OH YEAH, I forgot about that!

Y’all remember how I said I had a problem with temptation and new bedding on — “Ding, ding, ding! Drink, please!”? And y’all remember how upset I was when Buddy ate holes in the brand new quilt I bought last year for my bed on “The post in which I value life over material things?”

Consider this a follow up post.

Mother’s Day Shopping 2019

Lauren took me shopping for an early Mother’s Day gift at Arhaus in late April. I love that store — but everything’s expensive and I don’t need anything at all and so — I try and stay away. This is a place where I can easily get into trouble. I get a bad case of Kid-in-a-Candy-Store-Syndrome whenever I manage to wander in there. But this was a special day and my daughter took me. And guess what? We picked the right day to go, too, because they were having a sale.


Decisions, Decisions

Needless to say, I wanted one of everything and I had a difficult time picking out what I wanted most. Poor Lauren put up with me. I finally narrowed it down to either a pillow for the guest bedroom or a couple of unique utilitarian-turned-artistic pieces with which to decorate. My daughter bought me ALL OF IT: a very nice, pink velvet pillow for the upstairs guest bedroom (which she just so happens to use when she spends the night, so really…it’s a win/win) and three copper stamps from India used to stamp dye onto cloth (at least I think that’s what they are and where they’re from.)

Now, they’re cool tchotchkes in my house and they make me feel happy when I see them because my daughter got them for me! I think they blend in nicely with everything else! Anyway, Lauren took very good care of me and we had a lot of fun. She really shouldn’t have, but I’m so glad she did!



Two of the three copper stamps. My kids, Lauren and Ryan are in the picture, ages 10 and 8.

The third copper stamp Lauren bought me. I love the movement it has!

Guest bed. I think I need more pillows in different colors. The pink pillow is in the middle in the back.
Merlin wondering why I’m interrupting his nap!
Growleth is not amused that I interrupted his nap either!

The Quilt

As we were about to leave the store, I passed a bed with a very cool quilt on it. A velvet quilt! I saw a similar one online at Sundance, the Della Luce Velvet Quilt that was more expensive than shiitakes! (I mean, I don’t know exactly how much shiitakes are, but I know truffles are damned expensive and, well, the word “shiitakes” just has a better ring to it. Go with me here!)

Della Luce Velvet Quilt from Sundance!

Anyway, this quilt at Arhaus was also expensive BUT… it was also 40 PERCENT OFF! If that wasn’t a sign from God that I should buy this quilt, I don’t know what was!

Gabrielle Queen Velvet Quilt
Arhaus Gabrielle Velvet Quilt at 40 percent off!

So I paid for it and then was told that the quilt was on back order and they would mail it to me when it became available. It could take a few months.

Well, of course, it could! Sigh.

Life being what it is, busy as…not shiitakes — but…uhm, busy as a chicken with its head cut off? — ew, that’s a gruesome visual — well, let’s just say that I was so busy that I totally forgot I ordered the quilt.

Until I received this box a couple of days ago, which David pulled in from the porch. That’s when I had two competing emotions: Oh, shit, I forgot about that — David’s going to have a cow! and Oh, my God, it’s here! I can’t wait to open the box!

David didn’t even ask what it was. And since he didn’t ask, I didn’t tell him. I waited until he went outside to mow the yard to open it.



I just want you to know that I bought this weeks before David told me to put a kibosh on unnecessary spending. So I consider this a guilt-free purchase. Also, we needed something to replace our damaged quilt for our bed; so was it unnecessary? I think it was very necessary and, also, it was majorly on sale!

Also, Merlin loves the box! Of course, he loves all boxes, but this is a BIG box and he thinks I got it just for him! I love when everyone wins!

Merlin coming out from his new box. It, apparently, passed his inspection!


Now what to do about Buddy. He’s as expensive as…truffles. Don’t worry. I still loves him. He’s staying off our bed once the quilt goes on, though!

“What? It wasn’t me, I tell ya!” Buddy thinking he’s in trouble again. You and me both, Bud!

Still, as excited as I am, I think this quilt is going to sit in the closet until Christmas. It will be a nice gift for us to open then. Plus, it will be cold and it is velvet.

Here’s a peek —


Also, would someone kindly remind me that I have this quilt when we get closer to the holidays. Not sure I can trust the old memory like I used to, especially now that I’m so busy!



16 thoughts on “OH YEAH, I forgot about that!”

  1. Necessary!!! Without a doubt. If you are feeling bad, I’ll send you my address and I will use it. Awe. Hardship! Thank god I don’t know where that store is… I love the stamps! But alas… I am downsizing. We are selling the house and looking for freedom! The hubby day trades so we are MOBILE! A 5th wheel Toy Hauler here we come. House sells in August, (I freakin’ hope) and we are outta the midwest by fall! But I could still use that quilt… ya know! 😉 It a beauty Mona! Nice surprise.

