Doing Lunch, Dah-ling!






Where the heck have I been?

I was having lunch with my friend Lilibeth this past week at a recently opened restaurant touting healthy food called bellagreen American Bistro.  I’ve been wanting to try it since it opened. My family and I like trying new places to eat, but when my son got wind of the word “healthy,” heaven and hell wasn’t going to move Ryan to eat at this place.

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Lucky me, my friend Lilibeth also likes to try new restaurants.

bellagreen’s is a fast, casual joint with friendly staff that greet you when you enter. You order at the counter, get your own drinks (may I recommend a refreshing Arnold Palmer made with their delicious sparkling lemonade?) and then they bring the food out to your table from their scratch kitchen.

Okay, I know that “scratch” is kind of a trendy term in the restaurant industry right now. I’m not sure exactly what that means. I prefer to think that they make everything from recipes in house, rather than ship in food product already made that just needs to be warmed through before serving. But I’m probably wrong. Anyway, when I think of “scratch,” I also think of “itch.” I don’t like to think about itching, especially when it comes to eating. Besides, I itch enough without having to be reminded. Just saying…

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My initial impression of bellagreen was that it felt and looked new and clean and healthy and modern and upscale. A wall of live plants separated seating sections from the entrance area. A modern art design using about a million corks was on the entrance wall and another art piece (metal circles filled with varying types of green moss) was on a back wall.

Whether the moss was living or dead, I have no idea. As long as I don’t ever have to sit next to something that could accidentally fall on me and make me think I’m being attacked by a creepy crawly, life is fucking amazing in my world. Okay, maybe I overthought the moss sculpture a little; but that’s how I’ve managed to survive in one piece through the years, so deal with it. Also, I didn’t have to sit next to it.

The place was busy at 1:00 PM on a week day. That’s always a good sign. Looking at the dishes that people were eating, the food looked amazing. The portions I saw, especially the salads, were also impressive. With the important initial boxes checked on sussing out a new eatery,  Lilibeth and I proceeded to phase two: looking over the menu.

The menu had a wide variety of choices (a bit on the pricey side for lunch, imho); but then something else grabbed both Lilibeth’s and my attention. We were somewhat amused by an unexpected ingredient in at least two, maybe three menu selections: hemp.


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Yep, hemp brownies and, also, poppy seed and hemp dressing were on the menu. I’m pretty sure there was something else that had hemp in it, but…I’ve already forgotten. Whatever.

Lilibeth ordered turkey lettuce wraps, which sounded just a little too healthy for my taste. I went for a tri-tip sandwich with arugula that was covered in melted brie and slathered with horseradish. Now that’s my idea of lunch! And while Lilibeth didn’t care much for the turkey in her lettuce wraps, my sandwich was yummy! We also both had sides of fruit that were supposed to be drizzled with poppy seed hemp dressing; because at least one of us wanted to live on “the wild side!” WooHoo!

Yea, we’re “wild,” I tell ya. At least we thought there was hemp dressing on our fruit. Lilibeth said she could taste it. “It has a distinctive flavor,” were her words.

My fruit, unfortunately or fortunately (since I have no idea what hemp tastes like), tasted like…well…fruit. Without dressing. So I may have been cheated out of dressing altogether. Either way, I think we both got a psychological “buzz” from eating at such a trendy place, dah-ling!

Not that either of us got stoned. Don’t think that for one minute — because at least one of us knew the difference between a psychological buzz and what it actually feels like to be stoned, even if that was several decades ago. All I’m saying is that neither of us were laughing hard enough to indicate that either of us had enjoyed the “good stuff.” No red eyes for these gals. Or the munchies.


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Of course, Lilibeth informed me that this was a new trend in restaurants, which immediately gave us something to discuss. Lilibeth sees marijuana as the future of our country — not just from a medical standpoint, but from a recreational standpoint as well. And let us not dismiss the culinary aspects of hemp/cannabis/marijuana either. Anyway, Lilibeth’s thinking about investing in this new industry. If she does, she’ll probably make a fortune.

I suppose, I should be onboard with all of this as well. I’m hesitant, though. I keep seeing what Bedford Falls in It’s a Wonderful Life was like without George Bailey’s influence. It was a much grittier, angrier, uglier, morally corrupt place called Pottersville. Nothing innocent or unspoiled there.


