Because Some People Will Do Anything to Get Back on My Blog


So this is what I’ve been doing this past week:

  • Found out that my son’s health insurance coverage was terminated on July 15. Found this out on Sunday, July 23, a full week after termination from none other than my ex’s current wife via a text message – delivered with attitude! (I’m tempted to go into more detail, but I’m using constraint, so I won’t.)
  • Had to spend an enormous amount of time at the Attorney General’s office (twice this week) as well as attend other meetings regarding this critical matter. I also spent an inordinate amount of time making phone calls and writing letters/ correspondence trying to get my son’s coverage put back in place. I definitively heard today that Ry’s insurance has been reinstated retroactively. Thank God!
  • Dad has been in the hospital — I had to take him in through the ER. This is the same hospital where Mom took her last breath. She also came in through the ER. Not. at. all. horrifying. Dad ended up having to have surgery, but he has since been moved to a rehab facility. He is making progress and doing well. Unfortunately, the rehab is a solid hour away from where I live.
  • Dad’s air conditioner in his house went out and we had to deal with that. This is July in Texas, y’all! 100+ temps + humidity + no air conditioning = death. His air conditioner is now working again. His pets have been safely returned to their nice, cool home. Thank you Lauren for letting Max and Socks stay with you for the night! Sorry about your sofa cushions!
  • My son, the one who had his insurance dropped, has been having a tough week, which has culminated in meltdowns in the wee hours of the night, every night, for the last four or five days. Who needs to sleep? Surely, not us. We had to take him back to his doctor this morning.  His meds are being tweaked. We’re hoping this puts him back on an even keel soon. Also not last week, but the week before, both of Ry’s big toes were injured, one had to have a partial toenail removed. Coincidentally, this procedure occurred the week after Ryan’s healthcare coverage had been terminated — not that David or I knew about any coverage issues at the time. Ry sliced his other toe pretty deep on rusty metal. Don’t worry, I’ve checked, and he’s up-to-date on his tetanus vaccine. Anyway, we’ve been having to keep both toes clean (relatively speaking) and have been applying antibiotic ointment to both on a daily basis. The good news is that they look like they are healing nicely. Again, thank God! Still, every little thing is bothering Ry and has him on edge. Pray for him, y’all! David and me too, please!
  • I’ve been having to deal with various other issues that shall not be mentioned in detail here with various family members. You know who you are!
  • Had to take our three cats to the vet (all at one time) for updates on inoculations. We only have two cat carriers. You do the math. Merlin, our oldest kitty, has a yeast infection in both ears which requires putting anti-fungal ointment in each ear. One person, one cat, one tube of ointment. Two ears. You’re picturing this, right?
  • So, basically, at this moment in time, two people (David and Ryan) and one cat have to have ointment applied daily.
  • I’ve now dropped two of my classes this quarter. I’m keeping the third come hell, high water, ointment and insurance lapses.
  • The most noticeable thing to occur this week happened to my husband David’s face. He had squamous cell carcinoma removed. This has been an ongoing issue for him over the last several years. He’ll go in whenever spots show up on his face and the dermatologist will remove them. It’s never been a big deal. He even had to have a couple of stitches on one visit, though it was just in a small area. However, with regard to this latest squamous cell removal − well, as I like to put it, “We weren’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition!” But then again, no one ever does.

David, of course, came back with, “T’is but a flesh wound!” This is one reason I love my husband so much!

Anyway, the dermatologist had to excise the affected area five times in order to get rid of all of the cancer cells. Fingers crossed, y’all! Then the dermatologist had to send him to a plastic surgeon to sew him back up due to the extent of damage from tissue removal.

This is what he looked like about an hour after the plastic surgeon was finished with him. Yes, that is blood oozing through his sutures. Yes, he does look like someone beat the shit out of him with a 2×4. No, this is not a snapchat picture with a filter on it. This is his un-retouched, unfiltered, fucked-up face. He actually looked worse the following day, but this picture is still pretty gruesome. I’ve actually thought about showing people his picture and telling them this is what happens when you piss me off! I will cut you! I’ve rethought saying this though — only because I’m afraid people will actually believe I did this to him. Then again, maybe that’s not such a bad idea.

As of this writing, the swelling and bruising have started to dissipate, but he has since developed a suspicious lump or hard knot around the bottom of his suture. My son’s doctor, the one who saw my son this Monday morning, thinks David’s lump is something to be concerned about − like maybe David’s developing an abscess that is becoming infected and will need to be drained, especially since he’s not presently taking any antibiotics. She recommended we get back in touch with his surgeon. Promptly. The good news is that he hasn’t developed a fever – yet.

I called David’s plastic surgeon’s office as soon as we got back from Ry’s doctor this morning. According to the receptionist, the surgeon can’t see David until tomorrow morning at the earliest. I don’t believe she truly understands how serious this is, even though I’ve done everything I know to convey this to her. But what else is new? So, if I have to take David to the ER before tomorrow like I had to take Dad for basically the same thing — although Dad’s abscess was on his butt cheek and David’s is on his face cheek — then so be it. I mean, what else can we do?

Anyway, hard lump notwithstanding, I tell David that now that he has a somewhat crooked gash running from his cheek to his jawline, he looks like a BAMF! And clearly, he is itching to have his new look posted on my blog for all the world to see! So, this is for you, Love! But the next time you want back on my blog, just say something and I’ll be glad to write about you. You don’t have to go all dramatic face on me! Geez! BTW, for those of you who don’t know what a BAMF is, ask anyone under the age of 30. Or you can just look it up on the internet. I recommend the Urban Dictionary.

  • Also, Lauren just called and asked me to bring her yoga mat to her this afternoon because she left it at our house. Because out of everything on this list and my Monday TO DO LIST, reuniting Lauren with her yoga mat is probably the most crucial thing I have to get done today!

I feel like I’m leaving something else important off of my list here,  but — oh well — I suppose that’s enough for this past week heading into today.

So, how’s everyone else’s week summer going?

Sparkle on!

4 thoughts on “Because Some People Will Do Anything to Get Back on My Blog”

  1. I can only believe writing is your lifeline to sanity — otherwise, how would you find the time! David looks a little bit like a swashbuckling pirate — you know — a Johnny Depp kind of thing. I’m hopeful the “surgeon” got it all.
    I’m envious of your ability to get your thoughts down on paper that are organized, descriptive and humorous — when in actuality the situation is chaotic and full of emotion — not all of it pleasant. It’s a reminder to me to step back away from irritating situations and take a breath.
    I’m sorry that you needed to drop another class. It’s a temporary setback. I know it’s temporary because you’re, shall we say stubborn, maybe focused would be a nicer way to put it — the bottom line though — I know you’ll get that degree sooner rather than later. See you soon. Sheila

    • Sheila, Thank you for your kind words. David’s all excited that you think he looks like a pirate now. All that’s missing is an eye patch and a parrot!

      But seriously, you didn’t answer my question, how’s your summer going?


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