No One Else; No More Bad News

So, the one thing I’d like to say for now, the one thing that I do mean, as if it even matters  −


Can we just put a hiatus on death and tragedy for a little while?!

Sassy, Gay, Jethro Gibbs’ Head Slap

I wanted to be there to listen to her, to be supportive and maybe give her a head slap à la Jethro Gibbs − metaphorically speaking – only how does one do that?

Problem solved. I found the perfect head slap metaphor.

Obsession: Circa 1972

The fact that I’m a 51-year-old woman in 2016 obsessing over a 26-year-old man, circa 1972, which would have made me 7-years-old then, and who makes him 70-years-old now, has me slightly worried. I should know better.

Vacation, My Ass

I’m currently sitting in Room 313 at the Holiday Inn Express in McComb, Mississippi. My son is sleeping, my husband is out working on his latest claim, and I’ve been mulling over what “vacation” truly means.