All I’m saying is — Thank God for George Bailey and his good influence!

Listen, I’m all for live and let live; but still, there’s a little part of me that doesn’t want life to be all about greed and escaping from reality through mind-altering chemicals or vices. I know I tend to stay out of politics, but that doesn’t mean I don’t worry about the world and our place in it. Also, trust me, I’m hardly the moral police (can you even imagine me in that role? heeheehee)…but damn, y’all. Why aren’t we doing better? Why are we determined to make our lives grittier, angrier, uglier, less satisfying, and just all around…less?

Okay. I know. It’s your right to live how you see fit. I’m not going to judge. Everyone has their reasons why they do what they do. Y’all do whatever. I’m just sad that some people want a Pottersville version of life for themselves. That’s all. And no, I doubt that cannabis is going to lead to the downfall of this country. However, I probably won’t partake of the gonja (marijuana), even if it’s legalized nationwide. I have my reasons.

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As to hemp, CBD oil and the rest of the five-leafed cannabis stuffs— I guess I find an awful lot of it “trendy” (because it is now just barely legally in some places, I suppose); and this surge to embrace it and invest in it is all well and good, I guess; but I dunno. Lilibeth talked about hemp restaurants as though they were the next big thing, “Doesn’t everyone know about hemp restaurants?”

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“Nope. Never heard of them,” was my response. Well, apparently, we were eating at a “hemp restaurant.” I actually Googled the words while we were eating and bellagreen showed up as one of many nearby “hemp restaurants” near me. Who knew?

And what exactly makes it a “hemp restaurant?” Because they wave the dried stalk of this type of cannabis over food, maybe crumble a few dried bits into some of their dressing or bake it into their brownies for the “potential” health benefits it might provide? I think it’s going to take a little more than that to get it Cheech & Chong approved because, you know, there’s no “high” in what they serve.

Puh-leeze, y’all. Seriously? They’re not doing this for the health benefits of anyone. Who truly believes that? They’re doing this because it’s “trendy,” and they’re hoping to make a shitload of money from those who want to be seen being trendy. (Okay, maybe a few places really do believe that’s what they’re selling. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but I reserve the right to roll my eyes, anyway!)

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This is not to say that I don’t get that there are medical benefits of marijuana. I do. I remember talking to a friend who was a nurse and found herself in a moral dilemma (a million years ago.) She was torn about getting her husband pot because he had major pain and there wasn’t anything else that was able to relieve his pain except smoking pot. At the time, you couldn’t get medical marijuana anywhere except maybe California. Then again, this was so long ago that probably not even California. However, like I said, my friend was a nurse and nurses live by an ethical code of conduct. She had no idea what to do. If she got caught buying her husband a bag of weed, she could lose her license. I told her, “Listen, if it were me and that’s the only relief my husband could get, I’d be finding a dealer. But that’s just me. And if you do this, be discreet; don’t get caught. And don’t tell anyone you’re doing this. Not even me.” Anyway, I have no idea what she eventually did. We never discussed it again.

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Likewise, I get that there are a bunch of people who also get relief from using CBD oil. Again, you do what ya gotta do, but also know that if you get caught doing something ILLEGAL (and I don’t think CBD oil is legal everywhere), based upon where you live, there are consequences, my friend. There may even be long-term consequences that you’ve never thought about and won’t know to think about until it’s too late.

I remember speaking to someone who was upset because he was honest on a job application about having smoked pot as a teenager. Because of his indiscretion, he was turned down from getting the government job he wanted. He tried for another government job, and this time, he didn’t mention his  prior, youthful pot-smoking past. Apparently, it didn’t matter. He was already flagged on their computer data base. He couldn’t get a job at any government agency. So who knew that government agencies shared this kind of information with each other? And if you didn’t know this before, now you do. You’re welcome.

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But then there are a bunch of people who are only going to embrace the use of cannabis and cannabis by-products strictly based on its “cool factor,” while vehemently denying that’s why they’re into it. I get that they want to be seen as “cool” or “hip” or “trendy;” but let me tell you, that kind of pretentious bullshit tends to annoy the shit out of me. Know why? Cuz I don’t care if you’re cool or a complete nerd or something in between. I don’t like you because of what other people perceive you to be or whether you smoke pot or don’t smoke pot. So just chill and be yourself. You don’t have anything to prove to me or anyone else. And what you do or don’t do is usually no one else’s business, BTW!

