Afraid…Very Afraid!

I shouldn’t have done it. I knew better. The voice inside my head warned me that I’d regret it.

Still, I’m a grown woman. I’ve read The Amityville Horror…a very long time ago. The Exorcist and other movies of that ilk? Yep, seen a few of them. I’ve watched paranormal shows on TV in the middle of the night…by myself…and lived to tell the tale.

So why would a History’s Mysteries documentary about something I read a long time ago bother me?

It shouldn’t…but it did…does. It’s been a few weeks since I saw it, too.

I should have listened to my inner voice.

I suppose if I expected to see anything…weird…it might have been a pig with red, glowing eyes. That is one of my worst fears…to wake up in the middle of the night and have that monster staring in on me from outside my window. At night when I’m spooked, it seems way too plausible for my liking. In the light of day, of course, it’s utterly ridiculous.

Isn’t it?

What spooked me on the documentary was the picture of the little boy peeking out from the room when no one was supposed to be there. Or was it a little boy? Maybe he’s a demon in disguise. It’s his eyes…and the fact that according to the people who were there, no one was upstairs…certainly not a child. I didn’t see the boy at first because he’s kind of tucked away back to the left. When I did see him, though, the hair on my arm raised up and started tingling…and not in a good way. Scared the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS out of me.

I don’t know why I’ve never seen this picture before or why it scares me so much. I’m sure it’s been on the internet for a gazillion years. I usually don’t go looking for stuff like this, though. Hey, and maybe it’s a hoax. Some have suggested it is. I want to believe that.

My arm hair begs to differ.

Now when I shut my eyes, this boy demon pops into my head. It makes trying to sleep…very difficult.

Just saying, when your inner voice says no, just go with it. Don’t try to convince yourself that there’s no reason to be afraid. That you’re a grown up. That you’re being ridiculous.

I’m not going to put the picture on my site; however, if you’re adventurous…or fearless, you can find it here.

Anyway, that’s what’s currently terrifying me and causing me to lose sleep these nights…other than the real life horrors going on in this mad, mad world. How about y’all? Any movie you’ve watched or book you’ve read…or something that went bump in the night that still gives you the heebie jeebies…real or imagined…or you’re just not sure? Or if there’s anything else you want to talk about, please share. I’d love to hear from you!

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Sweet dreams, y’all!





32 thoughts on “Afraid…Very Afraid!”

  1. Holy cow – The Exorcist! As an adult (my husband was very understanding), we slept with the bathroom light on for over a month! As a very little girl, I was certain there was a witch under my bed and if any portion of my body went past the mattress, it would grab it and pull me under. I have a vivid imagination and it takes very little to scare the bejeebers out of me!

    • Barbara,
      I’m with you woman! We always sleep with the bathroom light on…er…so we don’t stub our toes in the middle of the night. Yeah, that’s the reason…has nothing to do with being afraid of the dark. The nice thing is that I have Buddy, David and Birdie all in bed with me most nights. Buddy and Birdie would definitely let me know if something was there…that shouldn’t be…then they’d hide and leave David and me to defend them! Apparently, it doesn’t take much to scare me either! Glad the witch didn’t get you, my friend! I’m going to assume you didn’t see the picture of the ghost boy/demon! Trust me, if you scare easily, you don’t want to! Hugs, Mona

      • Yeah I did see it, but I’ve seen so many scary movies that this was just one more. Although I did not dwell on it – one quick look and I was out of there! Let’s hope that it was a quick enough look that it won’t make a re-visit while I try to get to sleep tonight!

        • Barbara,
          I finally got some sleep around 11 am and slept until 3 pm. Dreamed there was someone who’d broken into the house. David went down to see what was going on. I heard really bad things and then the footsteps coming up to my room. All of a sudden, I was a child and knew that something was coming to get me. Then I woke up. Thank God for that! Maybe I’ll get to sleep early tonight? I’m exhausted! You are a brave soul for checking out that kid! Mona

  2. I noticed there’s an “allegedly” and “supposedly” in the description of the Amityville photo and there’s no way to verify that wasn’t some living kid who wandered into the shot. It seems about as plausible as the “ghost boy” who appears in “Three Men & A Baby” which freaked out me and a bunch of friends in college until we learned what was really going on.
    For a long stretch of my childhood I believed there was something in the attic and then my parents left me with some people one night so they could go out alone. A trailer for a movie called “Suspiria” came on and that became the name of the thing in the attic next to my room. I lived in fear of Suspiria in the attic for years. Finally as an adult I watched the movie and, well, I’ve seen episodes of Spongebob that were scarier.
    I hope the same ends up being true with some of your fears.

