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Hey Y’all,

I know this is late, but what else is new…

Here we go —

This year I’m trying to remedy a few things in my life that need to be fixed. One of those things is that culturally speaking, I’m out of the loop. What I mean is that for some reason or another (I don’t really remember), I wrestled the TV away from David and watched…not the Emmy’s. Not the Oscars. The other one with Ricky Gervais. Golden Years Globes. That’s the one. Is it just me or does the Golden Globes look a lot like the Oscars? Not that I’ve seen the Oscars in about a zillion years either. Maybe that’s why I was confused.

Also, I had no idea that the Golden Globes were even on.

I managed to click onto it at the right moment when David was out of the room. That’ll teach him to leave me alone with the remote control. And also, that’s the Universe telling me that I need to be more “with it” about these things.  What I believe is that the playoff games for that day must have already ended; otherwise, we’d have been watching football. Unless a game was on but it was lousy. That could have happened. I don’t really know. What I do remember is that David came into the room, looked at what I was watching and said, “I’m not watching that shit.” I suspect he thought I’d turn the channel after his loud utterance of disapproval.  But I didn’t. I just kept watching and so he left the room again. But then he came back a few minutes later after realizing that I wasn’t changing the channel and finished watching it with me. We didn’t discuss any of it during or afterward. And that’s fine.

Anyway, I thought I might discuss it with y’all.

First of all: who exactly is Ricky Gervais? I’ve sort of heard his name before, but I don’t know why. Anyway, I kind of enjoyed his hosting. Sorry to hear he isn’t doing the GG’s anymore? I guess. Any help out there of where else I might have seen him?

Secondly: I haven’t seen any of the movies that were up for nomination. Nada. Zip. Have you? What’s your favorite movie and should I see it and why or should I just wait until it reaches Amazon Prime or Netflix? Oh wait, now that I’ve looked over the list, Lauren and I did see Knives Out with Daniel Craig. As much as I liked that movie, though, I wouldn’t have put it on a list to win any awards. Oh well.

Here’s the list, btw, if you’re interested in who won what!

Thirdly: Brad Pitt is still hot and funny; although, it took me a minute to figure out who LDC was. Then I was like, “Oh yeah — that stands for Leonardo DiCaprio.” But then he made some remark about a raft and it wasn’t until the next day that it was explained to me that this was a reference to the movie Titanic. Did I mention that I’ve never seen that movie either?

Fourthly: It didn’t seem to go on and on forever like Ricky Gervais suggested. Did you watch? Did it seem like it was very long to you? Maybe my binge-watching over the last six months or so has me in shape so that watching three-hour programs are no problem.

Fifthly: What exactly is the Hollywood Foreign Press? Did Hollywood secede or something?

Also, why is Tom Hanks already getting a lifetime achievement award? Is he sick or something? Also I don’t know who was more cringeworthy —Tom Hanks, Joaquin Phoenix or Quentin Tarantino. Who do you pick for most awkward?



Loved it when Ellen DeGeneres got up on stage and kind of went into improv mode. More Ellen!

Also, is it wrong of me to now want to own an ultra-cool jacket and wear nothing underneath it but my belly button, sparkles and titty tape?

Image result for kerry washington golden globe 2020


Image result for phoebe waller-bridge golden globes 2020

So what was your favorite moment, outfit, win or anything else of that night? I’m glad that several managed to send out good thoughts to those dealing with the wildfires in Australia! I can’t even begin to think about all of those animals lost…

Anyway —

There’s other award shows coming up too, aren’t there? I have no idea when or where. If you’ve got the scoop as to what to watch and when to watch it, please help me out if you would be so kind! I’m on Central Standard Time if that helps.

Other than that, I’m still sick. Thought I was getting better, but I started relapsing and so I’m kind of trying to force myself to get stuff done in spite of the crazy weather here, which I think is a contributing factor to my feeling like crap and being out of sync. I’ve tried reading a few blogs. Frankly, everything is fuzzy and nothing makes much sense at the moment, including this. Ugh. Sorry, y’all.

Also, because I feel so crappy and feel the need for something “heavy” with the right ‘tude, this is my favorite mashup and also because it was John Paul Jones’s and Jimmy Page’s birthdays last week, so yeah…I need this right now, y’all, and hope you enjoy it as well! I know I’ve played this in the past here, but I think it warrants another listen. All I’m saying is if you listen to this, don’t go half-assed. Crank it and feel it!



PS ~ Rest in peace, Neil Peart!


18 thoughts on “And the award goes to…”

  1. I watched the mash-up of Gervais’ running commentary, but more to the point, I ordered you to feel better. And you’re out of compliance. There need to be consequences. (Don’t make me beg!)

    • Lille,
      Yeah, out of compliance. That’s pretty much how I feel. No beggars and/or begging, please. And the consequences are stacking up all around me. Never fear. Hugs, Mona

  2. I used to really enjoy watching the awards shows when they were about the movies and the TV shows. I stopped watching them several years ago when it just became a podium to hear one’s political views. For that reason I didn’t watch the Golden Globes. However, the next day when I heard and watched Ricky Gervais ‘ hosting I was pleasantly surprised. Oh, the shocked faces of some of those actors was priceless!