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Also, I learned a long time ago that I’m neither a follower nor a leader. I do my thing while respecting that you do yours.

That means, don’t expect me to do what you’re doing just because it’s what everybody else is currently doing — unless, of course, I truly enjoy doing whatever “it” is. The words, “everybody’s doing it” doesn’t impress me nor will it move me. I’m not a “jump on the bandwagon” kind of person. I’ll just look at you and think bad thoughts if you use that line of persuasion with me — which I may or may not voice.

Anyway, like it or not, cannabis is trendy and there’s a bunch of people that are getting into cannabis just for that fact alone which equates to — MONEY, y’all!  According to one source, here are just a few cannabis-based products that you can now buy:

cannabis oil,

Image result for cannabis oil

skin and beauty treatments,

Image result for cannabis skin and beauty products





Image result for cannabis beverages


Image result for cannabis chocolate bar

and dog treats

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Dog biscuits? Can you fucking believe that?!

But I guess if cats get to enjoy catnip, then why keep the dogs from enjoying a little something similar? Sorry, Buddy, but you’re not getting them. Yeah, I know…I’m a mean dog mom.

Anyway, just because I’m a little annoyed at trendy shit, doesn’t mean that I’m opposed to trying new things. Clearly, I’m open to trying new restaurants. Also, just because I don’t always go with the flow, doesn’t mean that I can’t do this on occasion when someone I care about wants to do something that I’m not all that into. I’m not a social pariah or blind to others’ wants. I’m not immune to checking out new trends here and again to see if it’s something I can appreciate.

But I also want people to realize the “why” of what they’re doing. The “why” actually matters, y’all. It’s good for people to know this and then own it. Including me. That’s all. And for some, “I’m doing this because everyone else is doing it and I want to be part of that,” is at the very least, honest, and it’s as good a reason why as any other, I suppose. Just don’t pretend that it’s for some other bullshit reason and then expect me to believe you.

BTW, just so y’all know — I’m not writing this about Lilibeth just because she said she might invest in this industry. It just occurred to me as I was reading back over this post that since Lilibeth and I had lunch and then I went into all of this, that some might think I’m writing specifically about her. I’m not. So rest easy, Lilibeth, my friend!

I’m generalizing about this topic because I’m watching this cannabis trend emerge; and many in our society respond to trends by just going along with them so they can feel like they’re fitting in without realizing that what they’re doing might have consequences. Sometimes people do shit and they don’t realize that what they’re doing could end up hurting them…or someone else. So, I’m generalizing about this topic without pointing fingers at anyone, y’all. I could just as easily be talking about vitamin supplements or exercise trends or diets.

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In this case, the idea that cannabis is “harmless” or always “healthful” is as dangerous as thinking that vaping is better for you than smoking cigarettes. Because we can debate the degrees of “better than” all day long; but ultimately, when someone suffers because they thought they couldn’t get hurt when they were blindly following a trend or because some ad suggested that there were no studies that linked their product to “problems/ diseases/ syndromes,” I always think, “what a fucking waste,” when someone, inevitably, pays a high cost.

I hate that assholes are out there getting rich on someone else’s suffering because of ignorance and stupidity and because there was a lack of evidence linking their product or substance to the detriment of peoples’ health. I hate when someone’s quality of life is destroyed because they didn’t know better and they blindly trusted something that turned out not to be true.

I think we can now look back and realize that just because a doctor offered opioids to those who were in physical pain in the not-too-recent past, doesn’t mean that it was always the safest thing to do or the right thing to do for everyone or that it didn’t have horrible consequences for far too many to count. And yet, for some people like one friend of mine, opioids are a godsend in managing her pain. There just isn’t a one-size-fits-all to this stuff.

News reports are also now coming out suggesting that vaping has destroyed quality of life, as well. While I’m not 100 percent positive, I’m pretty sure (fingers crossed) there is now evidence to support these claims. I’m hoping that with more information coming out about the real-life effects of vaping, that people will become better informed about the hazards.