  3. Christopher,
    There’s a ghost boy in Three Men and a Baby? I thought I’d seen that movie a long time ago. I guess maybe I’ve only seen bits of it here and there! So what did you and your friends find out about what was going on? It would be great if that put to rest whatever is up with the Amityville picture! Suspiria sounds interesting, and I love the name! Now I want to name something that. Maybe I’ll go and buy myself a snake plant and call it…Suspiria! Did you ever figure out what was in the attic? Squirrels, I hope. Visceral reaction and rationale don’t always go hand-in-hand, my friend. Guess which usually wins out…at least in my life? You and Barbara had some interesting childhoods. I did too. Active imaginations or highly sensitive? I do have a couple of stories when it wasn’t my imagination nor anything paranormal…just someone who broke into our house. I was around 8 or 9. I pretended to be asleep. Talk about being scared! The other story was when my brother had a friend over (he was 13) who broke into my attic bedroom (I was 17) when the entire house was asleep (around 3 am I’d guess.) Who knew I could scream as loud and shrill as I did or that someone could move as fast as my brother’s friend. Some bumps in the night aren’t imagined at all. At least one was named Rodney.

    • Mona, I’m happy to report that whatever was in the attic was purely a product of my imagination. Not even squirrels got in there, as far as I know. But it still gave me a lot of sleepless nights.
      As for Three Men & A Baby, there’s a scene in which a “ghost” can be seen briefly in a window in the background. Some people claim the house where the movie was filmed must be haunted. But the movie was filmed on a set and the ghost was apparently a cardboard cutout. Although it wouldn’t surprise me if more than a few movie sets were haunted.

  4. The beautiful thing is, I can “nope” so hard that I truly have no curiosity nor a desire to click.

    I think Beetlejuice came closest, because I was 11, and that’s why I watched it 86 times. Boy, I showed THAT movie, didn’t I?

    • Lille,
      You are brave and badass to have watched Beetlejuice 86 times! You are wise not to be curious or desire to click. Do you know all the words and the dance moves, too? To Beetlejuice, I mean? Why isn’t this a cult classic shown at midnight on the weekends where everyone plays a part and throws popcorn and stuff? It’s a favorite in our house! I must practice “noping.” My inner voice has it down. Just wish I would do as it suggests. Maybe next time! Ha! Mona

  5. I can only think of two movies that freaked me out so much that we had to sleep with the light on. One was ages ago, after we were first married. I think it was called Hider in the House. Gary Busey was the bad guy. Despite the fact that there was NO way someone could be secretly living in our attic (Texas in the middle of the summer would kill a person), I couldn’t sleep unless the light was on. The other movie was called The Others (I think). The movie itself didn’t freak us out as much as when our son woke up screaming bloody murder from a bad dream as the scary part unfolded – after that neither of could stop the hear palpitations long enough to sleep.

    • Gigi,
      There is no way I could bring myself to watch a movie called Hider in the House! Nothing good could come from that! You’re a braver woman than me!
      I have seen The Others. Matter of fact that movie came up in conversation not too long ago. It’s very much a psychologically intense movie! 😨 Having my kid wake up screaming while I was watching something like that would definitely keep me on edge through the rest of the movie and beyond! Talk about timing! Yikes!
      BTW, I didn’t know you ever lived in Texas. I’m in the DFW area. What part of Texas did you live and when?

      • That kid’s screaming at that exact moment unnerved both of us SO much!!

        Mona, I am Texas born and bred. I lived there from the time I was born until about 24 years ago (I think?!). I was born in Houston and eventually got married and lived in the LaPorte/Deer Park area (a suburb of Houston) for a few years before we moved to NC.

        I try to get back as often as I can for I dearly miss some folks from home – but holy cow. The traffic alone would keep me from coming back for good.

        • How ’bout that! I’m with you on the traffic! You didn’t mention the humidity, but the Houston area is notorious for that, too! Not that the suburbs of Dallas are any better with traffic and humidity! 🙄 Even so, I’m not sure if I could live anywhere else. It’s kind of the same when it comes to church. I was raised in one faith and going to church in a different faith always makes me feel a little like an alien. Isn’t that weird? LOL. Anyway, thanks for the background. I always love getting to know friends a little better! M

  6. I’ve always been curious about this stuff but never seen anything convincing enough. I’ll admit that picture gave me a creeping feeling, but he looks too real to be a ghost… Then again, whenever I see a fuzzy picture of a ghost, I think it looks too fuzzy to be a ghost… I guess there’s no pleasing me.
    My favorite thing about ghosts is how they’re usually just doing normal human stuff, like sitting ina rucking chair smoking a cigar, and everyone flips their shit. How do you think the ghost must feel, to be stared at like that? No wonder they disappear when anyone notices them. Haha

  7. Oh my God Mona. I did some googling… he’s wearing glasses. The glasses are reflecting the light. If you dare look again, it’s so obvious. Hopefully this helps you sleep better, and doesn’t ruin your fun 😊

    • Sarah,
      It’s 4:22 am as I write this! I’m so glad you saw that he’s wearing glasses. My eyes are too old, so I missed it. What kind of demon ghost wears glasses?!!!! Dear friend, now, hopefully, I can get some sleep! Thank you! This no sleeping thing is starting to get to me. Also, does that mean he’s like a near-sighted ghost or something? 🤔 Not positive, but I thought I understood that this was an automatic camera that caught this when the entire crew was downstairs and there were no kids in the house. It may have even been late or in the middle of the night! I might have to watch History’s Mysteries again and listen more carefully.

