Is bitter really better?


About a week ago, Ry was itchin’ to go out. He didn’t know where he wanted to go exactly, so I took him to Half Price Books. It’d been awhile since we’d been and he ended up with several CD’s. It was a successful outing.

Yep, we buy CD’s. That’s what Ry enjoys getting for Christmas. And it’s that time of the year, again, when we/he starts doing  that. By the time Christmas actually gets here, my son will have amassed around 50 plus CD’s. He will then spend several hours on Christmas Day downloading these new treasures into his IPOD. If I’m lucky, he’ll get a CD or two that appeals to me as well, and he’ll share it with me. Win/Win.

Listen, I know the idea of giving Christmas presents is that they’re supposed to be a surprise; and the way we do Christmas with Ryan; well, it’s unconventional, I’ll agree…but at this point, Ryan has so much music that there’s no way in hell that David or I could ever figure out what he has and doesn’t have anymore. So, we just let him find whatever he likes starting in the summer and then we buy it and set it aside.

During the months leading up to “The Big Day,” Ryan begins to anticipate what he already knows he’s going to get. By December 25th, he’s overjoyed. I must admit, he’s not been disappointed in what he gets for Christmas in years; which means we don’t disappoint him. Plus, he usually gets a few I-Tunes gift cards to supplement what he already has. Who knew it could be so easy!

BTW, I know they’re old school, but don’t knock the IPOD. I still use mine when I go out walking; which means I haven’t used it in awhile. I hope it still works the next time I go; which won’t be until it starts cooling down, so I’ll re-examine walking again in about another month — give or take. Ryan, on the other hand, uses his IPOD as much as I use my phone. On the other other hand, Ryan doesn’t have a fancy phone because all of his music is on his IPOD and he knows he can use either David’s or my phone if he needs to look something up. Again, win/win.

These systems we have in place, it’s like a streak of wins, y’all. Don’t mess with our systems, I-Tunes!

The Humor Section

While Ryan was busy picking out music at Half Price Books, I headed over to the humor section looking for something new to read. We’ll call it “research” because I’m writing a book and it’s good to know what’s been published and what people find funny because my book is supposed to be…well, I prefer the word amusing, but if readers end up finding it funny, that’s even better. Will it end up being ha-ha funny? I could only hope, but…amusing is a good start. Besides my research excuse, I figured I could use a little more humor in my life right now. There’s nothing quite so depressing as writing a book that’s supposed to be funny.

I gotta tell you, things weren’t looking so good in the humor section at the store that day, my friends. Okay, I know I was in a used book store and everything, but still…slim pickins’, y’all. First of all, I’m not interested in 101 jokes to tell. Nor am I interested in Bathroom Books. When it says Bathroom Book on the cover and it’s at a used bookstore…does anyone really have to point out the obvious reasons why you shouldn’t buy it, much less touch it? Or the books right next to it? I saw Sedaris on the shelves. I have all of his books. I have Jenny Lawson’s books, too. I’ve read Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants.

Funny Is as Funny Does, Bossy Pants

Did anyone who’s read Bossy Pants think it was actually funny? It was supposed to be funny, wasn’t it? I was amused…a little. I guess. I think it’s one of those books where they hype it up to be funny, and so there’s this expectation that the reader will just go along with the hype because, even if you’re not exactly laughing, Tina Fey’s still a big-time funny person, and so you kind of keep your opinions to yourself for fear that other people won’t like you because you’re going against the grain of what’s expected. I mean, I’m guessing here. Is that why people just go along and say something’s funny when it’s not? I go against the grain so often — not on purpose, mind you — but it’s just because I don’t believe in going along with something that I don’t believe in or agree with; so I’m forever pissing people off and they sort of expect that kind of behavior from me now — so, I have nothing to lose by just telling it like I see it. Yeah, so Bossy Pants. Dis-a-ppoint-ed. BIG TIME. Frankly, I don’t remember anything about it. I know it was written by Tina Fey. That should count for something.

I saw a bunch of other books at Half Price that I don’t even remember because they were just…I dunno…not funny sounding enough, I guess?