Again, one person can smoke cigarettes for sixty plus years and not be unduly impacted by them. Others, too many others like my mom, however, die from COPD or lung cancer caused from smoking cigarettes or from using other tobacco products. Even after Mom stopped smoking, the damage was already done. COPD progressed and slowly took away the quality of her life and then…her life.

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So all I’m saying is that if you’re one of those people who feel the need to experience getting stoned or feel the urge to use hemp/cannabis/marijuana products for fear of missing out, then just consider what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. BTW, smoking weed is still illegal in Texas, where I live.


Don’t blame others for your choices! Because if you do, everyone (including me) is going to laugh at you for being a stupid jackass. So if you do something stupid, then take ownership, and we’re all good. I’ll still love ya. Just try not to make any negative life-altering decisions if you can. Cuz, again, I love ya and yea, I’m a little concerned for you. I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life, exactly. But live and learn, y’all. 

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So in summary — Don’t do anything that’s stupid, illegal or is going to come back and bite your ass in the future if you can help it! Keep in mind that you may fail a drug test, too, if you use a cannabis-based product! But whether you do shit or don’t, quit talking about it already. It doesn’t make you look cool or edgy nor does it make you cool or edgy. 


Otherwise, you get a well-deserved Jethro Gibb’s head slap for being an idiot! And, hopefully, you won’t have just fucked up yours or someone else’s life.

Also, one other thing: just know that “having the munchies” really is a thing. Munchies cause you to eat bad shit and gain weight. So if you decide to go that route, I’ll pretend not to notice as long as you don’t pressure me to “just give it a chance” and join you on your new-found adventures.

Stoned Munchies GIF

Now then, I believe my work here is done and there’s a brownie out there that’s calling my name. Mmm…brownies!

Thank you, Patricia from An Unboring Path for the wonderful and thoughtful surprise!

She made me brownies, y’all, to cheer me up when I was feeling blue! And no, she didn’t put anything extra into them except love! I love you, Patricia, you kind woman, you!

high cannabis GIF


Here’s my music selection for your listening pleasure: (watch Matthew McConaughey below while listening to the song for extra entertainment!)

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Y’all have a safe and fun Labor Day Weekend! And if you get caught doing shit, don’t call me to bail your sorry ass out of jail! I don’t have the money. But I’ll be thinking about you and figuring out how to work your misfortune into fodder for a new blog somewhere down the road! #sorrynotsorry.



PS ~ Kim at I Tripped Over a Stone, made me realize that I forgot to add something important to this post. So what is the difference between Marijuana, CBD and Hemp? Excellent question. You can find that answer here. So now you know. Thanks so much for your thoughts and input, Kim!

19 thoughts on “Doing Lunch, Dah-ling!”

  1. Ok, you can eat hemp? I thought it was like linen or something and it was made into uncomfortable garments and shapeless totes. But you can eat the stuff? [Well in your case you didn’t eat the stuff but you had the opportunity to do so.] I don’t know what to make of this. My world has been rocked– or stoned– or whatever.

    • Hey Ally,
      I know, eating hemp doesn’t sound all that appetizing, does it? When I think of “hemp,” I always think of rope for some reason. Not sure why, but I do. And yeah, I was curious what it might actually taste like just for the reasons you stated. I never assumed that it would alter my frame of mind nor provide me with any health benefits either. But go figure, I had my chance and ended up with a poppy seed and hemp dressing fail. But SIL (Such is life.) So the real question is, do you think you would ever try something like that? Of course, I mean if it were legal! Mona

  2. Well, sounds like lunch was good… moss, horseradish, and hemp. Hemp, by the way is a sturdy plant that is often made into rope! (It is similar to bamboo) Your thinking is correct! I believe you are confusing Hemp with marijuana that contains THC. The level of THC is what makes you high. Hemp doesn’t. Neither does CBD oil with no or low levels of THC. Did you know our bodies naturally produce THC? Yep. (I only know that cause I worked in corrections where random UA’s are part of life.) Is marijuana trendy? I think it is but I know it is a direct result of the (fake! Ah-em) opioid crisis. Patients are looking for pain relief. The rest who get to smoke legally and do were the stoners we knew in high school… they’ve succeeded in legalizing their freak weed! Wahoo. I never got the whole thing. I even had my medical marijuana card and tried it. God! Fail!!! Miserable fail. It’s just not in my makeup… pain killers work for me. Although a state law just passed making it very difficult to maintain my meds. Even with documented chronic pain… basically life sucks when politics decides to intervene is our personal lives. Just stay out of peoples business. Right? Get out of my way because I just may behave like an adult and make good decisions while acting the right way. Anyway, people need to learn to keep shit private and stay out of other peoples shit! Whew… great post! Damn, take responsibility for your behavior because for every action there is a reaction! (PS. Left a little story just for you after your comment on last Sunday’s questions.) 😊💜

