200th Post


The “Index Page” of Wayward Sparkles tells me this is my 200th post. WooHoo!

With that in mind, I’ve reminisced through some of my older posts, while trying to put this post together. The posts are fine (mostly); okay, there are a few I’d like to tweak and “tighten up.” Besides that, the memories have been a lot of fun mostly.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that many of the memes, pictures or music I put out there were deleted by the Powers That Be when I wasn’t looking. Ah, well, I tried. You Tube gives you the ways and means to share and then they delete it from your site! Ugh. Probably the one clip of a young, hot David Gilmour speaking French is the one I miss the most from my Obsession: circa 1972 post. I can usually find that clip on You Tube as I just did (but now that I’ve linked it here, don’t expect this to stay for more than a few months at most; no doubt, it will disappear again.)


It’s not just the memories of what I wrote about in those posts that makes me smile. The most important part of this blog are the connections with wonderful bloggers and friends. It’s those shared moments with amazing people who I’ve come to call friends and our collective stories, wisdom, humor and sometimes, frustrations and heartache that makes WWS worth it to me.

And I suppose that’s why I want to celebrate, yes; but, also, I can’t stop the stream of tears. I am happy, but I’m also sad. Most blogger friends are still with me, and for that I’m thankful and feel blessed; but many have moved on since I began this writing journey. Many are on hiatus from their own blogs or I’ve lost touch with them somehow or they’ve quit blogging altogether. Maybe they’ve moved on to other things. Some have said goodbye along the way, others have just vanished. I miss them and their voices. Such is life. Wherever they are, I wish them the very best and hope they accomplish whatever they set out to do! If it’s meant to be, maybe one day we’ll meet or meet again or at least blog together again. 🙂


One of the posts I read through this past week was my 100th post. We celebrated then by eating virtual cake and that was so much fun!

Sorry, y’all, I need something more than cake this go round! I need alcohol. Seriously. Tequila, bourbon. I wish I could drink vodka. Vodka, however, is not my friend. Even so, if you like vodka, be my guest. OR CHAMPAGNE! The good stuff. This is a celebratory moment. I mean I can’t afford it, but this is virtual, so, hey…I guess I can!

This little bottle costs almost $30,000. So grab a glass and let’s pour! Because it’s a virtual pour, you can have as many glasses as you want and the best part, no hangover tomorrow. YAY!

If champagne isn’t your thing, though, no probs. I hope you’ll grab a real drink if you have it or a different virtual drink. If you prefer — an iced tea, soft drink or sparkling water — whatever’s your favorite poison. I hope you’ll have a drink on me, raise your glass and drink to all the wonderful moments you’ve provided on Wayward Sparkles and continue to provide not only to me but everyone else you come in contact with! Y’all are the best! The camaraderie, support, fun things, strange moments, awkward shit, the events in our collective lives, laughter, anger, outrage and other wtf moments with you has made me feel lucky and blessed to know you either in person or over the internet. We’ve been through the thick and thin of it, haven’t we?


Some of you may not know that Wayward Sparkles is actually my second blog. I started the first too many years ago to count and I ran into a snafu from the get-go, one that I couldn’t get out of so easily. If you’re interested in reading that story, which is fairly amusing and I highly encourage, you can read that HERE. So then I kind of shut it down almost as quickly as I started it. And by shut it down, I really mean, I was too embarrassed to go back on the site. I have no idea if it’s still out there in the ether or what happens to abandoned blogs on WordPress, but I moved on.


Before I let my first blog go, though, I copied and pasted a few posts I’d written on it and transferred them to Wayward Sparkles. If you’re interested in reading them, you can find them in the Categories section of my site under “Before WWS.”   So I was reading through that category and, no surprises, I’m puzzled. I’m not sure every one of the stories listed there was before Wayward Sparkles. I mean they’re definitely older posts, but I’m not sure they came from the first blog. I dunno anymore.  Oh well. Isn’t that why the name of this blog is Wayward Sparkles because this kind of stuff happens to me all of the time and I have no idea how it got that way? Yes. The answer is yes.

Before my first blog, when everyone was telling me that if I wanted to be a legitimate writer, I had to have a blog but I wasn’t sure what that was exactly or how to do that, I’d write on my computer under a file named “Blog Posts,” except I didn’t actually have a blog at the time, so, basically, I pretended to blog. Trust me, it’s not nearly as much fun as actually blogging. Maybe I’ll pull that old file up sometime and horrify myself. That’s not today, though.


What I’d love so much for this 200th post, if you don’t mind — and you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to because we all have our reasons for what we do or won’t do, no judgments here — but I’d love it if you’d introduce yourself and/or your blog to those reading this post so others can find you and enjoy what you have to post as much as I do! Then I hope that if there’s a few people whose blog sites you haven’t visited, you take the time to check them out!

Much love and peace to you all! May we continue to have great stories, laughter, thoughts, ideas and life to share! I’ll see you at your site soon!

Now after the commenting issues section, MUSIC!



For those of you who would like to comment but don’t seem to be able to on my site, may I make a suggestion?

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Or you should be able to just type in Wayward Sparkles and my site should come up on your browser. If that doesn’t seem to work, try coming in through a different internet source. For instance, if you usually come in through Google and can’t comment, try Yahoo or vice versa or through some other browser. I hope this helps and I look forward to hearing from you!






22 thoughts on “200th Post”

  1. Well congratulations my friend, you 200th post, that’s a huge milestone!! I say this as I (at 8:31am) am raising a glass of coconut rum, cola and a twist of lime to your blog and it’s interesting posts. Now, it’s totally up to you to decide if my drink is virtual or real, lol.

