It’s Summer Olympics 2021!


This is going to be short and sweet. You know why? Olympics. I watched the parade of athletes last Friday, but I didn’t watch whatever came on before or after. (I do have to share the TV with David who wasn’t interested in any of the Opening Ceremonies, but he watched the parade with me. Know why? He’s a good sport!) So after we watched the long parade of athletes and learned the names of countries I never knew existed until now called out in order of the Japanese alphabet (blew my mind), we watched re-runs of Chicago PD. Because that’s how we do things in our home.


Then I got very friendly with the DVR remote and am now recording anything that has to do with women’s gymnastics. Know why? Simone Biles, y’all. Even if her qualifying round to represent the US wasn’t her best, she still outscored just about everyone else. Know why? Biles. Simone Biles. I mean the other gymnasts are freakin’ amazing as well, but you know…when the GOAT is in the house…right? Even when she screws up big time, she still outscores her competitors. Who else can say they can do that???!!!!


Just so you know, I became enthralled with women’s gymnastics when I was a little girl and watched Nadia Comaneci. I still haven’t figured out whether one pronounces the “i” at the end of her name or not, but that’s not the point. Anyway, after watching Nadia, I was hooked. I wanted to become an Olympic gymnast. I wanted to fly high and do twists and turns and flips and wind up on my feet at the end without any hops or bobbles. 10.0 ALL THE WAY! My parents, though. Right? Whatcha gonna do when you have the heart but not the support?


Still, I can watch and pretend that in some other universe, I won Olympic Gold as a gymnast. Of course in an entirely different universe, I’m a singer and guitar player in an amazing rock band.  And in another universe, I might even be a groupie which, I’m not gonna lie, has always intrigued me. Then there’s the me that won the lottery. And there’s the me in that universe that’s a therapist. In that other one, I’m a world-renowned artist. And in this universe, I’m a struggling writer and blogger who is also a proud mom and wife.


So Wayward Friends, are you watching the Olympics? I can’t find anyone IRL that is!!!! If you are watching, what’s your sport? Gymnastics, synchronized diving, skateboarding, maybe? Did you ever play the sport? Details. You know I love good details. Tell me like it is…in your wildest imaginings! If you could go to the Olympics as an athlete, what would you compete in? Or does your sport not exist as of yet? If so, what would that be and how would you judge it? On the other hand, if you’re not watching, have you ever watched? Is it just not your cup of tea? Again, I love details! No judgments here, just wanna know how you roll.

See, told ya this was gonna be short!



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35 thoughts on “It’s Summer Olympics 2021!”

  1. I love watching the Olympics… but am always banished to the bedroom tv to view by myself. Gymnastics, triathlon, synchronized diving, I love it all!

    • River,
      The fact that it only comes once every four years kind of makes it a big deal, I think. So much drama! Maybe they should consider some of the film/entertainment award shows in the same way. Mona

  2. I am not watching the olympics. I guess I don’t like certain sports being in the olympics and it takes away the charm. How can I explain this? Hmmmm….if the pinnacle of a sport is to win an Olympic medal I think it’s great. But…like tennis….do I need to see the same players I just watched at Wimbledon play now? Or basketball? There’s also some hypocrisy that I see, and it annoys me

    • LA,
      I can see what you mean. It makes me wonder if some of these athletes consider the Olympics as the best of the best or just one more notch in their belt. As with any sport, one performance or one game doesn’t really say it all, does it? So many factors to consider…of course I’m thinking about Simone Biles this morning. I read some headlines and…well…yeah…this hasn’t been her time to shine. I wonder what’s up and what changed?

  3. I just read she is off the team due to an ankle injury. This on top of the judges announcing that she was too good and that they weren’t going to judge her performance abilities as ‘extra’ because they didn’t want the other participants to get hurt trying to imitate her. This is the Olympics. I thought that ‘the best one in the world wins’. I guess we’re now a planet of ‘participation awards’, not at all based on skill.

    • Barbara,
      Had no idea. Well this post is definitely not going in the direction I expected at all, much like the US Women’s Gymnastics Team or the Olympics judges or Simone Biles. Was so looking forward to watching her shine. 🙁 Mona

      • I just was e-mailed this – it’s only part of the article:
        Simone Biles is shedding some light on the Olympic stunner that saw her exit from team competition on Tuesday. While USA Gymnastics cited a “medical issue,” Biles herself clarified that it wasn’t a physical injury, reports the Washington Post. “I just felt like it would be a little bit better to take a back seat and work on my mindfulness,” she’s quoted as saying. It remains unclear whether Biles would continue to participate in solo competition. “We’re going to see about Thursday,” the 24-year-old said. “We’re going to take it a day at a time. I know tomorrow we have a little bit of a break for training, so that’ll be really nice to have a mental rest day.”