    • Thanks Kim! I think the stamps are cool, too! I’m hoping David will warm up to the quilt! Are you in the throes of downsizing right now? I keep telling myself that one of these days I’m going to have to do a Swedish death cleaning; I get attached to my things, though; so it’s very difficult to even think about! Are you moving to warmer climes? ~ M

      • We are going mobile!!! We are going to RV fulltime until we decide what weather treats my fibromyalgia symptoms the kindest. Then we will purchase our retirement home. I am so excited.

        Yeah, the attachment thing, there’s no room for it if you move into an RV. Lots of people have storage lockers but we are going to store a few items with various family members… we don’t have kids either so it’s not like I’d be getting rid of family mementos. Hopefully, the Pacific Northwest will be home. I lived in Seattle before I was in a car accident for 5 years. I loved the area, wouldn’t go back to city life tho- a nice little house by the sea would be perfect for me!

        • Kim,
          That is such a smart thing to do. Good for you! It sounds like an adventure in the making! A nice little cottage by the sea? That sounds divine! I always thought that if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t mind getting a small place out in Carmel. But then Santa Fe would be nice. New Orleans is definitely doable. I’m sure there are a ton of places I’ve never experienced before that might make my list. My heart belongs to the Texas Hill Country, though. Not sure why, but I can just breathe and relax whenever I’m out that way! I’m a Texas girl, through and through. ~ M

  2. Love your story! I am wondering just how you think the dog will stay off the bed when said velvet quilt is used. It’s not going to happen. They win in the end. LOL

  3. Jan,
    That’s simple — by the look in my eye. LOL. Seriously, though, the dog is learning. He just learned that he is not allowed on the sofa — EVER!!!! And now that we have that under control, I think we can manage the velvet quilt. ~ M

  4. I love, love, love your quilt post. Something about the weight and warmth of three fabrics stitched one on top of the next, and in your case velvet besides — sounds heavenly and I agree with Kim (above). You shouldn’t worry the least about this purchase being necessary or unnecessary. You should just enjoy every moment you have in its company — both the visual (when you are staring at it admiringly) and the feel of it (when you are under it, can immerse in its comfort and can see it in your mind’s eye on top of you).
    And bravo to Lauren for pampering your mom a bit — what a lovely way to show honor and love!

  5. Patricia,
    Thanks for such nice thoughts! When you talk about enjoying my new quilt, it’s as though you know me so well. I do stuff like that. I remember when I got my old tin ceiling from a little old place way out in Oklahoma, and we installed it; my family would come into the kitchen and often see me laying on the floor staring up at it. Cuz, you know, that’s just who I am. I truly appreciate the nice people, the nice things, and the nice opportunities and experiences I get in life.
    And Lauren…well, she’s a good egg, that one!

  6. I chuckled throughout this entire story and then burst into laughter reading the last two lines. I could so relate: buying because – Sale!, waiting for husband to leave before opening box, husband putting kibosh on unnecessary spending, so been there! The quilt is lovely and the copper stamps are very unique and appealing. Definitely something I would have displayed in my home! It sounds like a lovely day with with your daughter. And she takes good care of her mama, too!

    • Jayne,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed this! We should figure out a way to go shopping sometimes. I mean how much trouble could we get into? ~ M

  7. The quilt is beautiful! What gorgeous stitching! I hate clothes shopping, but I love buying things for the house. It’s deeply satisfying to “improve” the nest.

    You don’t have to have a husband to feel guilty about breaking a budget. My budget has gotten on a runaway train. What does it say about me that I spend hours doing analysis and creating a budget only to reach out and grab that shiny object. There should be a pill for self discipline!

    I think Jan is right about the dog. I hope we don’t get a post that the dog is at the vet with a stomach blockage 🙂

    • Sheila,
      Eww! No stomach blockages with my new quilt! That would just be wrong. I agree, though, it is good to feather one’s nest — especially on SALE!!!!! ~ M

    • Rhonda,
      Thank you. I kind of like it. I wonder if I can go back and get shams on sale before Christmas? ~ M

  8. Buddy looks so laid back and easygoing, I can’t imagine him possibly being the strong-willed doggie you’d described! 😛

    And Growleth… that may be the coolest cat name I’d ever heard. 😀

  9. Ah Buddy’s a pretty cool doggie dog, even if he has some…interesting qualities! And my daughter named Growleth. Have no idea where she came up with the name, but it works! I’ll let her know you like it! 🙂


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