Poll: Buyer’s Remorse vs. Missed Opportunity

Hey Wayward Friends,

Fingers crossed, I’ll have a full post out tomorrow; but in the meantime, I thought I’d just take a quick poll to see which situation is worse for you:

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A) Buyer’s remorse: you bought something you can’t return;

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B) You didn’t buy something when you had the chance and then when you went back to get it, it was gone.

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Both have happened to me and neither are fun. However, I can’t decide which is worse and I’d love your input!

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Here’s a little music while you ponder:



12 thoughts on “Poll: Buyer’s Remorse vs. Missed Opportunity”

  1. B is WAY worse. I will think about that thing I didn’t get for years afterward. But I can sometimes weasel out of A because I sell on eBay and Craigslist and can recoup most of my cost. Sometimes. Or the thing just sits there until I see great value in its not sitting there any more, and it goes to Goodwill and that makes me happy, too. Oh, by the way, does anyone need an outdoor picnic blanket? I experienced C this week. C is the one where something comes from Amazon you didn’t order and it’s addressed to some random name at your address and there’s no receipt and no discernible way to return it or correct the situation, and now you’re stuck with a random object for which you have no use whatsoever.

    • Lille,
      I have never had the pleasure of experiencing “C.” Gifts from the Amazon gods! So is “C” the outdoor picnic blanket or something else? About that blanket, bring with if you can. I’m sure someone will take it. 🙂 Mona

  2. B… all day long. I don’t care if I buy something I regret. I can donate it, yard sale it …. and there’s always the dreaded regift. But missing that perfect never to be seen again item?
    Oh! The horror..

    • River,
      I know that missed opportunity feeling too damned well. Still, I’m trying not to spend. Adulting is so damned hard. Mona

  3. Well the first two commenters made sense. Almost makes me change my mind but I think; A. Buyers Remorse, is the worst. I think I’m answering this way because I’m downsizing. We are moving from a house to an RV full time. If there is something I want, and missed getting it I look at it as a sign I wasn’t meant to get it… something better would come along. The things that I HAVE purchased, and can’t return, now I’m looking at this junk and it makes me ill. I see the money I could still have and have to admit I made some shit purchases. Dumb stuff. That’s what gets me. I’m anxious to read your post on this!

    • Wow, Kim, that’s a major downsize. So, you’ll basically be living in a tiny house on wheels, so you can go wherever you want! Awesome! If I could, I’d live in a very cool houseboat on the water! I’d be willing to give up a lot to do that! So are you moving this year? Oh, and the post is up whenever you want to read it. 🙂 ~ M

      • Well, not exactly a tiny house… 40’ 5th wheel, toy hauler. House goes on the market August 1st. Hope to be mobile by September 1st! A houseboat sounds cool. When I lived in Seattle I wanted to do that but none were affordable.😣

  4. I’m a minimalist, so neither of those things really sound so awful. If I’m waffling about it, it’s usually because I shouldn’t get it, so I always lean towards not getting it. It might only haunt me for two days, tops, before I forget about it.
    Cost is a huge part of it. If it’s a six dollar item, hell with it, why not buy it. If it’s a hundred dollar item, the answer is easy! NOPE

  5. Sarah,
    Interesting take on the subject. I’ve tried being a minimalist. It worked until I saw pretty things — my kryptonite! Sigh.


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