        • Thanks for the update, Barbara. Simone Biles sounds like she’s under too much pressure. Then it’s no fun anymore. And if you’re a mental mess, can’t perform well and you’re not having fun, what’s the point? Hope she gets it sorted out for herself. She’s beautiful, amazing and still the GOAT, even if she never performs again.

          • You’re exactly right. What I heard yesterday was that the judges thought that what she can do is so incredible that they were afraid other athletes would hurt themselves trying to do what she can do. So they weren’t going to judge her by her individual skills. They want her to be ‘average’. Incredible that the Olympics could become so soft and wishy-washy. The whole premise is to be the BEST in the WORLD.

          • That seems totally ridiculous! What’s the point, if the judges aren’t going to judge what you do? If the best aren’t willing to extend themselves to do even better? That makes me sad. Mona

  4. I remember Nadia Comaneci (as a girl I use to say the “i”) but then I heard the announcers corrected someone on live TV as to how to pronounce her name. She was by far the GOAT, until Mary Lou Retton came along…and now we have *wait for it*….TA-DA, the GOAT Simone Biles. The GOAT’s come alone once a decade I think. Either way she’s the BOMB!!

    In the multiverse I’m a killer hit-woman for hire, and I never, ever get caught. But then again I’m also in a rock band lead singer, who kills it (no relation to my first multiverse job) on stage wearing leather pants and have killer abs to go with it.

    I’m also an Oscar award winning actress, who marries Chris Evans (so? yes he’s younger than me and?) or Liam Neeson who ever asks first and lives happily ever after. But we all know happily every after is B.S. But I’d be happy being married to either….lol.

    Alas, in this “verse” I’m just a regular person with a new house, all the headaches that go with it, I’m an “okay” runner and a snarky cat who give me attitude when I get home from work because no one has filled his food bowl while I was at work to be able to afford to by the mofo food!! A little sympathy would be good here Charlie, come on!!

      • I dunno Huntress, don’t sell yourself short. Kinda like thinking of you as a snarky cat. LOL! Actually, I loved the fact that in another universe you’re a hit-woman for hire! Never thought about it before, but that might be interesting! Did you ever see the TV show Good Behavior with Michelle Dockery? Damn that hit man was fine all day long. I digress. Where was I? Oh yes. That also might be an exciting game at the Olympics. All the different skills it takes to be a successful assassin. Of course there would be the snarky cat event. LOL. Really enjoyed your response. Mona

    • Gymnastics is one of my favorite sports to watch, too! Though ever since they changed the scoring system it lost some of its appeal for me. Nadia was a perfect 10. I get that. Is 13.45 good? Not the same as a perfect 10… I miss round numbers. Am I turning into Monk? 🙂

      • EW,
        Yeah, I don’t even try to figure out how they score anymore! The gymnasts, though? Incredible! And you’re only turning into Monk if you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO, CANNOT STOP YOURSELF FROM TOUCHING THE TIP OF POINTY OBJECTS! Just saying…until that day comes, I think you can rest easy! Mona

  5. While I think there should be a focus on Simone Biles because she is all kinds of fantastic, and while I also think Nadia Comaneci deserves a lot of praise because she’s also amazing and also from Romania, a beautiful country with a troubled history, there is something I want to know. Before I get to what I want to know, though, I want to put in a word for Romania, though. Several years ago Snoop Dog was in Bogota, Colombia, and he posted a message about how he was in “Bogata”, which was a simple typo but there’s really a town called Bogata in Romania, and people there created a website and encouraged tourists to come to Bogata saying it was “a perfect place for chillin’.” So they have a great sense of humor.
    What I want to know, though, is, since you mentioned David’s a good sport, what’s his event? Couch surfing?

    • Christopher, Christopher…you can’t get out of this question so easily. What is your event? And since you asked, David’s would be golf, followed closely by recliner-surfing of which I can give him a run for his money. Also, love the Bogata, Bogota mix up! You say potato, I say potahto…you say Bogota and I say Bogata…let’s call the whole thing off! LOL. Mona

      • Oh, my event would almost certainly be some form of billiards. It may not be an Olympic event yet but it could be, and since it’s only played indoors it could be in winter or summer. Or billiards could be used to fill out those new Spring and Autumn Olympics they’re introducing.

        • Excellent. I could see that being an event. So have you ever heard about an event where the athlete had to get into a boat from the water? Your kidding about spring and fall events, right?