      Also, what do you figure is in the dark above him? Because it looks like something. Also, I’m calling you sometime this week cuz I miss you! Do you have a time and day that works best? Hugs, Mona!

      • From what I read, most people agree that they caught a photo of one of the guys who was with them that day they took the pictures… Paul Blaitz or something? I forgot his name already. Many people say they can see his plaid shirt, but I have a harder time seeing that part. The light reflecting off his glasses though, definitely takes the demonic out of the equation.
        Sometimes… no matter how carefully you rewatch a documentary, it doesn’t make it a more reliable or better researched documentary, lol
        Yay, I would love to get a phone call!!! I’ve been missing you too <3 You can call me anytime tonight. Or… after 8 Wednesday, or Friday after 4. I have no idea what I'm doing this weekend so you could just try me whenever.

      • Oh, in the dark behind him. I see a giant ant-mandibled monster with three eyes. But, I don’t think that’s what haunted the Amityville house? What do you see?

        • But you see…something. I do, too! I have no idea what that is. It kind of freaks me out, too! I wasn’t able to get to sleep until 12:30 this afternoon. So I’ve gotten about 4 1/2 hours of sleep. I’ll call you after 8 pm on Wednesday! I can’t wait! M

  8. The Shining freaked me out, both book and movie, and I’ve not read or watched another Stephen King horror thing in 40 years…

    • LA,
      Stephen King, yes! A million years ago, we were watching Pet Semetary and as the kid is running toward the road…I couldn’t handle it. I walked out of the room and refused to watch any more. Haven’t read or watched anything by him since! That’s kind of a backhanded compliment, I think. Never got to see The Shining. Haven’t wanted to either! Mona

    • Is that a movie? It sounds like a…oh, what’s it called? Where you put your fingers on a disk and it moves of its own volition and spells out words on the board? Oh…Oiuji Board. Yep, those are not allowed in house! Things like that give me the Willie’s, too!

  9. Nice to see you here, Mona. I almost want to look at the photo, but I like sleeping too. I’ve seen stuff like The Exorcist, The Shining, The Omen (first one, very freaky). Just recently saw a 2001 film with Tony Shalhoub called 13 Ghosts (freaky and gory). I’m OK with the old Universal horror movies. I don’t enjoy being startled. My son used to work at a couple of Haunted Houses here in Myrtle Beach, and it was the possibility of the startle that freaked me out the most. Take care!

  10. Roger,
    A good night’s sleep does have its rewards…and restorative powers…so I don’t blame you for not wanting to mess that up! Tony Shalhoub will always be Monk to me…even when he’s playing Mrs. Maisel’s dad! I think it would blow my mind to see him in a horror movie. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a Haunted House attraction. I daresay the ghouls were more afraid of me and my big purse, then I was of them. Ha! M

  11. Of course, I couldn’t resist clicking on the link. That is a really really really creepy photo, especially the close-up. The kid looks terrified, truly terrified. I could feel it. I don’t usually read or watch scary stuff, and the more “possible” the horror, the more it freaks me out. Give me vampires, zombies, and monsters any day. But true evil humans… eek.

    • Diana,
      I know, right? It’s the visceral reaction you get when you first see it that makes it so scary. That picture’s been around since the 1970’s, but the first time I saw it was on the documentary. I stay away from true crime, but my daughter loves listening to a true crime podcast. No thanks!
      By the way, Diana, welcome to Wayward Sparkles! Mona

  12. Hi Mona, yes…Tony Shalhoub will always be Monk to me also. I did see him in that horror movie Thirteen Ghosts which Roger mentioned. I did take a look at that photo – pretty wild stuff. I am always up for a good (or even cheesy) horror movie. My wife…um, no. Every once in awhile I can get her to see a horror film, but it needs to be more psychological than gory.

    • Hey Bruce,
      Welcome to Wayward Sparkles! So your wife would have probably liked “The Others” or “The Sixth Sense.” I’m with your wife on nothing too frightening or gory. Have you watched “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”? Tony Shaloub is perfect as the dad in that show! Mona

    • Hey da-AL,
      Glad you visited and enjoyed the post! Hope you visit again soon! I’ll be visiting your blog regularly! Have a great week ahead! Mona


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