The Book

I finally found one book that looked like it might be worth reading — Jen Mann’s, People I Want to Punch in the Throat. I can relate to that. There’s a few people I want to punch…maybe, not in the throat…but punch nonetheless. BTW, where the hell did that saying originate? Why the throat? Is the throat a funny body part to punch? I think I’ve read something of Jenny Lawson’s where she used that same expression. So did Jenny Lawson get it from Jen Mann or did Jen Mann get it from Jenny Lawson? Or did they get it from someone else? I know, they got it from Tina Fey, right?


And why are all of these women humor writers that I’m reading right now named Jen and Jenny? What am I missing? Should I change my name to maybe Jenni or Gen? Will that make a difference in book sales when the time comes? I dunno. Maybe I’m screwed and out of the loop because I have the wrong name and also because I’ve never wanted to punch someone in the throat and because I don’t find Bossy Pants funny. Damn, that sounds like a trifecta of bad mojo, doesn’t it?

While I was contemplating all of this, Ryan came to find me with five different CD’s in hand. He was ready to head out. So without reading much more than Jenny Lawson’s stamp of approval for Jen Mann’s book, I decided to get it. And Ry’s CD’s.

Book Reviews (Kind of)

Jen Mann’s book started out funny. Halfway through, though, I decided that this woman was just another mother caught up in the vicious circle of hell known as raising-her-children. By that, I mean that her kids are/were in public school and she and her husband are navigating through the various social systems and structures meant to take middle-class parents’ hard-earned money and sanity in the rites and rituals known as socializing their kids while dealing with all the other overworked, overachieving, overindulgent parents and professional people out there who are “extra.” I forced myself to finish the book; but honestly, I found it a bit formulaic. Each chapter creatively dissed a different difficult, presumably, composite person (hence, the idea of wanting to punch them in the throat, I guess.) At least I hope the people this author’s writing about are unrecognizable and based upon several people made into a single person; otherwise, this mom is going to be or is very hated in her community. I know… you don’t have to say it…she’s laughing all the way to the bank. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

I recently read another humorous book by, you guessed it, another woman named Jen. Jen Lancaster this time — Bitter is the New Black. I think both of these books have been out for awhile, but, yeah, I’m just now getting around to reading them. Anyway, this Jen was honest in portraying herself as entitled, mean, shallow, bitchy, etc.; and life found a way of bringing her back down to earth, hard-knocks style. I bet she hates Joni Mitchell’s song, “Big Yellow Taxi” with it’s mocking, “…you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” lyrics because that’s what happened to her. Or maybe it doesn’t bother her because she’s grown and matured. I dunno.

Bitter or Golden?

Anyway, if I didn’t know better (and do I really?), bitter seems to be what’s going for humor right now. And don’t get me wrong. Bitter can be funny. Outrageously funny, even. (Just don’t ask me to give you an example cuz I got nuthin.’)  I dunno. So why am I not laughing? Maybe it’s not what I’m reading. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m bitter.

Nah, couldn’t be — cuz I’m a bowl of golden stardust, y’all!

Anyway, can anyone recommend a funny book that they’ve recently read or a funny movie or anything original and amusing? I only have one more season of Downton Abbey to watch and I’m definitely going to need a pick-me-up once it’s over. *sigh* I simply can’t get enough of Lady Violet’s zingers.

(God, this post is going to come back and bite me in the ass one day! I can just feel it!)

Since I mentioned it above, here’s a little Joni Mitchell to start the week!

And speaking of Joni Mitchell, I would be remiss to ignore the fact that we just celebrated Woodstock’s 50th anniversary. While Mitchell wasn’t there, CSN&Y were. Here’s their version of Joni Mitchell’s song, “Woodstock.”

Or if you prefer, you can hear Joni’s version

Happy 50th, Woodstock!




46 thoughts on “Is bitter really better?”

