spider bite jan 2018 2nd day

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    • Hey Nic,
      Yep, after about two weeks, the bite marks and bruising were gone. I never found the spider and I have no idea what kind of spider it was. Hope your bites heal quickly. If not, always consult a doctor, of course. 🙂 Mona

    • DJ,
      I’m pretty sure it was a spider that bit me. I think it happened while I was asleep, and I never actually saw the vicious little whatever it was. I survived without anything bad happening, so I must not have been allergic. I hope your bite goes away soon! Mona

  1. I had the same bite! We were camping in Sequoia, California. We tore apart our bedroom in our trailer and found nothing. I made my hubby unload everything into the garage, even our bags, and dirty laundry. Today he found a huge wolf spider in a pile of laundry to do. Pretty sure he is the culprit. I’m a mess, lol.

    • Ann,
      Glad you found the little biter and hope you are on the mend soon! By the way, I’d risk another spider bite to see the sequoias again! 🙂 Mona


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