  3. Kim,
    See what I mean? You’ve researched and you’re doing what works for you and your condition. Now politics is going to screw this up for you. Ugh. Taking responsibility is hard but necessary. Taking advantage of people is par for the course. If more people did their due diligence and then took responsibility, if people were more honest, then life might be easier for everyone. People who respond well to one form of pain management could use what works for them; people who need a different type of pain management could equally use what works for them. At least that’s what I want to believe, anyway! Thanks for your thoughts! Oh, and I loved your story, btw! It helped tremendously! My tears just streamed! ~ M

  4. Glad to hear the story helped! You are right on, Mona! Be responsible, research, due diligence and do what works for you. Don’t be led around by the nose. 🤓

    • Kim,
      Unless you’re into being led around by the nose and all that other kinky stuff. Then…whatever floats your boat. Sorry, I couldn’t resist! ~ M

  5. Kim, I agree: GREAT POST, Mona! So much in here to think about. For me, for starters: 1. A dear friend who is blind in one eye but never actually lost the eye has great pain sometimes associated with it, and has for years used pot as the pain relief. Nothing else worked, and who am I to say? I am glad he found a way to manage it, albeit discreetly and furtively for many years (maybe still, I do not know the law in his state). 2. THANK YOU for the Take Responsibility message. How easy and stupid it is to NOT think for yourself, NOT realize that no one forces you to do the stupid things you might think about doing (or actually do). NO one else is to blame. While approaching it from a different angle, Jordan Peterson is saying the same thing (Clean Up Your Room both literally and figuratively) and says his audiences regularly come and thank him (!) for telling them to get their act together and be smart about the choices they make because they get to realize/actualize the spillover, longterm, beneficial effect for themselves, their families, etc., which includes, often, finding that thing we call meaning/purpose in life. 3. If people realized some of the things people did (in past times) just because others were doing them and how mind-numbingly stupid and destructive they turned out to be (witch-hunting comes to mind, fascism, slavery…), they might think twice about being a sheep and mindlessly going along with a crowd. 4. I am so glad you liked the brownies! Yes, a huge scoop of love went into them, nothing debatable. I have to wonder: If more love went into decisions and actions all around, more love instead of more trending/ following/ escaping — wait, what kind of world would that be??!! But maybe people DO want Pottersville! 5. Dog biscuits?! Say it isn’t so! My heart feels heavy at this moment. What would James Herriot say to this? 6. Thank you, Kim for the added info. If marketers succeed at anything, they succeed at making Confusion! 7. Thank you, Mona, for a thoughtful, fabulous post — I will be passing this one along 🙂

    • Patricia,
      I’m so glad this post spoke to you! You’re an amazing lady and I’m so glad we’re friends! I’ve not read James Herriot but I saw that he was mentioned in the post before this one. A new author to put on my list to check out! I hope you’re having a wonderful Labor Day Weekend! 🙂 Mona

  6. I’m quite torn on this issue. Lord knows I smoked enough of it in my misspent youth, but I do have issues with the gummies and super kid friendly products. While we have friends that swear by CBD oil for pain relief, it’s a wide open market with no standards or regulations. Who knows what you’re getting?