  1. Funny you should be talking about what’s funny and what’s not. My son Samuel is helping me get myself “culturally educated” by watching, with me, some of the stuff I missed when it was hugely popular. I never really got the Harry Potter thing, for example, so we are off and running. After the first, I still didn’t get it, and during the second, as he laughed here and there at various scenes or dialog, I found myself thinking Why is he laughing? How is that funny, even amusing? But okay, as they used to say before people got sensitive about pronouns, to each his own. For my part, I’m right there with you about Maggie Smith’s Lady Violet character and the absolute perfection with which she delivers her zingers — LOVE LOVE LOVE her. Classic performance. For the ages. I have considered finding the scripts online and compiling them so that when I need a really good laughing session, I can open it up/turn it on and lose myself in her hilarity. That said, my hat’s off to anyone (like you, Mona!) who can pull off humor with words alone — no tone, no body language helping, just words. That is a supreme accomplishment!

    • Hi Patricia! As always, you have the sweetest words. Isn’t it “funny” how one person can find something “funny” and another person is left scratching their head? Then there’s other moments of “funny” that seem to be universal. I mean does anyone not find Lady Violet’s quips and the way she delivers sheer perfection? Mona

  2. Thank you for the book reviews. I did like Bossypants but I was young and naive when I read it. All I remember is she said to always wear a bra, which is advice I now question. I’ve just downloaded Bitter is the New Black because I need something shallow. My last 3 reads were set in Europe in the 1940s so I’m mentally exhausted. I need to not feel so much anti-fascism during my next book. Sounds like this will be perfect. Even if I hate it.

    • Hey Paulette,
      Sounds like you’ve had some intense reading. You know, I recently read Peter Mayle’s book, A Year in Provence. A friend recommended it, I downloaded it and I loved it. It was light, funny, not too long and it fit the bill for what I was needing. It was a satisfying read. It didn’t give me a headache or make me feel judgy about any of the characters when I was reading it like Bitter is the New Black made me feel. Maybe I’ll look up more of his books. Okay, I’m trying to remember anything about Bossypants and what Tina Fey said about wearing a bra, but I’m drawing a blank. It’s been at least a year ago that I read that book and I don’t even have it anymore. So now I’m curious: why did she say you should always wear a bra and why do you now question that advice? Ha! Mona

  3. Lady Violet! Maggie Smith knows how to take a moment and make it monumental! I’m not a big fan of Tina Fey. Shit, it hurts to write that… I did enjoy that movie she was in as the war reporter. That was actually damn good.

    The funniest comedian ever, Joan Rivers. Ok, she tears apart the ‘stars’ like it even bothers them? No, it doesn’t. Has she ever gone too far… who’s to judge. Her earlier stuff on Johnny Carson… I was a kid and she had me rolling… “They combed Willie Nelson’s beard and found the Lindbergh baby!” (I use that for everything, “If your dad cleaned out his garage they’d find the Lindbergh baby.” “If you ever decide to clean out your purse don’t forget to report that you’ve found the Lindbergh baby…”) yes, I know, probably not funny, not p.c. and those who watch “The Office” won’t even know WHO the Lindbergh’s were. Glad I’m not trying to write something funny in today’s world when most jokes are considered offensive but displaying your entire life in selfies on Snapchat is not only celebrated but expected if your “extra.” Then we have Twitter… gawd! Awful.

    I better quit cause I’ll get hate mail, again!😂🤣😂

    Bravo on the Xmas routine! I think that is BRILLIANT!!! Long live the iPod!

    • Thank you. Kim! I hate having to weigh, measure, sift through and worry about what’s p.c. and what’s not. I worry too much in general and truly do not want to offend anyone, but I resent being made to feel like we were just a bunch of oafs in the pre-p.c. days who now need someone to tell us (even legislate in some cases) what is the correct/acceptable/advisable thing to say. Now if you really want to know what I think… 🙂

    • Kim,
      Right about Tina Fey? I mean I wanted to like Bossy Pants and it does feel “wrong” to write that I don’t. But also, it feels good to admit that as well. Go figure. I hate that some of the best comedians are gone — Joan Rivers and Robin Williams left huge holes in our world that no one’s been able to fill. Can you only imagine what they’d have to say about the world today? The fodder they’d have to work with? What they could do with hate mail? Hehhehhee. I’ll drink to the systems we have in place that work! Long may they run! How’s life on the move, my friend? Mona

      • It is much better! We close on the 5th. I found my brain again… wether it’s on full tilt is questionable!!! Thanks for asking, my friend!

