Mommy’s Day Revisted

I’ve been wondering what to share with y’all today because in my life, I always have so much going on at the speed of light and, therefore, I often have a difficult time deciding what I most want to write about — but as I was catching up with a friend just a little while ago who had offered to store some of the hoard I’m currently going through (see my post titled “Rut” ) — I was touched by my friend’s thoughtfulness and kind gesture! Anyway, I thought I might share with you some of what I wrote to my friend regarding this past Mother’s Day! So, here is an excerpt — I don’t think she’ll mind! 🙂

The funny thing is that I just saw my dad a little while ago, and he told me that he hadn’t gotten me anything for Mother’s Day yet, but he still wants to. While this is terribly sweet of him, I told him that he can take me to the movies or out to dinner (if he insists) but the last thing I need is more stuff! And not that I said this to him, but also, I’m kinda not his mom, may God bless her soul, so he truly doesn’t need to get me anything! Just the thought was more than enough!

The thing is: Dad and I have always spent Mother’s Day together with my mom, (his wife), and this year it was painful not having her around. I’m ashamed to say it, but I just couldn’t bear reaching out to anyone this year, and I suppose I left Dad in the lurch! It’s been an incredibly difficult time for me but for him as well!

Lauren, Dad and me, Easter 2017!

My daughter Lauren went above and beyond for me, as did my son Ryan and David, and they insisted on taking me out for brunch this past Sunday. We had a wonderful time; even if I do still miss Mom! However, with that being said, I know Mom and her mother, my grandma — who I believe were enjoying Mother’s Day in Heaven — were with us in spirit! I know how blessed and lucky I am to have such a sweet daughter, a sweet family, and wonderful friends! On top of that, I’ve been more than blessed to have had a wonderful and caring mom and grandma, who gave me so much in the short amount of time I got to enjoy their company! So taking all of that into account, who needs a hoard when you’re part of a wonderful tribe?! I think that puts it all into proper perspective!

Anyway, Dad and I have plans to see Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales as soon as it comes out! I’m sure Mom’s spirit will be sitting right along with us! Who says you have to do Mother’s Day on Mother’s Day? Also, who says you can’t do Mother’s Day with just your Dad? As it is sometimes pointed out, every day is mother’s day and father’s day and children’s day! Love isn’t just celebrated one or two days out of the year! Families are those who make you feel warm and safe and loved and who know you best! Sometimes you’re born into them and sometimes you meet and adopt family! Sometimes family is the furry, four-legged kind!

Whatever your situation is: I hope you find your blessings and your family, wherever and whoever they may be, and appreciate them for all they’re worth! Have a blessed, safe and warm Family Day everyday, but especially today!

Flowers Lauren bought and arranged for me! I thought I might share them with you! I think she did a professional job! A week later and they are still as lovely!

Sparkle on, y’all!

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