There’s a new thug in town!

Do you sometimes feel like you’re missing out when hanging with friends who are having intellectual discussions about The Scarlet Letter, Hamlet, Jane Eyre or other riveting, classic literature? As much as you’d love to read these great works, you find you simply don’t have the time, patience or ability to analyze what the hell they’re about because they’re —


Don’t despair. Sparknotes and Cliff notes move over — there’s a new thug in town! Check out Beowulf  in less than five minutes on You Tube and stay for your other favs. It’s addictive!

Host, Sparky Sweets, Ph.D., O.G., will school you with summaries and analyses of those books on your reading list that you just never seem to get around to actually reading  —  all while making literature fun again! Enjoy.

Just doing my part to help make America great again, y’all! Also, I’m sending a shout out to Daniel at Lone Star who introduced me to Thug Notes!


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