  4. Please don’t remind me of Woodstock. My husband went, said “it wasn’t his scene” and left.
    The greatest music event in history. I would have killed to go… sadly, I was 5 and couldn’t attend.
    The fact that he didn’t tell me this tidbit about himself before we married speaks volumes. It might have been a deal breaker.
    As for iPods… I still have mine. It’s the classic, that holds like 1 million songs. I’m nowhere near to filling it but I’m trying

    • Oh River,
      I know…that’s a sore spot for you. It’s okay, though; about your husband, I mean. (I can’t believe I’m saying that because…OH MY GOD, WHAT WAS HE THINKING???!!!!) Do you think you would have attended this year’s celebration if the people who were trying to put together Woodstock 50 had actually succeeded? I mean, I couldn’t have afforded to go…but then again…I’m not sure that I’d have enjoyed many of the acts they originally had lined up either. And I know that there were concerts showing some of the original acts that were there, but it wasn’t “Woodstock.” Weird how 50 years makes a difference. Mona

  5. I used to think bitter was hilarious… now, I’m trying so desperately to look for the good – the silver lining – in as much of this world as I possibly can, that I’m finding bitterness to just be another dousing of the flame I want so badly to burn brightly. You mentioned in a comment on my last post “thieves” that I have a great attitude, and I really work at that every day. A conscious effort to maintain gratitude. It’s a little sad that I no longer find things funny that I used to… that watching comedic representation of suffering can no longer make me giggle. At the same time, I just wish there were more books/shows/movies, etc, that bring JOY at achievements, success and a guiding moral compass. My kids watch crap TV, but they also watch The Brady Bunch, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood – shows that have ZERO equal in today’s society. I even bite my tongue when friends turn to bitterness to describe a situation they’re in. I don’t believe the people involved are contriving to “get you”, or that the universe has it in for you. This pervasive bitterness feels a bit like cowardice – unwillingness to bend, change, move & take action to correct something. It’s a victim mentality that allows us all to sit back & pout. Sorry, I’m ranting. Feel free to just delete this comment!! I had no idea I felt so strongly about this.

      • Oh Patricia!! I don’t want to be a preachy platypus either!! LOL. I still maintain a grasp of the flip side of the coin & roll my eyes at all the PC nonsense that always gets quite a bit out of hand, too!

    • You know Andie,
      Sometimes we don’t know just how we feel about something until we start talking or writing about it and then it surprises us. If this post offered you that opportunity, I’m so glad you shared. You are always welcome to have your say on my blog!

