Demo Day, Every Day!


It’s been a bittersweet week, y’all!

First of all, thank you for your support and prayers for our Growleth! He’s still not out of the woods yet, but I’ll keep you informed on how he progresses.

Also this week, the last Fixer Upper aired on Tuesday. As always, it did not disappoint! Still, even after five seasons of getting my “Fix,” I’m sad to see this show end.

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Thank you, Joanna and Chip for:

  • Making “country” décor/farmhouse style cool again
  • Shiplap and barn door fever
  • Concrete countertops
  • Clint Harp
  • Jimmy Don
  • Allowing us to watch your beautiful family grow
  • All the animals
  • Making Waco, Texas, an awesome place to live and/or visit
  • A new behind-the-scenes show
  • Magnolia Market at the Silos
  • YUMMY CUPCAKES at Magnolia Bakery
  • The Magnolia Journal
  • Magnolia Table and avocado toast
  • AND DEMO DAY — along with all of Chip’s antics and Jo’s patience!
  • Also, it’s awesome that there’s about to be a new, little Gaines! Congrats!

The moment my family heard Chip and Jo’s good news, we started trying to figure out what this new, little one’s name is going to be. My family decided that if the baby was a girl — Evie would be the only name that would do — in the style and tradition of Ella and Emmie.

But now that we know Jo’s going to have another son — that poses a little more thought. Keeping with the “D” names à la Drake and Duke — of course, Chip and Jo could go with any run-of-the-mill boys’ names or variations, such as:



My family respectfully submits for serious consideration:


Yes, it is a little nontraditional — however, you gotta admit, it has a certain ring to it! The upside would be that — everyday would be Demo Day in the Gaines’ household!

So what do y’all think — yes or no?

Of course, ultimately, the only one making this decision is Jo and possibly Chip, if assistant designers are allowed any input!

I would love to hear from other Fixer Upper fans out there about the ending of this show; what you think about the new, upcoming show; any name submissions for Chip and Jo’s new son; or what your favorite Fixer Upper show has been over the past five years!

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