Love is in the Air

I’m pleased to announce that love is officially in the air and people near and dear to me are getting engaged or tying the knot! So this summer, Drew and Danielle, Of Mice and Madness fame, the mice artists from the Chicago area ( just to be clear, they draw/paint cute cartoon mice — they do not use real mice, dead or alive, for their art and no mice were hurt in any of their creations), are doing it up proper and I’m terribly excited for them! If you’re a new reader, you can read my post about them here! Of course, D&D had to create their own announcement, so here it is sans the info, cuz that’s not my info to share. BTW, if any of my readers would like Drew and Danielle to create something special just for you or if you’d just like to check out their work, I’ve provided a link above to their website!


Today, Tuesday, one of my unofficial kids, Amanda, dropped by for a minute with her official mom, my very good friend Karen, to give me and David the good news that Amanda is now engaged and to also show us THE RING, which  you can see  for yourself right here.

Okay, you can’t really see the ring because I need major help in learning how to take pictures — but suffice it to say, that’s a huge diamond ring Amanda is wearing with sapphires and other diamonds surrounding that huge diamond. And it’s shiny and sparkly and beautiful, just like Amanda! Most importantly, her fiancee is one of the good guys and is a real keeper; which is fantastic and necessary, diamond ring or no. But also, in my defense of taking lousy pictures of shiny objects, Amanda and Karen outshine any diamond anyway, no matter how lovely or big — so what’s the point of my even trying to get a picture! I did my best though. 🙂

Of course, I had to bring David outside so he could hear about Amanda’s upcoming nuptials. In the process of showing off Amanda’s ring to him, I did not miss the opportunity to ask him where my huge diamond ring was. David just laughed, wished Amanda the best and walked away. Because, apparently, David and I don’t need diamonds, we just need each other. Besides, as he pointed out, we have matching gold rings. Aw! (Rolling my eyes.) I’m very happy with that and not complaining one bit — however, I’m just saying, David, a nice diamond ring, earrings and/or pendant never hurt anyone —especially me — after 20 plus years of marriage! Hint, hint!

Lastly, Lauren tells me that Shannon, another good friend of hers, also just got engaged. I don’t have any pics to show you of Shannon, but again, she’s lovely and we wish her the best!

So please help me in wishing these young people (in their 20’s and 30’s) the very best! I thought I’d send them a shout out and this song, entitled appropriately enough, “Love is in the Air.”  Ya gotta dig that groovy beat! Doesn’t it make you feel like dancing?



6 thoughts on “Love is in the Air”

  1. Congratulations to the happy couples! Young love is always sweet.

    I’ve been hinting to The Husband Dude that a diamond eternity band for our 25th anniversary wouldn’t suck. And since we have 7 years until our 25th, he has time to save up. LOL. We’ll see how well he listens!

  2. Hey, when you “fire” lady parts, I think it’s only reasonable to replace them with beautiful jewelry! 😉

  3. Tell Ken, he has my ringing endorsement and I approve, (WTH, tell him I said Dilly, Dilly!) but maybe he could hurry it up a little and get you the matching bracelet or earrings to go with! 🙃

    As to my husband –well, at least the seed has been planted. So, it’s a start.

  4. I love happy news about love (even though the monster in my head wants to hiss). So, congratulations to the couples! Also, great song choice! Lastly, Of Mice and Madness–I want ALL the prints!

  5. Allen,
    I agree. Their work is fantastic! I’m sure D&D (OMAM) will be happy to accommodate you for the right price! I hope you’ll share on one of your posts if you do get any! Also, I hope my next post will appease your inner monster — it’s a lot different from this post! You might not want to be eating when you read it. Or you might. Your call.


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