It wasn’t all in my head…exactly: an update

This is a very quick update to my last post, I hope I’m just paranoid.

It turns out…I’m not. Okay, maybe a little. More than anything, though, I’m just…complicated. And perhaps I overreacted a little.

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I met with Tony, my website tech, this morning and he listened and he clicked buttons and he waved his hands and created magic and stuff. He also told me I wasn’t paranoid because I truly couldn’t comment on your blogs; but, apparently, it wasn’t Word Press’s fault either.

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I tried to impress upon him the need to make it easier for people to comment on my posts without having to go to extremes. The good news is that you, allegedly, no longer have to enter your name, blood type, great grandmother’s maiden name and, of course, tax returns from the past seven years every. single. damn. time. you. want. to. comment.

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Wayward Sparkles also now has a “like” button  as well —

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and…as much as I bitched and bellyached the other day…I hate to admit it, but…I’ve kind of joined the WP cult/gated community.

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Okay, maybe not joined, per se, but I have a pass to get in and out.

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So y’all let me know if it is easier, harder or the same whenever you comment or even try to access my site, please.

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Also, somehow or another I’d managed to log out of WP on my phone. Of course, I never knew that I was ever even logged in — so there’s that. My phone is what I use to comment on others’ posts most of the time. To say I was aggravated and freaked out that I couldn’t comment on your blogs is an understatement; hence the rant from the other day. Who knows what went wrong or how that happened.

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I’m sure I touched the wrong sumpin’ or ‘nother that created this whole mess. That’s usually the problem.

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Anyway, it took a minute and a few attempts at remembering the right and most current password — but, hey, I can comment again…on my phone. Hopefully, that problem’s resolved now. So, I look forward to commenting on your blogs once again.

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Of course, once I got home from our two-hour meeting, I discovered another issue.

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Hopefully, Tony can easily fix this so it doesn’t drive me crazy. It’s not a big thing and it’s not even anything y’all would see. It’s on my dashboard. But it’s often the little things that drive us the most nuts, isn’t it? Anyway, fingers crossed.

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What was that you said?

How do I like eating crow?


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Well, now that you mention it…it’s not so bad with a dash of Worcestershire Sauce on it  — it kind of tastes like…turtle soup.

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Just kidding!

As if I would ever eat turtle soup.

Anyway, Word Press seems to have forgiven me. Here’s what it said at the end of this —

Thank you for creating with WordPress.

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 Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Keep it safe and keep it fun!

See y’all on the flipside!


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Sparkles y’all,


17 thoughts on “It wasn’t all in my head…exactly: an update”

    • Thank you, Adie!
      However, I do believe I’ll always be the proverbial redheaded stepchild, black sheep, the outsider of “The Family.” Still waiting to get my secret decoding ring and for the life of me, no one will teach me the secret “handshake.” ~ M

  1. I like Like buttons since I don’t always have something to say. And I’ve now been able to add you to my Reader as before it assured me that didn’t exist. I still have to enter name, email and website (the blog version of the Geneva convention, Sgt. Schultz knows) to comment, which I don’t like compared to other blogs where it already knows who I am. But… eh. It works.

    • I’m having the same experience as evilsquirrel13: Like button is fun. Commenting is the same.
      I’ve only ever had to put in my tax returns once or twice here, though.

  2. ES13 (Does that mean there are ES1-12’s?),
    Oh goody! Glad you like the like buttons. I think I’m going to like them too! So, my site is acting weird (behind the scenes.) Tony originally took Slimstat off because he installed Jetpack but I really liked the info Slimstat provided, so then he went in and re-installed Slimstat as our 2 hours were up and I think he installed a different version than what I had before and it’s…awful now. Ugh. All this to say, Tony and I still have some tweaking to do.

    Thanks for your feedback, Evil Squirrel. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m sure I’ll be seeing Tony next week if he’s available because I can’t this week and, hopefully, he can re-look into the sign in protocol because he told me people wouldn’t have to go through a bunch of rigmarole anymore. So, yeah, that definitely needs to get fixed. ~ M

  3. Well… it feels a bit different today on Wayward Sparkles… it’s nice! Yep, still have to enter everything as ES13 reported. I hit the like button and it just blinked at me, told me to fuck off and refused to hand over my decoder ring! I’ll see if it’ll be nicer after I enter the secret code to leave a comment.😉 I’m so happy you can comment! Yay! As for the entering info, it is not convenient but it is no big deal!💜💫

  4. Baby steps, as they say. I guess you took some baby steps toward Better. I like being able to like your posts now!! But I see the blanks fields for my name etc below as before. We do what we can and you are doing what you can and what else can we do? Your efforts will not go unrewarded!

    • Patricia,
      You’re right…I do feel much like a baby taking steps. I keep toddling, falling…but I keep getting back up! I’m glad you like the like button! Since Tony re-set virtually everything behind the scenes, I’m wondering if readers have to fill in the blanks once, but then it will remember your name, etc. in the future? Probably not, but just a thought. I wish I’d thought to ask him that. So much I don’t know. Baby steps. Thanks for your encouragement, my friend! ~ M

  5. Hooray for baby steps! I had no issue with the ‘like’ button, but still had to enter all the info prior to commenting. It’s a work in progress, and progression is way better than regression . 😉 😛

  6. QG,
    So glad the like button is working for you! I wonder why its blinking at Kim? Ugh. Sorry about the extra work though. As you say, WWS is a work in progress. And yes, progression is better than regression and dare I say it…aggression! Grrr. Please don’t tell Jett I just growled. LOL. ~ M

    • Haha! I think, in this case, Jett would completely understand the need to growl in frustration. 😉🐶

  7. I liked without a problem, but it still seems to want my measurements and first child in order to comment. When I’m on my computer I just punch in the first letter and it brings up my name and email addy to click, but on my phone I have to type in the whole damned thing. Which is a testament to how much I like you… I don’t do this for everyone.

  8. River,
    I truly appreciate your loyalty and determination! Sorry about the inconvenience! Ugh. 😶


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