    BTW, how have you avoided Titanic for all these years? If you want a pig of a man (and I’m your guy for that) recommendation on how to watch Titanic, here it is. Fast forward to the part where Kate Winslet shows her boobs, watch that part then fast forward again until the ship hits the iceberg. Watch it from that point to the end. 🙂

    • Lee,
      Thanks for your input about the GG’s and Titantic. You don’t describe Titantic as something really worth spending the time watching. I mean I know how it ends, but I’ve never been a big romantic drama kind of gal unless there’s more to it than “romance.” If it’s only worth watching to see unrequited love between Kate and Leo, then, I’ll pass. If on the other hand, someone says “must see because….” then maybe. Also, am I the only one who sees that Titantic is made up of two words that sound a bit naughty put together? Mona

  3. I’ve never watched the Golden Globes. I rarely have watched any award show, truth be known. I find it kind of weird to see celebrities applauding themselves for doing that which they’re paid to do. I like your review of what you saw and feel that now I’m good to not watch any award show in the future. Thanks.

    • Ally,
      I have no problem with people applauding themselves or other people for something they’re proud of. I think that’s so much better than fake modesty; and when celebrities are awkward or phenomenal, what’s not to love? I find the enjoyment of watching less about who won and more about what goes on during the awards. So in that respect, I guess it’s kind of like the superbowl. Rare is there a really great superbowl game, but the commercials…that’s what I’m there for. Unless the Cowboys are playing. That hasn’t happened in over twenty years though…so, yeah…commercials. Uhm, also I’d rather you watch an award show for yourself and form your own opinion than just take the word of whatever I or someone else might have written that so moved you in the direction of not watching one in the future. That wasn’t my intent with this post and it kind of makes me sad that you feel that way now. I always appreciate your input, though and I’m glad you’re back in the saddle. Happy 2020, my friend! Mona

  4. I didn’t watch any of the awards shows, haven’t in a few years even though in general I enjoy celebrity gossip (she admits sheepishly). I guess it’s because I rarely watch TV or go to movies anymore.
    I do appreciate the clip of Ellen’s acceptance speech you included. Loved it, love her, and wouldn’t have seen it otherwise.
    Get better!

  5. Hey Rebecca,
    So glad you enjoyed Ellen’s acceptance speech — I love her too! As I write this, my husband informs me that we have about 8 hours worth of TV (on the DVR) to watch. I’m going to watch Sheldon, Mom and Evil; then I’m off to bed. So I have a friend that doesn’t watch TV much. I can’t even imagine living without a TV at this point in my life. Is there a story behind your not watching TV much? Mona

  6. I hope you know who Simon Pegg is, and he’s said that, off-camera, Ricky Gervais can be pretty nice, but as soon as you put a camera on him Gervais will not say a nice word about anyone. Since Simon Pegg seems to be a really nice guy no on camera and off I think that’s his polite way of saying Ricky Gervais is a real jerk. So if you don’t know who he is or why he’s hosting an awards show that’s okay.
    And I’m just going to go ahead and say I’m not a big fan of awards shows. Or football either, although I’d rather watch a football match because I know a football match is going to end eventually, and I will feel like the win is actually earned.
    One of my teachers had a sign up in her classroom that said, “The only thing you need to know about awards is Mozart never won one.” There’s something to think about. Did Neil Peart ever win an award? Maybe he did, but even if he didn’t he was an amazing drummer and will be missed. Also in retrospect it seems kind of weird that a teacher would point out the arbitrariness of awards when it was her job to grade us on our work. I should have pointed out that Mozart never got an “A” on a test either.
    And the really important thing here is I hope you’re feeling better and will soon be rocking a jacket and sparkles. Or just a sparkly jacket.

  7. Hey Christopher,
    The thought that Mozart never won an award is interesting. Also, it seems like there is a clever comeback to that; however, the last thing I am at this moment is clever. What will happen is that I’ll wake up at 3:52 am with a good comeback and by the time I get around to writing it down, it will be long gone. I’m thinking about it though. Thanks for giving me the lowdown on Gervais; I’ll keep that in mind if I ever see him again. He was fairly brutal at the GG’s, I’ll give you that! I hope Neil Peart has won an award or two or three. He deserves one. I agree with you, he will be missed. Also, thanks for the get well mojo. I am feeling much better today. It was touch and go yesterday, though. And while I’d love to rock a jacket and sparkles (not necessarily in that order), I’m afraid that I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear it at the moment. Maybe one day though! Hope January 2020 has been treating you well, my friend! Mona

  8. Mona! Love Sabbath! Best of Ozzy! Award shows, you have so many questions and I can’t answer any. I haven’t ‘seen’ the latest… I’m probably 10 years, maybe 15 behind. If it’s not on Prime, I haven’t seen it. I don’t watch the award shows except for Country music award shows. (And that is hit or miss!) Award shows hand out public recognition to the most self centered population on earth. If the ‘movie stars’ just shut up, stayed off public stages and quit spewing their supposedly informed opinions with their fake knowledge… OK. I’ll stop. I’d just like if everyone did their job and went home. Ha! If you enjoyed the show, I’m happy! I like the CMAs because the live performances are awesome! So we get to watch whatever we like my friend! Other than that… I got nothing! Did I mention how much I enjoyed Sabbath???😊

  9. Hey Kim,
    I haven’t watched any of the awards shows in years either…that’s why I thought, “Let’s do this!” Boy, it sure made me feel out of the loop; however, I appear to be in good company! 🙂 Cheers to Black Sabbath, Ozzy, the mighty Zep and Neil Peart! Feeling so much better today, fingers and toes crossed! Hopefully, I’ll be in full swing this coming week; but boy do I have so much to catch up on! Hugs, Mona

  10. Without watching (dear God, I haven’t even got 5 minutes to watch some clips, much less three hours) I wrote Quentin Tarantino as most awkward the most cringey in every situation. Why you gotta be in the loop anyway? It’s overrated.

  11. I don’t ever watch award shows, either. Oh, but Titanic… when that movie first came out, my now-husband and I went to see it in the theater. Twice. We never watch anything more than once, especially in a theater. I guess it must have been pretty good. 😛


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