Cherry Pie

New lifestyle changes that have been implemented —

  • Exercising and walking on a daily basis; check.
  • Changing the way I eat and thinking about what I’m eating; check.
  • Changing my thinking about what I’m thinking about, too. My worried mind needs to become more zen-like and peaceful, apparently. Check-ish.

Doctor’s orders.

Okay, I’ve already had the “you need to have less stress in your life,” lecture by more than one doctor over the last few years — as if anyone in my real life is going to make that easy. So now I’ve been told…again. As if I have any control over what people do and say that creates this extra stress in my life…including the doctor! Yes, I know how to say “buh-bye” to people who start aggravating the snot out of me. I know how to walk away…but I’m starting to get a bit of a reputation, you know? That creates a whole other level of stress. *sigh* Seriously, y’all, I’m trying…


See? I’m feeling more zen-like already!

She (my doctor) says that if I follow these changes and take the meds she prescribed, I should feel much better in about eight or nine months, so I just have to stick with the plan. That means I have to even when I’m tempted not to. “Lord, lead me not into temptation, but deliver me from evil…and deliciousness I’m no longer allowed to consume.”

Also, I didn’t realize I was feeling that bad. According to my doctor looking over my blood lab results, I must be. Well, okay, then. I guess I stand corrected…since she’s the doctor. She, apparently, knows better how I feel than I do.

By the way, remind me to never trust a lab tech who looks at my blood in the vial and admires just what a beautiful color of red it is! She asked if I was O negative. According to the lab tech, people with this blood type have a really pretty shade to their blood. I’m sure there’s a reason for that. Only, I’m not O negative. But, oh yes, the color of my blood was a beautiful — gorgeous even — crimson! And it betrayed me with lousy lab results. So there’s that. But, hey, if after eight or nine months, I feel even BETTER than I already do, then there’s no downside, is there? I’m all in. By late April 2023, these changes will have become old habits. Fingers crossed.


I have to admit, I wasn’t easy to be around those first 24-48 hours after I was…told by my doctor. I wallowed and mumbled and grumbled. I was angry. Sarcastic, even. Can you imagine me being sarcastic? David and Ryan avoided me like I had covid or monkeypox. I even shed a tear or two.

David had so much sympathy for me that he went out and brought me back a surprise.

“What is THIS?” I asked with anticipation as he handed me the box.

“Well, I thought this might make you feel better,” he explained.

What a sweet husband!

I looked inside.

“Let me get this straight,” I said. “You thought that bringing me something I’ve been craving and asking for over the last two weeks…that you didn’t think twice about getting me during that time…and now that I’ve been told by my doctor I’m no longer allowed to have it…you decided to get me this NOW because you thought THIS would make me feel better?!!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, DAVID! WHY ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?” (In fairness, I wasn’t accusing him unjustly; he was sitting with me in the doctor’s office when she gave me the news and explained what I could and could not eat. While she didn’t list actual food items, per se, she did say no sugar, very little processed food and an extreme cut back in my carb intake.)


He brought home a nine-inch cherry pie, by the way.

David looked dejected after I yelled at him. He claims he didn’t know I couldn’t eat cherry pie. I could throw it away if I wanted. He was only trying to make me feel better.

Then I felt guilty…and stressed. I yelled at my husband when he was only trying to do something nice to make me feel better. I am the absolute worst! I’m so sorry, David!


My husband’s heart is in the right place…or else he’s trying to kill me and gaslight me about it. I’d prefer to think it’s more the former with only a little bit of the latter thrown in. I love this man with all my heart, but, Dear God, he is the epitome of an enabler if ever there was one…AND HE NEEDS TO CUT THAT SHIT OUT!


Because this happened on the first day of this news — what the hell — I ate the pie…just not the entire pie. Ry and David helped. Thus, I ended my past by eating forbidden fruit…pie.


Since then, I’ve embraced this new journey. I am RESOLVED in my endeavor to restore my bloodwork to acceptable, normal levels. Also, it’s given me the added opportunity of trying new things such as stevia and chia seeds. Pita chips and hummus, anyone? That may be my newest addiction. (David’s discovered he likes pita chips, too!) Oh and sugar-free popsicles. Those are mine. Hands off, fam, because I’m not sharing! The popsicles may be what gets me through the rest of the summer…and keeps me from killing anyone! helps me to stay zen!



