when The Husband Dude decided to watch it. I get it. I hope you feel better, my friend!

  2. Yay for writing “what I did on my Christmas vacation” but booooo that the sinus infection won’t just let the hell go! Tell it you’ve got a blowtorch and a bottle of Afrin. Tell it there are brownies in the break room. Anything. Whatever it takes.

  3. Hey Mona, nope your not the only one with a holiday hangover, notice I said “holiday” because some of us lost our bells during the clusterfuck that was the holidays….ugh.

    • Huntress,
      After reading your latest post, I’d say a couple of people got their bells rung, anyway! Glad you came out unscathed! Mona

  4. I love my bell! And am giving them to two girlfriends for their birthdays later this month…. thanks again for that.
    Sorry to hear you’re starting the New Year off badly. No one pledges to have the best sinus infection of 2020. Or at least… I hope they don’t.
    As for all those gung ho, perky, resolution people? Yeah…. talk to me Feb 2nd when you’re laid out on the couch in an ice cream sundae coma with sprinkles up your nose and fudge dripping off your chin.

    • River,
      I managed to get my hands on 15 of those “Drink, Please” bells back in the summer and gave 14 of them out for Christmas because I kept one. Then as each woman rang her bell, she was given her choice of a mini bottle of mixer with the corresponding mini bottle of liquor, a plastic cup (cuz I’m fancy like that), a swizzle stick and access to ice so that she could have a drink on me. It was a whole thing! If you’d been there, I’d have let you have a drink on me as well even if you didn’t bring your bell. The ladies got other fun stuff as well from David and me! My only regret is that I never ordered bottle condoms to give out, which would have been fun. Oh well, maybe next year! Anyway, it was a nightmare coordinating the whole thing (and we didn’t even host this event) but it went well and was a blast!
      Yin and yang — I had so much fun at Christmas that I’m still paying the price. Worth it, though. Also, I know what I said about wake me when it’s spring, but since the weather is acting like spring as I write this (high 60’s and in the 70’s tomorrow and overmorrow, but then only in the low 40’s Saturday), I might as well get up; which I did, at 5:00 PM; which is good because I was having this crazy, weird dream that I, along with a group of people, were taken to a movie theatre…and well, it would seem I spend an inordinate amount of time in movie theatres when I’m asleep…not watching movies come to think of it. A skating rink, I could understand, but a movie theatre? Never mind. No midgets or clowns or porn nor midget clown porn this time. There was a woman who had leprosy and police officers who were having their guns wrestled away from them, though. Dreams, huh?
      Now that I’m writing this, I may have to make this a full blog post. Maybe.
      Do you have any snow yet?

  5. Funny you should mention because I was thinking it felt like the span between Thanksgiving and Christmas was, like, 12 minutes long and the time since Christmas feels like it’s been four months. Funny the relativity of time, eh?

    I got eight episodes into Breaking Bad and it never caught me. I guess I didn’t “get it”?

    Hope you feel better quick, Mona!

    • Brother Tom,
      So glad you weren’t corrupted by Breaking Bad. Don’t even get me started. Also, if you think that time is all discombobulated in the waking world, you should spend a little time in my dream world. Okay, that sounded a little hinky…but it wasn’t meant to. See my response to River above and you’ll understand better what I mean.
      Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve been asleep all day. Are we in the middle of a war yet?

  6. I was reading this and thinking “someone has a BB obsession” and then you let me know that is exactly what it was. I should know. I have the same obsession. I binged it the first time and I’ve done it several times since. If you haven’t seen my little tribute to BB, jump on over to my site and search for it. You’ll probably regret it but I think you should do it anyway. Hope you get to feeling better!

