Wayward Sparkles – aka Infidels ‘R Us

I will continue to blog. Hopefully. But if all of a sudden I just seem to have fallen off of the radar, so to speak, it may be that I’m taking an unexpected vacation in Guantanamo − courtesy of our federal government.


What is difficult (for me, anyway) is remembering and accepting that God gave us Free Will. He isn’t going to stop people from doing whatever it is they choose to do. That includes madmen, fanatics, dictators and the worst of the worst of us.

Camp Roughing It

Long story short, the a/c guy told us last Tuesday that it would take five to seven business days for him to get the necessary parts and authorization from the insurance company in order to come back out and fix it. Five to seven business days? We’d be without our upstairs air for a full week? Couldn’t he just come back − tomorrow?