Breaking the Cycle

These past several weeks of being ill has been exhausting in a way that I’m not used to. For some reason I seem to have lost my bounce. Does this mean I have to give up my “bumble” membership?

Furry Fury

This had not been the first disagreement Dr. Davis and I had had in class. This was, however, the first time I hadn’t backed down.

Vacation, My Ass

I’m currently sitting in Room 313 at the Holiday Inn Express in McComb, Mississippi. My son is sleeping, my husband is out working on his latest claim, and I’ve been mulling over what “vacation” truly means.

“You Are Cordially Invited…”

I had to laugh when I opened my email this morning. I received an invitation to an upcoming event hosted by the company I worked for this past spring. Mine was a short employment. Also, we didn’t part amicably. Their invitation was the last thing I expected.

Wayward Sparkles – aka Infidels ‘R Us

I will continue to blog. Hopefully. But if all of a sudden I just seem to have fallen off of the radar, so to speak, it may be that I’m taking an unexpected vacation in Guantanamo − courtesy of our federal government.