Everything’s Coming Up Pumpkins!

Great Pumpkins, Charlie Brown, it’s fall already!

I live in North Central Texas and sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the seasons. Here we are in November and we had a record high of 94 degrees yesterday! Shorts and t-shirts are never out of reach — even in winter. However, to celebrate that our leaves are finally starting to turn those magnificent reds, oranges and yellows of autumn, which means we’ve hit cooler temps a couple of times this fall — however elusive and fickle that cooler weather may be — our family visited a couple of seasonal events that celebrate pumpkins!

The first event we visited was at the Dallas Museum of Art, where we experienced a modern and magical interpretation of a pumpkin patch —

Yayoi Kusama: All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins

I encourage you to experience it for yourself when this exhibit visits your city. Or, if like me, sometimes you only have the opportunity to read about an event, you can click on the above, which will take you to the DMA’s webpage with more beautiful pictures and a summary about the exhibit and artist. If you’re in the DFW area, or you feel like traveling from hours away for the short two minutes you’re allowed to immerse yourself in this timed exhibit, it’s at the DMA through February 25, 2018.


The second event we visited was at a more traditional pumpkin patch/animal farm/zoo.


where we bought some cool pumpkin-ish pumpkins for our own mini pumpkin patch.

While we were at the Gentle Zoo, we met a few new friends along the way.

Some personable llamas, Llama 1 and Llama 2!

A very cool emu and a couple of potbellied pigs

and a black and white tegu with a slithery tongue!

The Gentle Zoo has more animals than what I’ve shown here and we had a lot of fun! So if you get the chance, it’s worth the drive to Talty/Forney, Texas, just east of Dallas.

The only thing we haven’t done, YET, is enjoy pumpkin pie! So, if any of my Wayward Friends has an extraordinary pumpkin pie recipe they’d like to share, please do! Or, alternatively, what recipe, food or thing do you and your family enjoy that is synonymous with fall? What are your fall traditions?

Ooooh — wait, y’all — you know what I’d like even better than pumpkin pie? My sis-in-law’s pumpkin cream puffs! YUM! Hands down, they’re the best! Kimmie, I hope you’re reading this!

Send pumpkin pie recipes anyway!

Wishing you and yours all the best this season has to offer!




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