Falling into flight

The faster the sky is falling into…well, a fall-ish time if not fall-ish weather, the smaller it feels I become. This is a good thing, of course…maybe, but then again…well, I’ll have to come back to that after I re-think it about a million more times whether it’s true that this is a good thing…my feeling so small…because as I rise above the clouds, if not the fog, I know that sooner or later I will implode into tiny, magnificent, colorful butterflies. Hundreds if not thousands of them scurrying around — flitting — I think is the word that most people think of when thinking about their winged movements — fluttering and flitting left and right and all around aka here, there and everywhere. A fitting release for what’s in store.

Of course, that could just be the Vyvanse.

Busy, busy, busier than bees, I’ll become, trying to dust and re-feather my nest. I have to be careful as I choreograph, let alone dance this dizzying, buzzing, fluttering cavort. I don’t want the feather duster feathers to fly uncontrollably stirring up God knows what nor my nest to shake, causing things to topple or drop as damnable as fumbled eggs, scattered, splattered, and scrambled and then frying, sizzling in place where they cracked open in the godawful heat of these last days of a Texas summer, far too stubborn to ever let go without a fight. The summer heat, of course; not the eggs. So scorching hot that my tears evaporate before they ever hit my cheek let alone the ground.

Anyway, the point is, I don’t want my nest to be over-feathered or under-dusted or spoilt by eggs landing where they shouldn’t, none of which is my goal, even though I’m a bit hungry when I think of fried eggs and I do tend to put them all in one basket; which makes for a fine pointed, tense line that is absolutely key to this autumnal routine; one which I think is entirely in need of an overhaul of the major kind or the Swedish Death kind — but even so, first things first. Changes and overhauls will have to wait, which of course, is never fast enough even though I might, I probably, have the time. I hope.

But one can never really know about these things, can one, when one is in the fall of one’s life?

Perhaps some music will help to get things kicked off —



PS ~ If anyone has any great fall cleaning tips, I’d be much obliged! Thanks, M

17 thoughts on “Falling into flight”

  1. This is delightful. I hear ‘ya about wanting to get the nest more organized, cleaner– but I’ve no practical, or impractical, tips for doing so. Other than to say the only way through it is to do it. Effort, it always comes down to… effort.

    • Hey Ally,
      Thanks for your kind words. So elbow grease and stamina…got it! Thanks, my friend. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Mona

  2. And I read it as metaphor, entirely metaphor — didn’t see a bit of actual cleaning in there! Possibly because my own house is such a mess in the midst of this construction project. Samuel had to look for Coco’s leash earlier and said Mom, why can’t you put it in the same place twice? Maybe because all the places keep changing! All the surfaces, all the nooks, the hanging places — all a discombobulated mess that I keep slogging through somehow. (There used to be a consistent place — okay, maybe two or three consistent places — for Coco’s leash!) All of which is irrelevant, I realize, except to say that I saw the piece as more of a mind game, a way to get yourself to a good place, solid, ready, all that (which we occasionally get to in life, right? right? tell me it’s so!). But my take vs. others’ takes reminds me that we all see things differently, even the very same words on a screen, sometimes very differently. I enjoyed the idea of the things in your head (and mine also) flitting around, trying to make order of themselves with or without my help. Sometimes they do!

    • Patricia,
      I had a moment there where I felt at peace and all was right with the world. So that’s what the inside of your head is like. Nice, I like it! Glad you got a lot done. I’ve started dusting, but I’m working on something more important right now. Plus, today is David’s birthday! But such is life! David decided that he could sleep the day away. It’s his birthday, so if that’s what he wants to do, he has my blessing! ~ M

  3. I just close the door and walk away from the place I call -the black hole.
    Otherwise, I just do a bit at a time. A drawer, a litter box, dishes…the snack box. oops. lol.

    • Sarah,
      I’m sure your home is stunning! Unfortunately, I live in denial too much of the time and the dust accumulates anyway! Ugh. ~ Mona


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