      With that said, as I was reading what you wrote, I don’t know that I can entirely agree with you when you say that pervasive bitterness feels a bit like cowardice, clearly for you it does…but I do think that, at least in some instances, it’s a lazy way to get laughs; and if that’s the only way you’re getting laughs, then it becomes formulaic; which becomes boring. I think that’s my biggest peeve with Jen Mann’s book. She does, however, have a couple of funny moments; one being when she and her husband were on their first date. I enjoyed that! Also, just so you know and clearly you don’t have to agree with me at all about this; but when you’re own therapist admits that you’ve had a helluva lot of shit that’s been dumped in your lap that you didn’t set yourself up to receive — I believe his words were along the line of — “You really have to deal with a lot of shit that most people never have to, more shit than most. The thing is, life tends to spread the manure around pretty equally, but you’ve really gotten more than your share. At first I wasn’t sure, but now I believe that you aren’t going out of your way to create problems for yourself, that they really are coming to you,” (because some people do set themselves up), then it takes a minute to wonder what the hell is going on and why and how to go about tackling it? I see myself as a warrior, hardly a victim, but damned if life can’t take the wind out of your sails sometimes! Even so, I try and keep in mind that my family and I have it far better than so many; still that doesn’t diminish the struggles my family and I have faced. And whatever we face, I know that someone’s got it so much worse! So I try and appreciate what we do have, but still…sometimes…(Okay, that got a little intense. I guess the point is, sometimes life is damned difficult and all depending on a person’s circumstances and his or her coping skills and a trillion other little things that make up each person, I can certainly understand why some are able to prevail and others feel like they are being punished or victimized, etc. It’s a frame of mind that makes it more difficult to move out of those circumstances, so we definitely want to empower people, but it certainly doesn’t diminish their personal struggles or their pain. As the saying goes, we don’t really have any control over much more than how we react to life. Now look here, I got to thinking and writing about this and who knew I was feeling so intense about this. That’s why I love interacting with people, though. I learn a lot and I hope they enjoy thinking about things in different ways, too. And you’re right, I love your attitude! It really makes a big difference in one’s resilience. Can we just bottle it up some of what you have and sell it? I know a lot of people who could use some extra of what you have! Big hugs to you, my friend, Mona

      • Mona,
        I totally agree – everyone’s life’s got static, and it’s all about dealing with it in the best way you know how. Pulling up those bootstraps & get goin’. I see you as a Warrior, totally, and I get where you’re coming from. I think my comment started off ranting about books/tv/etc, and took a slight turn. I think it’s the stuff we ingest (via our eyes & ears) that’s creating so much complacence about these situations, rather than lifting us up and showing our children that there are true remedies that can be sought if you’re willing to put in the effort. And yes, unfortunately, sometimes it’s a TON of effort due to the cards you’ve drawn. Much love, Andie

  6. I read BossyPants too-and as a long time fan of Tina Fey, was also a little disappointed. I appreciated all she had to say about making her way in the world of comedy, but I guess I expected to laugh more, and harder, than I did. On the other hand, I read Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” and absolutely loved it. It was hilarious, honest and upbeat. Have you read that one yet? If not, I highly recommend. I also read Amy Schumer’s “Girl with the Lower Back Tatoo” and laughed my butt off!

    • Howdy Rhonda!
      Okay, I’m going to have to check out Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please” and Amy Schumer’s “Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.” Thanks for the recommendations! Looking forward to reading them! I could use a good laugh! Mona

  7. I actually like all of Jen Lancaster’s earlier books. Such A Pretty Fat is a good one. Her later books seem a little more contrived.

    I feel sort of like I know Jen Mann even though I really don’t, because we’ve had some conversations on Twitter. LOL. Her blog post about Elf on a Shelf is pretty funny. I like People I’d Like To Punch in the Throat at Work. It’s pretty relatable!

    • Kat,
      Isn’t Elf on a Shelf like classic? I didn’t realize that was her. And for that matter, I’m aware of Elf on a Shelf, but my kids were grown by then and so I never really checked it out. It’s about putting a creepy elf on the shelf to watch over the kids for Santa or something like that, isn’t it? Note to self:..look into the elf. (BTW, did you know I have a collection of elves? Pointy hats, pointy shoes, pointy ears, mischievous…what’s not to love? Did I just come down in your eyes because of that? Hehheeehee!) Also, I don’t know about Jen Mann’s other books, but I know that I love your blog because what you write about is totally relatable and FUNNY!!!! What I told you like a million years ago (okay, it was only about a year ago when we first discovered each other)…but it’s still true today. When you write your book, I will be the first in line to buy it, and I’ll probably buy copies to give out to all my family and friends! You know I love your blog and ya know, you’re pretty cool too. Just don’t let it go to your head, ‘k? Also, can’t wait until midnight cuz I can’t go to bed until I get my Angel Who Swears fix. Just saying…Mona

      • Ok…I’m a bad blog friend. I’m just now reading this. MY LIFE IS TOO BUSY RIGHT NOW! Ok, rant over. Thank you, my friend. I hope I can write a book someday, but right now, I’m just paying bills! LOL

  8. Mona – I just finished editing a very funny book – Bygone Buffoonery, Stories Lost in Time Reimagined by an Author who’s Lost His Mind. Should be coming to Amazon soon!