    • Lee,
      I will look for your BB tribute…forewarned and everything. I suspect that it will make me feel much better! Happy 2020, my friend! Mona

  7. Get better lady! The power of Theraflu cough and cold is AWESOME. Just saying. As for the new year, 2019 sucked pond water… got nothin’ else but to hope for a smooth 2020… argh! Sheryl Crow rocks! But my husband as a huge crush on her so now… Sheryl Crow is a “fine” artist! (I still secretly love her.) 😉💜

    • Kim,
      Theraflu sounds amazing, actually, and I bet it would feel really good on the back of my throat. I’ve been so full of the other stuff that I haven’t tried that. Tonight’s the night, though! Define “fine.” Fine or not, I still love that woman! Are you still in Texas or are you off to other places? Mona

      • Sheryl Crow is a fine artist. Meaning she’s got talent, looks, and presence… the whole ‘she’bang!!! (Without giving away my drool dropping when I am saying, “its Sheryl Crow!”) Mona, I said I secretly love her too! I think you will find Theraflu is your new best friend. We are still in South Texas. We are soon heading to West, tho. Do you know Dallas/Ft. Worth is about 15 HOURS from where we are??? I had no idea. I don’t think we will get that far north this time around. We will be back for winters in Texas I imagine. We sure love the weather! xK.

        • Kim,
          Just so you know, this is an extremely weird winter so far; however, I’m glad you’re liking where you are. I woke up today and I’m starting to feel much better. There’s a lightness and peace that comes when I get over a sickness like this. So hopefully in the next few days, I’ll be back to my old self. Or new self. Back to myself…for good or bad. Peace and strength and all good things to you in 2020, my friend! Mona

  8. Eventually I’m gonna get around to hoping you feel better and whatnot but I can’t stop thinking about that bell that screams “Christmas spirit!” Does it scream anything else? Does it ever get hoarse? And how could you lose it? I imagine it’s somewhere out there in the grass screaming “CHRISTMAS SPIRIT!” frightening small animals and children. And does it just speak or can it move? Can it shake and shimmy? That would make it a bell-y dancer.
    Anyway I hope you do start to feel better soon and maybe you should take a break from the binge watching because that’s seriously methed up.

    • Christopher,
      Okay smart ass, are you done yet? Heeeheeehee! You are putting way too much into one lowly jingle…but I like it! Bell-y dancer!!!! Hahaha! *snort* You are definitely in quite the interesting mood. I’m heading over to see what you’ve got on your blog! I may or may not be able to leave a comment, but it’s a new year, so wish me luck! I’ve never tried meth, but I used to take the decongestant that they use to make meth…so….anyway…I don’t use that stuff anymore. Still like the song Baby Blue, though! Mona

  9. Sorry you are feeling so crappy, Mona! But also very nice to see a post from you again. I missed you! Love that you included Sheryl Crow in your post too. I love that Steve McQueen song. Love that whole “C’mon, C’mon” CD actually. So many good songs! Hope you feel much better very soon 🙂

    • Hey Rhonda,
      Everyday I feel a little bit better or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Wait, does that come from another Sheryl Crow song? What isn’t a Sheryl Crow song at this point? Ha! Here’s to a great 2020 and to more music and less phlegm, my friend! Mona

    • ES,
      You got new plumbing for Christmas?!!! Lucky squirrel! Know what I got? I got a sinus infection, my friend. Two days after. Woo Hoo. It’s lasting as long as the stupid flu, too. Seriously, glad you survived the turmoil. I’ve been through messed up plumbing issues and between the stink and the mess…shudder! You won’t readily forget this past Christmas, that’s for sure. So here’s to a new decade and good times moving forward!

  10. Clever Girl,
    Not sure if this is the truth wrapped in cynicism or cynicism wrapped in the truth but you called it! From one sickie to another, Happy New Year back to you, my friend! And never change! Mona

  11. Hope you’re feeling better Mona x I’ve been told to watch breaking bad countless times, just haven’t got round to it! It’s apparently brilliant x

    • Hey Pip,
      This crap seems to be lingering, but I feel okay right now–not great, but better than yesterday. If you watch Breaking Bad, my recommendation is to stop after Season 4. That would have been a good place to end this series. I didn’t find Season 5 entertaining at all. I was glad it was over and wished it had been long before it was. I wonder what Shakespeare would say about it? Happy New Year, my friend! Mona


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