Getting my Waco Fix … er Upper

What currently makes Waco famous, though, besides Baylor University, is the HGTV show, Fixer Upper, that is being shot there (Oops. Maybe I shouldn’t use the word “shot.” Oh well.) Anyway, I’m a big fan … of Fixer Upper, even if I think that’s a lousy name for a TV show. But what do they care … the show’s a big hit and the Gaines’ family are stars! If you haven’t seen it but are fans of new country home décor, you should check it out on HGTV or their website, Magnoliahomes.

Sassy, Gay, Jethro Gibbs’ Head Slap

I wanted to be there to listen to her, to be supportive and maybe give her a head slap à la Jethro Gibbs − metaphorically speaking – only how does one do that?

Problem solved. I found the perfect head slap metaphor.