  9. Katherine,
    YESSSS!!!! Now that sounds original and funny. I’ll keep my eyes open. Thanks for the recommendation! Waiting…checking Amazon…waiting…checking Amazon some more. Dammit! How long do I have to wait? *sigh* LOL. Mona

    PS ~ Oh shit! I did just check it out for real and it’s out! WooHoo!

        • Thank you! All by itself buffoon is a funny word. I remember encountering it in The Brothers Karamazov: “Indeed, whenever I meet people I feel that I am the lowest of the low, and that everybody takes me for a buffoon. So I say to myself, ‘Let me really play the buffoon, I’m not afraid of your opinions, because every one of you is even worse than I am.’ That’s why I’m a buffoon.” This book does not make the comedy list, but it is one I read in my early twenties — just graduated from college, found a list of the top 100 books you should read before graduating HIGH SCHOOL — and I had read THREE of them. It was someone’s list, not definitive, totally subjective, I know, but it was something and I hit the library and worked my way through. The Brothers was on that list. I remember I couldn’t put it down.
          Mark Twain though — I laugh as I try to get through in one breath his page-long sentence in Connecticut Yankee that mimics/mocks the German language, his transcontinental sentence so insistent at having the verb at the end. Maybe you have to know some German to appreciate how hilarious this is (I know some, not much, but enough). I roar. Masterful, absolutely masterful.

  10. Allow me to drag you back through the distant sands of time and suggest a dusty old Mark Twain. You want bitter done right, he’s your guy. God of acid retorts and social criticism.
    I once read a Dave Barry book that stuck with me forever: Tricky Business. Certain parts of it I never forgot, and I forget everything, so it must have been good.
    Of course, if you haven’t read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, nobody has Douglas Adams beat for pure English absurdism.
    How dark does your sense of humor go? Ever read Choke by Chuck Palahniuk? Most people won’t even categorize his stuff as humor but it made me laugh. After reading about eight of his books in a row though I got a little ill and had to stop, haha.
    Also, that’s really adorable about Ryan and his ahead-of-time Christmas CDs. <3

    • Sarah,
      I know. I’m probably being a little harsh about the bitter angle. Don’t get me wrong — I like a little bitter here and there. I guess maybe I got too much of it in too short of time. Hence the need for a different kind of humorous tale. Otherwise, you see what happens; I become jaded and angry-ish and fearful and bitter and all the rest of that nonsense. It’s distressing. Also, Mark Twain? Say no more. No one beats him at acerbic wit. I’m so glad that you like Dave Barry. Few people even know who he is, anymore, which makes me sad; but when he had a column in the newspaper, it was one of the highlights of my week to read his goofy antics and his take on current issues. Speaking of Barry, have you ever read Gene Weingarten’s The Fiddler in the Subway? Every once in awhile when I need extra encouragement to write, I read his introduction to this book and all is well again. The book, itself, is filled with extraordinary stories of human experience (some amusing, some incredibly sad); and it’s just one of my favorite reads. I believe I have a copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide; though I haven’t read it; perhaps it’s because I already know that 42 is the answer. I know, it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey. I need to read the damned book. Anyway, I like your recommendations. I looked up Choke and it is now on my list of things to read. I don’t know that I’ll find it funny, but I think there’s a lot to be learned from it just from the little I read about it. Sounds fascinating. As to Ryan — I remember thinking that I knew a little something about classic rock once upon a time. Music is one of the things that I can’t do at all but that I love so dearly, and I’ve done my best to share my passion for music with my son — and he has now shown me just how little I really know about classic rock. Except, on occasion, I can still surprise him, which I did last week. Maybe I’ll write about that this coming week. Mona

      • I never read The Fiddler in the Subway. It sounds like something made just for you: human-loving and humorous at once. I read as much of the introduction as I could find on Amazon, and it was really educational!
        You know what you might like, and maybe already have read, is anything by James Herriot. He manages to be very sweet, without going full chicken-soup-for-the-soul. Probably the opposite end of the humor spectrum from Chuck Palahniuk, haha.

