Up-and-Coming Artists, Drew and Danielle


If you like original art (and who doesn’t?), you have to check out Drew and Danielle’s amazing work. This up-and-coming duo hails out of the Chicago area, and they have been creating their whimsical drawings/watercolors based on the adventures of one, very cool, little mouse named Othello. They draw and paint other awesomeness as well.

Currently, they’re working on a comic book…or was it a graphic novel? Either way, Danielle said she and Drew are excited their art is starting to gain recognition. They even have loyal patrons who are creating collections of their work. Well, of course. How could anyone resist? The little critter is kind of addicting — Love, love, love that mouse!

Check out what they created for me and go online at ofmiceandmadness to see more mouse madness. Their site provides updates on what they’ve been doing and gives their contact info. I’ve recently commissioned a new piece from them, so when it’s completed, I’ll showcase it on my blog. Can’t wait!

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“Muah-hahaha, I want to taste your cheese!”
Bumbling around learning to fly


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