    You’ve entertained, you’ve vented, you’ve downright made us laugh to forget our own problems, issues and pesky people that annoy us. Thank you Mona for blogging your life and experiences. Here’s to another 200 posts my friend 🥂🍾🍸.

    My name is The Huntress915 and I’m a blogger that writes mostly about the stupid shit that happens in my life and about all the idiots that cause it 😝.

    • Aw, thanks, Huntress! Your morning drink sounds tasty. Cheers! And you provided an excellent introduction to your blog, I might add. I hope everyone who reads this checks out your blog! 🙂 Mona

  2. Congratulations for making it for so long! I’m new(ish) here and I’m a reader, not a writer. But I want to thank you for doing what you do, as you’ve made a difference in some of the ways I’ve wound up spending a day.

    • Barbara,
      I don’t know how you found me, but I’m so glad you did! I always enjoy hearing from you, my friend! If in some small part reading what I write brings you any kind of satisfaction, I couldn’t be more pleased! Hugs, Mona

    • LA,
      Thanks so much, my friend. Soooo….I’m glad you were able to post….but I’m not sure why…if you read this and are able to reply again, I’d love to know what was giving you trouble. I’m just glad you have your daily blog. I don’t know how you do it! Mona 🙂

  3. Hi Mona. I started my blog for the same reason as you did – to legitimize myself as a writer – but it’s turned into a bit of a shitshow (one word or two?) because sometimes (often) I neglect the other stuff, the difficult bits, in favour of spilling it all out in a blog post where the stories are easy and fun and are a totally unrestricted display of my declining maturity and also my increasing appetite for wine. I like reading your blog, Mona. I like that you post it from a different time zone because it’s sometimes there in my inbox, fresh as can be at 5 am, and it feels like I am the first reader. Such a privilege. Is that spelled right? Is “spelled” spelled right? Congrats on 200. It’s quite a feat. If any of your blogging friends want to read my blog, I’m at feelingfunny.ca and thanks for the opportunity. xo Sherry

    • Sherry,
      THAT! Your uncanny gift for writing THAT! Well, not “that” that. The whole of THAT. You’s a genius and I love you for HTAT! And if this post were a pie, you’d have gotten a slice straight out of the oven and just slightly cooled so you could eat it without burning your mouth. And everyone should want to read your blog. You’re unique, funny as hell (if hell could be funny…hmm) and witty and amazing! 🙂 Mona

  4. Congrats on 200, Mona! I’d lift a glass of chardonnay but, alas, not today – so instead here’s to you with a glass of ice water!

    • Gigi,
      Not a chardonnay kind of day? That’s okay. A nice glass of iced water is always refreshing and hydrating! Thanks bunches, Mona

  5. Everyone knows the curse of living forever means you have to watch others die all around you. Enjoy your bicentennial celebration… muaahahaha!
    I don’t feel like I should post my blog because I haven’t updated it in ages. Am I dead? Quasi-dead? Eking out an existence?
    One thing is for sure. I’m too random. I tried to submit my link and your website called me Spam. I’d be offended, if I didn’t like food so much.

  6. Sarah,
    Does that make you a quasi-goddess? Which I guess is better than being Quasimodo. No? There is no doubt that WWS can sometimes be a right old bitch. I’m so sorry about that! Consider her spanked. So you can find Sarah’s blog, Fresh Hell, and her unbridled talent at https://freshhell.me/ She is always worth checking out! Thanks for all the great randomness you’ve provided over the years, my friend! 🙂 A great big hug to you, Mona (formerly known as The Naughty Impress)

  7. I feel like a very new arrival here but I’m proudly raising a glass in your honor. In the immortal words of Gravis Mushnik, “Bring me whisky, rum, wine, gin, bourbon, scotch, rye, tequila, sake, Manischewitz…” And speaking of rice wine, my wife sent me to the liquor store for sake and I came back and said, “I’m sorry, I got confused and got H.H. Munro,” but that’s another story.
    And speaking of stories that’s what I’m all about: every story leads to another story, and even waxing philosophical, which makes your philosophical shiny, is a form of storytelling. I get a lot of rejections from literary magazines, but my blog is one place where I can share my stories and hopefully inspire others to do the same.
    Congratulations on your 200th post, and here’s to 2000 more. Like David Gilmour we can’t keep our eyes from the circling skies…

    • Christopher, that was beautiful and thanks, my friend! I’m tongued-tied and twisted…😉 Mona

  8. Congrats! I went back and read your 100 post celebration post. It’s funny how people come and go in the blogosphere, and how we all change/grow as we write our blogs. Here’s to you writing at least another 100 posts.

    As for who I am? I’m Ally and I’ve written The Spectacled Bean for 10 years now. My tagline says it all: Tales, Thoughts + Tribulations of a Free Spirit in Suburbia.

    • Thanks, Ally! I don’t know when your blogoversary is, but congratulations on a successful ten year run so far! I love how easy it is to relate to what you write about! If y’all haven’t discovered The Spectacled Bean, yet, you will be delighted when you do! 🤗 Mona

  9. I’m ashamed to say how many posts I’d be celebrating because I’m ridiculously prolific…. and it would make you think I don’t actually have a life away from the keyboard. I’ll just say cheers and raise my glass in your direction!
    And thanks for the commenting issues link… that really helps.

    • River,
      Oh it’s so nice to go back and celebrate with you, my friend! I imagine that you go through 100 posts in the space of what, six weeks, two months? Wish I could do the same! Glad the commenting issues link helps. I’ve really missed you and wasn’t sure if you were mad at me or…I was hoping not. Anyway, thanks for all of your comments and feedback. Mona


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