    • River,
      Exactly. It’s the wild, wicked west out there and people are going to get rich taking advantage of it! Then the regulations will come slamming down because of this very issue…because people will have gotten hurt or died or financially fleeced. It will screw things up for a lot of people. It all feels very much like a “we’ll-figure-things-out-as-we-go-along” kind of situation out there. Just saying…buyer beware! Uncommon sense is warranted! Mona

  7. Funny (and even though you hide it) thoughtful post. Me? I find life exhilarating enough that I don’t need hemp in my salad, or even my brownies. ;-0

    • Hey Pamela,
      Welcome to Wayward Sparkles! I’m glad you liked the post! I agree with you — I have enough going on without all of the “extra.” ~ Mona

  8. I’m not sure about the argument: Dumb Trendy Restaurants = Pottersville. Can you elucidate?
    I don’t know much about the hemp market and regulations. But I wouldn’t mind trying that chocolate…

    • Sarah,
      You’re right. I’m going to sound like an old fogey who “remembers-when,” “good-ol’-days,” blather, blather, blather…idiot. It’s not so much about dumb trendy restaurants as much as it’s about jumping on the cannabis bandwagon (legalizing recreational pot, specifically, but also getting people to slowly warm up to the idea of taking cannabis-related products via hemp and CBD) just so people can make a killing on this trend regardless of how it might impact some. Yes, cannabis-related products may help many, but it also may end up not being good for many. It’s about people selling unregulated substances and products and making claims that may or may not be true and may hurt others, especially long-term. I say that only because there are those willing to put their lives and health at stake just to be a part of whatever they deem “cool” or “edgy” or “trendy.” Kids and young adults are especially vulnerable to this type of marketing and can be pressured to be a part of something like this whether they really want to or not. Also, many people believe that if something is sold, it must be safe, when often that’s not the case; or there are disclaimers, etc. that the consumer doesn’t bother to read or understand. (N0t everyone is diligent/conscientious.) Unfortunately, people don’t always think about or do what’s in their best interests or others’ best interests. The current trend seems to take something/anything with cannabis attached to the name for your “health” when really there are many who don’t care about the “health” aspect, they just care about making money and they are wanting to cash in on this trend. This is nothing new. How this relates to Pottersville? Vice is all about doing things that are not necessarily good for you but makes you feel you are something more than you feel you are without doing it (drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling, etc. ad nauseum.) Maybe it makes you feel better about yourself or it makes you feel that you will be more accepted or that people will think you’re a hot shot…or whatever. That can lead to ruin for many. One could argue that anything in moderation is fine. Except, for some…their brains simply won’t let them moderate. For instance, one person can dabble in heroin use and not become addicted. Someone else can use it one time and that’s it. They’re never the same again and they’ll never be able to kick their addiction. They’re all or nothing kind of people; and so for them, it’s best that they don’t even open a door that leads them down that path. Legalizing controlled substances for recreational use just makes it that much easier for people to get hurt, I suppose. Think of it this way: if pot is legalized and you go to a party, will you be pressured to partake because it’s now legal? Will people at this party expect it to be served and if you want to be accepted, you’ll do it when, say, you’ve never cared to do this before? I think alcohol is often pushed on people and I can easily see that pot could be pushed in the same way. Is this wise? In my eyes, not. However, perhaps that’s peoples’ right. As I said, some would rather live in Pottersville. People have their reasons. Of course, some are going to do whatever they want to do regardless of whether it’s legal or not. Some just won’t do certain things simply because it is illegal. I’m just saying that if you’re going to do something that might have consequences, one should do their homework, understand (if they can) what they’re getting into and then accept responsibility if it all goes “tits up.” Am I just digging a deeper ditch here or am I making any sense? Again, I’m not the moral police, but I know a lot of people who I love who have gotten hurt for doing all sorts of things and for following stupid trends and advice. So maybe I’m just a little too close to the subject. But that’s my take, anyway. Mona

  9. I think there is hemp in my dryer lint filter. Yum. That resteraunt sounded sweet and glad the moss thing did not fall on you. The whole legal mary jane makes me nervous. I wonder how it will impact the country or the youth or car accidents. Weren’t people like yeah vaping is fine and now there are all these stories about people getting really sick from it?! I will stick to clearing my head with a good workout, or a whole lotta chocolate!

        • Patricia,
          With you onboard, I think we have enough for a quorum…or whatever. What really matters is that one day, they will find several of us covered in chocolate (Godiva, anyone?) with satisfied smiles on our faces! And, again, Happy Belated Birthday to you, my friend! Mona

          • Thank you, Mona! I got some Lake Champlain (Vermont) chocolates for my birthday, and they are right up there with Godiva! Plain chocolate for me, thank you very much, maybe some coconut or caramel somewhere in the mix? Oh, I’m smiling all right! Oh yum! Patricia

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