That’s what’s currently happening in my neck of the woods. So here are my questions and a request —

  1. What news do you have? It’s been a couple/few weeks, please catch me up!
  2. Do you plan on playing Mega Millions on Friday, July 29? It’s now over ONE BILLION DOLLARS! (I know inflation is awful, but that’s still a lot of money, isn’t it?)
  3. Will you take the lump sum or spread it out? Why?
  4. What’s the first thing you’re going to spend any of your winnings on? How do you plan to spend the rest?
  5. Also, If you have any tips to combat sugar/carb cravings and/or provide motivation to keep me going when it gets tough, that would be awesome!

Hope all is well in your world!

Now music, cuz what is quality of life without it?







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Have a Great Weekend!






24 thoughts on “Cherry Pie”

  1. 1. A spider was on my mailbox today. Again.
    2. I wasn’t, but I might be able to drive around and find a town with a gas station in it that plays the lottery.
    3. Lump sum. I’m too erratic for lifetime.
    4. [After all the boring pay-off-the-mortage stuff] Dogs. A shelter. Local dog org. Dogs, dogs, dogs. That’s pretty much the rest of the answer, too. Dogs. And maybe getting someone to rebuild our barn.
    5. One thing: Choc Zero products. Especially the cookie butter. That stuff is angel tears in a jar, not low calorie but it will hit you when the sweet tooth is screaming and your craving will subside into a lop-sided goofy grin of post-bliss contentment. They’re monkfruit-based, only brand doing it that particular way. Been a fan since my bypass six years ago.

    • Hey Lille,
      I’m fine with spiders as long as they aren’t anywhere near me. I bet that spider on your mailbox is a dead spider now. Dogs are awesome and that would be wonderful. Over $600 million would go a long way to help out a lot of fur babies! Thanks for the tip, my friend. I’m now off to find out more about Choc Zero products. 🙂

  2. Try the no sugar added Fudgsicles. The problem with many of the no sugar added or sugar-free items is that they’re full of carbs – so you’re screwed in other ways. But I have them in my freezer for when I’m a ‘good girl’ (and I decide when that is) and only eat one. (Three is considered a serving). Bad news from a doctor always sucks and don’t get me started on the blood suckers in labs! The last guy told me I didn’t ‘need’ a butterfly needle and proceeded to take 2 vials very slowly. The next day I was bruised clear around to my elbow and up and down my arm. But they know best because they have the degrees.
    Are you old enough to have gone through menopause? If so – if you got through that, you can get through this! And I’m going to look into those Choc Zero products too!

    • One of the quotes I was introduced to as a child was “Lead me not to temptation, for I can find it myself” 😀 Leading the cherry pie to you … NOT nice 🙂

      If you have a Vitamix, and you’re interested, I can share with you 100% fruit chocolate icecream we make almost daily during the summer. It’s all fruit (bananas, blueberries, and strawberries, and cocoa powder), and it’s how make it through every summer, healthy (berries are GOOD for you!) and ice-cream happy!

      • EW,
        Oooohhh, that sounds so yummy! If you don’t mind, I’d love for you to share your recipe! Thanks, so much! M

  3. Barbara,
    Ooohhh, I like a good fudgesicle! I’ve not tried the sugar free ones, but I’ll give them a shot!

    Damn lab tech, bruising you up like that! If I could, I’d go and make him apologize to you! Unconscionable! Also, I am old enough to have gone through menopause, but have I? Not even close at this point and I’m 57 years old! What the hell?!!!!! I had hoped to have been through that several years back! Watch, I’ll end up going through this and menopause all at the same time! Because….why not?

    BTW, I looked on their website and those Choc Zero products look deliciously amazing. Apparently, you can get some of them at Walmart, too! They have a Choc Zero locator.

    Since you didn’t mention it, I assume you don’t plan on playing Mega Millions? I mean somebody’s gotta win this thing. Can’t win if you don’t play. Getting my ticket tomorrow. I understand, though, if you don’t. Take good care, my friend. We’ll revisit the Choc Zero products in a couple of weeks or so!
    Hugs, Mona

  4. I just bought some chocolate squares from Choc Zero (Lilli should get a kick back for the free advertising) and boy are they expensive! I’ll let you know how they taste, but I’m in South Florida and if they actually take 10 days to get here, they’re going to be puddles – I refused to pay $1.00 extra for additional packing materials to keep the product safe. They’re a COMPANY and should know that extra insulation is required for certain States – especially in the summer. I did remember a company I used to buy from (also really expensive) – and they were delicious.

    I probably should have used the money I spent on these yummies to buy the lottery tickets, but at least this way, I’ll have something to show for it – the extra pounds if nothing else!