        • I LOVE James Herriot. His Mrs. Donovan is one of my favorites in Dog Stories. So real, so observant, so human is his approach. Yet no gooey sweetness. Marvelous stuff. I recently purchased several copies for gifts.

    • I just adore both Douglas Adams and Chuck Palahniuk. I’ve read the whole Hitchhiker’s series and most of everything that Chuck has written – with breaks – because some of that stuff you can’t “unsee”. Choke is a movie, now, but not a great one like Fight Club, and they’re trying to make Lullaby.

      • Yassss. You have impeccable taste! Or maybe really low-down taste, I’m not sure. But whatever it is, we share it 😀
        Oh, they made a movie of Choke? Was it stupid? Do you think they’ll do Lullaby justice?

        • I prefer to think we have impeccable taste! Choke was “ok”… Sam Rockwell starred & did what he could. I wouldn’t take it all the way to stupid, but it could have been way better. They did a KickStarter for Lullaby & they keep saying that they’re trying to land some good talent to star in it. I’m crossing my fingers!!

  11. I’m not a fan of bitter humour either—it gets so boring. But then, I’ve never found Sedaris particularly funny either. When I’m in the mood for humour, I watch Brooklyn 99 or John Mulaney. But I like your style—you should get that book out!

    • Suzanne,
      I understand what you mean about Sedaris, I think. It took me a little while to warm up to him; and he’s written a few stories that don’t appeal to me at all, but then again, he’s written a few that have stayed with me. One of these says, I’ll have to check Brooklynn 99 out! I know it’s pretty popular, and you like it, so it must be good! I’m not sure who John Mulaney is, but I’ll check him out as well. Thanks for your recommendations, my friend! And for your kind words! Mona

  12. I wondered about Tina Fey’s book and never even gave it a glance in the bookstore. Your review rings true to me. She’s famous for being funny, but whenever I’ve seen her interviewed as herself she doesn’t seem funny to me.

    The funniest books I’ve read were by J. Maarten Troost. They came out years ago. Anyhow the first one is The Sex Lives of Cannibals. You might be able to find it at Half Price Books.

  13. Ally,
    The title of that book just begs to be read. Definitely going on my list to check out! Thanks for the recommendation! Mona

  14. My oldest son is all about adding to his CD collection at the moment… and as a matter of fact, a good number of those recent purchases have come from Half Price Books. 😀 I love a good humor book (shocking, I know), but it seems that few really live up to my high hopes and expectations. This must be where the throat punching comes into play. Although Jett actually did throat punch me earlier today. I’d like to think it was an accident rather than a direct response to waking up to yet another bowl of boring old doggie chow. 😛

    • Hey QG,
      You have a CD collector, too, huh? Honestly, Half Price Books is where it’s at when it comes to CD’s. Oh that Jett, staying trendy with the throat punches! He is such a cutie! Mona

  15. Kat, just cuz you’re busy doesn’t make you a bad blogger friend. Perish that thought. The nice thing about this format is that it isn’t going anywhere. You can get to it when you can! Have a glass of cupcake moscato on me and relax! 🐝

  16. couple of suggestions: not slap your knee funny, but good reads with enough humor to keep it interesting and surprisingly real: Terry Pratchett. don’t start with the first ones, start with the witches’ books, or “Nightwatch” or “HogFather”. And of course Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, “Good Omens”…And I do love Jenny Lawson, she’s amazing.

    • Judy,
      Thanks for the suggestions! I’m thinking that I’ll try out the witches’ books in October–ya know, cuz it will be the season and all that! Mona

  17. The fact that there are so many differences of opinion always gives me hope that there’ll always be someone somewhere who’ll like what I write lol

    • da-Al,
      That’s a wonderful perspective you have and you’re right! Of course, I’ve never been disappointed in anything you write. So there’s that, too. Have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Mona


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