          • I want to know more about the event that involves getting into a boat from water since my experiences canoeing involved a lot of falling out, but, yes, I am kidding about spring and fall.
            One thing I wanted to say first, though, and keep forgetting, is how much I admire all the athletes just for working hard enough to be there. Several years ago during the opening ceremony I heard a commentator say, “Some of these smaller countries don’t have a chance of winning,” and it really made me angry. Athletes from some countries have an advantage but I firmly believe everyone has a chance to win, or at least get a medal. The ones who don’t have the advantages may even deserve more respect because they had to work so much harder to be there.
            Sorry for going on a bit of a lengthy rant there.

          • Christopher,
            If you read a little further down, Andie’s the one that suggested this in her comment. I figured if anyone knew anything about this “sport,” it would be you. I’m with you…all of these athletes are Olympians and winners. They’ve worked hard to compete and each of them have a chance to medal. So rant away, my friend! Mona

  6. Sorry to disappoint, Mona…but no, I don’t watch the Olympics. It’s just never interested me in the slightest (nor do the award shows, reality shows, etc.). However, I will scan the paper/internet when it’s all over to see who racked up the most gold medals, etc. and am always proud of our athletes and their accomplishments, as I recognize that they have unbelievable talent.

    Now as to who I am in the alternate universe…well, I will have to just go explore my limitless options!

    • Gigi,
      I’m not disappointed at all. No judgments here. I think that scanning afterward is very practical. Nothing quite like my husband watching a four-day golf tournament and the guy he’s been following falls apart in the last few hours of the last day. David feels like he’s wasted four days. In that situation, I’m glad I only scanned here and there throughout. Happy exploring, my friend! 😊 Mona

  7. Someone recently told me that getting into a boat from the water used to be an Olympic sport. Now, I know it’s super hard to do… so … maybe it was? LOL! I don’t watch it myself, but my sister & her hubs are glued to it & proudly wave their Olympics flag by the front door!

    • Hey Andie,
      You’re right about how hard it is trying to get into a boat from the water, but that as an Olympic sport? Really? No way. I think someone was pulling your leg…from the water as you were trying to get into your boat! LOL! Or maybe that was a real event. I dunno. I guess it could be. Why the hell not? That actually might be something funny to watch. Okay, now I want to see this firsthand. Know what I’d really love…and I’m putting you on the spot…but I’d love for you to write from the narrators’ perspective — this getting into the boat Olympic event. Step by step narration of just one or two athletes trying to do this, his or her technique (I bet women can do this better than men), what deductions are taken off for that extra struggle/wiggle of the butt, the whole she-bang! That would be great! Will you, please? Or not if that’s not right for you. But it might be fun. Hugs to you, my friend! Mona

    • Yeah, well…there’s that. Frankly, the fact that Simone Biles has a bad case of the “twisties” has kind of done it for me.

  8. Best parts for me have involved gutsy women. The members of the German women’s gymnastics team who opted for ankle-length unitards over the bikini-cut unitards, Norway’s women’s beach handball team who wore shorts instead of bikini bottoms, and Simone Biles who we all love for loving herself.

  9. I’ve paid no mind to the Olympics this year. Not interested at all. Not that I haven’t been reading headlines about all the issues, but as for the deets I’m not tuning in.

    • Ally,
      With all of the shenanigans, I don’t blame you. Still, there’s been some amazing performances and heartbreaks! 🙂 Mona

  10. I’m catching up on reading your posts, Mona, and this is a really good one! The Olympics have been over for weeks now, but I caught bits and pieces of it. Watched more swimming than anything probably. I think it’s because I’ve always loved swimming. I had the best swim teacher, who also was my Godfather. One of the best guys ever. I even have a painting he did (he was a Renaissance man) of a lighthouse hanging in our guest bedroom. People who have talents in a variety of activities really interest me. Anyway…I caught some men’s synchronized diving. Wow!! The women’s team doing the 500 meter I believe? I remember thinking what good sportswomanship they displayed. But I think what really blew my mind was all the new sports that are in there now: surfing! karate! skateboarding! Say what?! As far as what I’d play if I was qualified in the Olympics: Tennis. Always loved playing tennis. There was a court down the block from me growing up. Anytime I had a willing friend, we’d play.

    • Rhonda,
      We watched a lot of the men’s diving events. I agree, the synchronized diving was amazing. I would hate to be a judge though. I’d hate to be a judge for any of these events, actually. They happen so quickly. If I were a judge, I’d need to be able to look at replays. I mean, if you blink, you might miss something. I didn’t realize that surfing was an event. How do you judge that? Not every wave is created equal, is it? So you would be our USA Tennis Olympian? Awesome! I’ve always wanted to learn…but my asthma was never cool with strenuous exercise that requires a lot of stamina. Couldn’t even be a ball…girl? Or is one a ball boy regardless of gender? I’m a really good onlooker, though! 🙂


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