    • Barbara,
      You may end up with chocolate frosting by the time it gets to you. I’m going to see what they have at our local Walmart the next time I’m up there. Please do let me know how their chocolate is. Fingers crossed you get them intact instead of a melted mess! Stay cool in this heat, my friend! M

  5. Mona, Russell Stover makes a wide variety of tasty sugar free candies…and Hershey’s sugar free chocolate bar is also a good option. Hopefully you have the winning Mega Millions ticket as I do not – just checked them. Five Finger Death Punch is one of the best band names ever.

    • Hey Bruce,
      Sugar free is going to become this whole new world to explore! Thanks for the tips! Sorry you didn’t win. David said we didn’t either. Next time! Glad you like that band’s name. Personally, I’ve always thought the name Led Zeppelin was amazing! Have an awesome weekend, my friend! Mona

  6. Sugar-free popcicles are the bomb!

    Everyone’s different, but just a heads up from my own experience with sugar-free candies: stomach upset and gas. Apparently my gut didn’t appreciate the artificial sweetener. Thankfully that never happens with the popcicles 🙂

    Stay strong!

    • Hey Anonymous,
      I have grown quite fond of those SF popsicles! And thanks for the heads-up about the potential side effects of the sugar-free candies/artificial sweeteners! There’s nothing like having good friends that will give me the real scoop about what’s what! Thanks so much for your input! Mona

  7. Somehow I’m a couple of days late, but at least I’m not a couple of dollars short because I didn’t play the lottery. My wife did remind me of “Waking Ned Devine”, though, which is a very funny movie about a man in a small Irish village who wins the lottery and has a heart attack. That sounds dark but it’s really a charming movie and I recommend it if you haven’t seen it.
    And I feel for David. Seriously, if I were a superhero I’d be called The Enabler. Or maybe I’d be a really awful villain. Although I’m not sure it’s needed. As Oscar Wilde said, “Lead me not into temptation. I can find it myself.”

  8. Chris,
    I have an entire case of Cokes out in the garage. The doctor told me to throw them away. I’m not going near them. If one ends up in my hands, it will end up down my throat. I’ve been telling David not to buy me any more Cokes…for a very, very long time. He knows that if they are there, I’ll drink them. Except I’m trying really, really hard not to. Damn. Life is difficult at times. Thanks for the movie recommendation. Netflix, maybe? Glad to hear you didn’t waste your money on the lottery. I wonder if the person who won knows it or not? Instead of a balloon landing in your yard, how about a winning lottery ticket for a billion plus dollars? Mona

  9. All I have to offer is admiration and maybe a trick. Think of yourself like a contractor. You have a job to do and its to get the blood healthy. You can’t get involved in the drama, the cravings etc. are none of your business, not your problem, you just go about your work in an efficient, detached manner. It’s not an easy job, but the contract is temporary, and the rewards? Well. That’s when you get paid, you can bask in the success and have yourself a slice of cherry pie now and then.

  10. Sherry, my friend, I love that mindset. That is definitely something I can adopt and embrace. Thank you! Have a great week! Mona

  11. Enjoyed this post, Mona! All the best with the new habits.

    I have a stash of York Peppermint Patties and either Haribo sour gummies or Sour Patch Kids in a drawer in the living room. I figure these are not too, too bad, but I could just be fooling myself. But I’m pissed because I ran out of gummies two nights ago and forgot to re-up and wasn’t about to go back out for them.


  12. Roger,
    I looked for Choc Zero at Walmart but couldn’t find them. I don’t think they carry the brand at that particular store. I did, however, find the fudgesicles that Barbara suggested and got a box. Also, I doubled up on the SF popsicles! That should last me through the week, fingers crossed! It all depends on just how hot it gets this week, I suppose. Without the popsicles, I get a little cranky.

    I hope you get your gummies soon. Life’s too short not to enjoy those few and not-too-guilty sweet pleasures! Glad you enjoyed the post, my friend! How’s it going with your new habit/s? See you on the flipside (your blog.) Onward, indeed! Mona

    • Mona,
      I bought the Choc Zero directly from their web site. When I went on-line to Walmart I found that the prices they show are higher than from the manufacturer! I just got an e-mail stating that the order was on it’s way, but still stating up to 10 days. I guess when they arrive I’ll just put them directly into the freezer.

  13. Since tomorrow is the first AND Monday, I’m getting back to the exercise and running routine, which has been lax lately. Appreciate your asking. Have a great week!

    • Oh, wow, Roger! Me, too! I hope you get to check out my newest blog going out tomorrow Tuesday Morning. It’s all about that…well, sort of. You know me…I don’t run cuz asthma. I stretch and walk. 🙂 Have an amazing week as well, my friend! Mona


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