Sunday, September 22, 2019, was an incredibly hard day. Lauren and DJ’s fur-baby, Beau, woke up one last time. He wasn’t well, even though he was fine the day before. That’s how last days happen sometimes — no indication of what’s to come based on the day before — yet everything’s different; everything’s changed; nothing’s ever going to be the same again. Beau woke up in pain, deathly ill. He didn’t make it home from the emergency vet.

I can’t really come up with good words, the right words. I can listen and send hugs and love — but I know my limitations. I suppose time takes care of what humans cannot. In time. Not right now, though.

Right now, I just want to let my daughter and DJ know how much I love them. They were the best dog parents that Beau could ever have!

They got him only eight months ago from the Dallas pound. Before they rescued him, Beau had lived rough. Too much cruelty had been a part of his existence in the decade of his life. It would have been easy for Lauren and DJ to turn their backs  — for them to get a fur-baby that needed much less — one that could give easier without so much instilled fear. But hope springs eternal inside the heart of human’s best friend, even an old dog. Hope and love continued to live inside Beau despite his previous circumstances.

As Lauren told me, Beau chose her at the pound. He’s been the best, sweetest dog since. It had been a very long time coming, but Beau finally found his true home with DJ and Lauren — wanted and loved and cherished! Home came ready made with four-legged siblings who quickly accepted Beau into their pack (Scout, Grimm, Iggy, Milkshakes and Finn.) There was plenty of food, room to roam and explore, car rides (which he loved), and plenty of attention — belly rubs and scratches in just the right spots! In return, Beau gave unconditional love, pure joy and light! He made funny faces and old man noises and he followed Lauren everywhere.

DJ’s and Lauren’s hearts are too full, engraved with Beau’s paw prints and love and a lifetime of memories crammed into eight short months. There’s nothing left to be done but to celebrate his little life.

Please join us in paying tribute to my fine, four-legged granddoggie and Lauren’s best boy, Beau! If you’d like, I know Lauren and DJ would appreciate words of kindness from any who wish to express condolences.

Here are a few pictures of sweet Beau. I just love his smile and gentle, kind eyes —


This song’s for you, Sweet Beau!

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20 thoughts on “Beau”

  1. So very sorry. My heart breaks for them… but I’m also very glad Beau lived his last days in peace, surrounded by love. That’s all any of can ask.

  2. So very sorry for their and your loss. May all the pain and sorrow in your hearts today, one day be replaced with loving and joyful memories of a sweet, loving, and loyal friend.

  3. So sorry for their loss. For some of us pets are more than just that, they are our family. We lost a dog two years ago that we rescued from a bad situation. I still have an unfinished post about him in my drafts folder. He has a great story but every time I try to write it I can only get one or two paragraphs out before it’s too much and I have to stop. Maybe one day I’ll be able to complete it. Please pass along my sincere condolences for the loss of one of their family members.

  4. There are no words… a beautiful boy. Thank you for rescuing, caring, and loving these gentle souls who are put on this earth knowing only how to love us unconditionally. My heart hurts for you. 💜

  5. May sweet Beau rest in peace. I’m happy that he had such a loving home to spend his final months, but sad that his time is already up. I completely understand what it’s like to be “chosen” by a dog. Jett taught me exactly what that means, and what an incredible gift it is. <3

    I also understand the heartache that comes with losing a beloved pet. My brother's precious dog Chloe, who taught him unconditional love and gave him purpose, also took her last breath on September 22. 🙁

  6. Thanks, Pip! I’ll let Lauren know you said so. I hope you’re doing well, my friend. I understand all about taking breaks but I’ve missed you dearly. I’ll start checking back in on your blog more regularly now that I know you’re active again. 🙂 Mona


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